On my mind that i thought you know itd be worth sort of talking about so um. If you like this sort of content, its a bit different, more of a vlog style, do mash up that like button subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, so you never miss a video. So with that said, you know what is on my mind, and you know thats really question. Is this the last opportunity to get in before we go absolutely parabolic and you know its its a difficult question to to answer right. I mean weve seen such a big pullback um. You know which were quite comfortable with these days right and thats, mainly because you know of may right. You know if, unless youre relatively new to the market and and crypto investing, you know this is pretty normal. Now its a very volatile market and uh, you know the question on my mind is: is this the last time to get in before we go parabolic in this bull run right? Is this the the final opportunity and it could very well be? You know youve got the stuff going on in china. Are we being sort of misled? Is this bigger than you know this property issue? Is it bigger than you know? What is you know being said in the media and uh? You know that were led to believe. Is it gon na lead to deflation um? You know all this sort of stuff right, you know, or is inflation gon na get us its its one of those theres loads going on outside of the crypto space, those impacting multiple markets, including the the crypto space right? So i think you know, weve got to you, know, consider all the possibilities uh.

Is it going to be a double top uh in the crypto space could very well be, which means were going to go into 2022 as part of the ball run um. You know for me, you know theres some fantastic opportunities. I covered those earlier um ive purchased up some some more crypto on this dip. You know, and for those of you that, for example, you know always saying to to us in the comments you know youre having to wait until payday. You know you need to start putting some money aside right because you know its all good um to dollar cost average in, and this is just my opinion – not financial advice. You know its always all good to you know: dollar cost average and buy every week, but you know you do far better if you buy on these huge, huge pullbacks or dips, so you know put some money on the sidelines thats. What i tend to do. You know you havent heard me say that ive purchased crypto in a long time, so you know im telling you now ive just made a big purchase. I think this is a fantastic opportunity and one you know potentially, that im not willing to miss um. It could be the last opportunity to get in um, and you know if we do see a collapse in the market im fine with that, because im a long term investor so for for me, im going to look to you know, continue to purchase up crypto and Um, you know im here for the long term, so you know its a really interesting way to look at the market and um you know do let me know what are you doing? Are you selling right now, because you know youve got to look at the articles right, the articles you know from some of these institutions theyre talking about you know the fact that everythings overvalued.

You know, even though weve pulled back, you know and trying to get people to sell at the bottom now when its up really high. You know, if you look at the media, you know and you get the sentiment. You start to realize that theyre trying to to make it look more bullish right when its at the top so theyre trying to get people to to buy. You know when, when the prices are really high and theyre trying to get people to sell when the prices are really low, so you know its interesting to see the sentiment of the market, the media outlets and what theyre saying – and i think you know – youve – got To be careful who you watch what you read and what you believe and so do, let me know in the comments below what are your thoughts im going to do some drone shots. Let me know what you think of those and uh tomorrow were going to be going to the the track. Uh the aston martin track day at silverstone, courtesy of crypto.com. So there is a link in the description. You know you can sign up to crypto.com get one of their crypto cards, follow all the processes and you know start making a passive income in crow on all your purchases, its a fantastic way to make a bit of additional money.