Now things havent been looking too pretty for crypto in the last two days lets say things are looking a little bit greener today and there goes the ice cream van. If you guys can hear it, but yeah things are looking a little bit greener today. So i want to go through exactly what my process is, as i head into this cryptocurrency world today, with my own personal portfolio, were also going to be going through exactly whats happening with bitcoin, and i want to quickly address why i think you guys are being Lied to right now during this cryptocurrency market crash, so lets just jump straight on to my computer, and you can see here just yesterday: jp morgan, strategist estimates ethers fair value at fifteen hundred dollars amid competition from ethereum killers. Now, whether or not this is true, whether or not they genuinely believe that whatever thats not what i want to talk about is the fact that theyre coming out with it today now ive spoken about this so many times on the channel with these big banks manipulating The market they come out with news that makes things worse or makes things better when we start to crash big banks, come out and say things like this ethereums worth half what its valued at today. This, in turn sends more fear into the markets into the markets into the markets – hey im working here, so this sends more fear into the markets and in turn, create more dips and thats what they want, because, in my opinion, theyre simply buying more or making the Best of the situation in their own ways – and we see this time in time – im going to use jp morgan as the example for this.

But here you can see jp morgan steer clear of crypto right. They were saying this in the last crashes that we saw and then, when you just search jpmorgan in on google, i actually have a sheet here that i write down all the times where different big banks say opposing headlines about crypto and im, telling you its all The time they just lie to people to get them to dump their crypto or get them to buy more when the price is too high, because of course, the prices do get out of hand. They want you to buy more, so they can sell and they can rebuy the dips. Obviously thats all my opinion just to go back quickly. Here you can see on google jpmorgan creates a digital coin for payments. Jp morgan opens crypto fund access to all wealth clients and so on, right, so theyre theyre theyre against crypto, when the markets not looking good and theyre for it when the markets looking perfectly fine right now quickly. I cant remember if i did it already, but if you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor just a guy sitting in his room talking about different ways to make money online. So if that sort of thing interests, you smash up that, like button hit that subscribe button without wasting any more of your time, lets jump onto the bitcoin chart. As you can see, we are significantly still in the red and i personally havent made any more buys yet in this market.

I havent been buying this dip because i am genuinely concerned as to where we are in the overall market. Now, when we see flash crashes like this one, there doesnt seem to be any reason behind it, so i was buying the dip around here now. The difference with this dip that weve seen over the past two days is that there is genuine concern for the overall market, so the stocks and shares market, and all of that there is genuine concern that we are in a bubble. There is concern that the old rona ronas going to get worse the most recent catalyst is the concern around this company in china called everground defaulting on their loans, which is over 300 billion dollars. So this is sending tremors through the market. On top of that, the chinese and hong kong markets are not open yesterday or today, so we still dont know overall how the market over there is going to react to this. So for me i see this as a worry. I am not buying the dip. In fact, i could be moving some profits over into bitcoin now so far we havent seen much movement of bitcoin. If we did see the bitcoin dominance chart head upwards, you can tell that long term holders of crypto are getting scared with the altcoins and moving it in to bitcoin, because we always see the same thing. People get scared and then altcoins bleed a lot more than bitcoin does so so far.

I am not buying any dips and i am considering taking some profits into stable coins and also in to bitcoin. Now this isnt me trying to send fud into the market. What i want you guys to understand is that we are here to make money mindlessly holding on to things because youre in it for the long term, doesnt always benefit you for me. Ive seen the most amount of gains when ive taken profits, mainly in the green, but also i have sometimes taken profits around these parts. I took profit around about this area when we started to see a big dip and a change in the direction of the bitcoin trend right. This was a massive trend break here, and i did think that we were going to come down further using that money that i took profits from. I then bought the dip and now even where we are right now, my portfolio is worth more than it was around here. So the points that im personally looking at are, if we break this 42 000 mark, which we did. I mentioned this yesterday. The 40 000 mark is a very heavy psychological level and the 38 000 mark is the marker. I see if that breaks. We are, in short term trouble for cryptocurrency, so im watching 42, where we are pretty much right now. 40. 000. As the psychological break, and if we were to close below the 40 000 or the 38 thats, when i would consider us to potentially be moving into a bearish trend now for me overall, this is nothing really to worry about im gon na be around in crypto Currencies for the years to come, i believe they are also gon na be around for the years to come.

So personally, im not worried about this. My overall goal is to stack bitcoin and protect my wealth, so thats. What im going to be doing? Dont pay attention to the media, who are trying to spread fud dont pay attention to them when theyre trying to spread euphoria either. You should have heard what the banks were saying when we were way up at 64 000 saying that bitcoins go into 250 000. All of that sort of stuff they were saying that they are only there to manipulate and to make as much money as possible so make your own decisions come up with your own plans and try and block out all of that fud and all of that euphoria. That floods into the market and surprisingly on the good side of things, we have been seeing things like nfts, not really affected by whats happening. So this goes to show that there really is demand in the market for these sorts of things we can see over here. On openc, one of the projects that im invested in world of women their floor price has been steadily increasing over the last week or so, and weve really seen no real drop in the price recently so thats, something thats very interesting. Mass adoption is coming over in the world of nfts blockchain gaming, and all of that sort of stuff is definitely going to be something that is here for the long term. So something that you could consider is being involved in projects that you believe will be around.

For the long term, this can be nfts blockchain gaming, bitcoin ethereum. All of these projects you need to find, and you need to decide for yourself. Are they going to be around long term? If so, can you potentially wait out another bear market which we may go into if those levels are broken there is always an opportunity for a short term bear bear market or a long term. Bear market right. So do keep those things in mind. Now, before we go any further, there is times where things just come across your desk. That look completely awesome, especially with the way the world is right. Now, a crypto island sounds pretty good in my books. So right here we have a project called the crypto island. They have sponsored this video today and i genuinely think this is a super, exciting project and their plan is to create a decentralized community on an island that they buy themselves. They have loads of huge celebrities, promoting them theyve been seen on yahoo finance. Their whole team is completely doxxed. The ceo i spoke to personally seems like he genuinely wants to create something here. He has a large background in business. Currently he has companies that convert vehicles for disabled people. These are big companies that he runs. So he knows what hes doing and also you can find this project on koi market cap and coin gecko, and they have recently had an audit by circtic. So if you do want to come over and check out what theyre about ill leave the links down there in the description – and i personally think this project is super exciting, so imagine having an island you can live on.

You can work on theres businesses. You can pay and interact with cryptocurrencies. It all sounds pretty exciting to me, so we just quickly jump over to coin market cap. We can see the overall cryptocurrency market here and, as you can see, on the seven day, bitcoins down eight percent ethereum, ten percent cardano. Ten percent tether – hey youre, always in the same place, right bnb, 10, so the overall market on the week is still red. We were seeing some nice green spots pop up today, but things are moving a little bit more red again because im telling you the the overall sentiment of the market is not too euphoric right. Now people are worried. People are not buying the dip because of the things i talked about earlier, and the fact that we dont know for sure where were gon na be going. So if we do just quickly check out the greed and fear index, you can see that were on a 27, so people are now fearful. If you are planning to buy the dip ladder, those buys dont go all in at once. Dont dump all of your money in the market. Dont sell your house sell the cars, sell. The dog sell all of that dont. Do that slowly put your money into the market. If that is your plan, because we could see more blood from here now. For me, the way i see it is, if i miss out on this dip im not going to be too fast, because if we do end up making new highs and then starting a new bullish trend, i can simply buy, and i will only miss out on.

Maybe 10 to 15, so thats fine for me, so im willing to just chill for a little bit of time now now just to wrap this video up. If you guys are aware of plan b, he is the creator of the stock to flow model, as you may or may not know, he is super bullish on bitcoin and where it might go and even as of right now he says that in june he sketched Out the rough path of how bitcoin could go towards its stock to flow target of 100k in december, so hes still at this point right now on the 21st of september. So today expects bitcoin to be a hundred thousand dollars in december and hes just wanted to confirm that we are still on path to do that. So even whats happening right now still goes into the stock to flow model and he still sees cryptocurrency to be hitting a hundred thousand dollars by december. So todays question is: do you expect bitcoin to hit 100k by december? If not, what do you think its gon na hit – maybe 5k – maybe 1k – maybe 250k. Let me know down in the comment section below. If you do want to check out crypto island, there will be a link down there. In my description they have amas pretty much. Every day, so you can check out their telegram. They actually have one coming out later today and ill also be diving into this project a little bit more very soon.

So with all that said, hopefully i provided you with a little bit of value and ill see.