Well make sure to like the video and if we get this video up to 4 000 likes im gon na open up discord for everyone, no matter if youre part of the patreon and no matter, if youre even subscribed to the channel its going to be open To everyone, if we get the video to 4 000 likes anyways right now, the entire crypto market is down. About 12 to 13 were seeing bitcoins price drop to 40 000 per coin were seeing ethereums price drop below three thousand dollars per coin dropped as low as twenty eight hundred dollars per coin, and many people are getting very worried, not only bitcoin ethereum but were seeing All the other altcoins take big hits as well: cardinal dropped below two dollars per coin, so lana dropped below 125 per coin. Xrp is well below a dollar, and people are just very, very worried. So first is whats going on with the overall market. Like many people have said, whats been talked about on this channel and on many other channels on youtube is the whole situation going on in china. The reason why the market is falling, both the stock market and crypto is because of fears coming from chinas, second largest property developer by sales called evergrand real estate group. Many people are worried about the possibility of them defaulting and this could have a sort of domino effect on the markets. So that has been the main reason.

Why were seeing stock market and crypto fall were not going to go too much into the details, but just know its because of this one company, and mostly real estate in general, in china and the bubble that has happened there. So that is why we are seeing both stocks and crypto fall now. The question is: is: is this valid? Should we be seeing crypto really fall this much, or is this just a lot of fun coming out of china? Me personally, i think right now, what were seeing is an extreme overreaction. Every single time we see some news come out of china, whether its regards to them outright banning crypto, whether its some banning crypto miners, whether its whats going on with this property developer, whatever were seeing, is usually seems to have an over reaction in the market for Crypto every time we see something like this happen, we see a massive drop in kryptos price. We saw it a couple months ago when crypto was at an all time high. We saw it plummet, and that was what sort of started that market consolidation period. The only time that we started to see it bounced back was once we saw a big announcement come out in crypto, which happened to be the bitcoin um, the word day, event with jack, dorsey, elon, musk and kathy wood, but anyways. So i think this is an overreaction. Why well not only does this not really have direct impacts on crypto, but also we are seeing institutional investors not stop investing in crypto theyre, doubling down and investing more money.

So to me, thats a sign that overall, the market, nothing has really changed in terms of overall sentiment. Yes, people are getting a little bit scared right now, but from the big money players theyre using this as an opportunity to buy in within the last 24 hours. We have seen that coinbase came out and said that they are rolling out um. Their coin base, its called coinbase prime, which is their coinbase software for institutional investors, and they said theyre rolling this out of beta and they already have 9 000 institutions enlisted. This makes up a big portion of their business over 60 percent of their revenue comes from institutions and now theyre, officially rolling this out and launching it out of beta. The second thing that were seeing is also with a new report. I went over earlier in the day ill link, the video down below, but coin shares. Digital asset fund flows weekly report shows that institutional investors um had net positive inflows moving into crypto a couple of weeks in the past weve seen outflows, but this week we saw over 41.6 million dollars flow into crypto investment related products, not just bitcoin ethereum, but also Into coins like solana, ripple cardano, polka, dot, litecoin and a number of other coins as well. Third thing going on is with so uh with el salvador. The president of el salvador just came out and said that they bought the dip. They bought 150 bitcoin and they said now they own over 700 coins.

So when were starting to see, all these things line up were seeing that el salvador added more bitcoin to their position on the drop were seeing that institutional investors are not only buying into bitcoin and ethereum, but theyre also getting into some of the smaller altcoins. According to this research report from coin shares and were also seeing that coinbase is continuing to roll out institutional investment related um, softwares and products for their customers. So all these things combined showed me that, in terms of big money, players in terms of whale accounts were in a very healthy position. Whether the market is falling because of fud coming out of china, whether whatevers going on the market. That doesnt really matter because were seeing the big money players are doubling down, buying more um, rolling out new products getting into new altcoins, and that is exactly what im doing im continuing to invest and buy this whole way down. For a lot of my favorite. All coins, like we talk about in the patreon group for even bitcoin and were continuing to add into all the positions um in our patreon group. So me personally, i think whats going on right now is an overreaction. Yes, it can be sustained. It can trigger a crypto winter, but ultimately you got to ask yourself: are you in crypto for the long term? Do you think five years from now prices are gon na be higher, and if you do well, then me im not going to try and time the market im just going to buy, because i think crypto is going to be more established going to continue to grow.

Five years from now, and if i think its going to be bigger five years from now, theres no point of trying to time the market ill just continue to dollar cost average. Whether prices go up, whether prices go down im going to continue to buy into my positions. Thats me personally thats what i think. I think all this data really shows that its a bit of an overreaction coming out of china shows that institutions are doubling down. But let me know what you guys think curious to see what you guys have to say. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below and ill see you guys in the next video hope.