Jesse craig from pwcc marketplace, says: investors are pulling millions together and purchasing rare cards. Institutional money is transforming the markets. Tokenization and fractional ownership will allow everyone to participate in markets reserved for those with deep pockets for every hour of pain. I have had a day of pleasure for every moment of worry an hour of content. Allah, wheeler wilcox. The launches is that weve added support for uh ripple, um, thats, uh theres, a actually quite a quite a lot of institutional folks that have ripple, and so were um were looking forward to starting to onboard some of those folks, theres, actually quite a lot of them, Who want to want to hold with us um nathan, mccauley from anchorage digital bank is the first federally charted. Digital asset bank anchorage is catered towards crypto, but has the same or higher regulatory standards. These types of institutions will be the go to place for large crypto holdings by institutions that have to protect against risk. Nathan is flabbergasted by how many institutional clients hold xrp so much so that he repeats quite a lot of them. Uh more on the download theyre. Not these are not the ones that are kind of publicly out there saying hey. We have crypto positions, uh theyre, just using it as a way to diversify their treasury. Uh, keep it to themselves. Uh dont need to necessarily make a big um, make big fuss about it. Uh but significant positions and uh a great trend, especially exciting, is the trend moving past just so theyre holding crypto in their treasury reserves, thats right, the last bull run, bitcoin pumped and the alts were paired against bitcoin, so the people that profited from bitcoin rotated into The alts that created alt season – some will argue since there are so many stable coin pairs and fiat on ramps to alts that we will not have an alt season.

Listen to nathan. He just told you nathan, said large institutions are moving away from bitcoin theyre, depositing large allocations of all coins into his bank. What started this run? Was institutions buying, bitcoin nathan said the large institutions are buying offs. This is going to be alt season. 2.0 um. I want to go back to talking about ripple a bit because uh, as you know, ive been outspoken about some of the reporting issues and discrepancies uh that we tend to see regarding xrp and its usage um. This came up in a conversation with daniel vogel as well uh from bitso uh, who talked about the corridor that theyve uh, basically built with ripple um, to ensure that a sizeable percentage of flows in the u.s mexico quarter is actually leveraging the x rapid blockchain and Because ripple has investments in either side of that corridor now between moneygram and then bitso in mexico um, it is a channel that seems to be you know, picking up steam. Are there other types of entities outside of of crypto exchanges and kind of crypto money? Transmitters that are in this cohort uh that that are leveraging uh xrp and is that the kind of target demographic or is it still um, exchanges that are supporting the assets and – and you know other uh other rather crypto players? I guess for lack of a term yeah yeah its a good question, so our our bread and butter is supporting crypto investors uh and so someone someone who has a a crypto fund.

They probably have taken lp money and theyre uh. A number of general partners who are looking to um allocate assets into crypto uh, and so we we support those folks and so at that, at that level um. It is sufficient for us to hear hey our clients want to uh, invest in ripple or any other particular asset uh. As a as a custodian as an infrastructure provider. Uh we do as much as we can to kind of take a um hands off approach to the the assets that we support. Certainly do our due diligence and look at those kinds of things um, but for for us our our main clientele are the crypto investors themselves, uh rather than um kind of infrastructure players. I do imagine that we will see more infrastructure providers start to use our platform over time as we um as we start to raw more features say like an api and those kinds of things, but as of yet our main clientele are the investors themselves. Ryan sykes has been an outspoken critic of xrp. His question is: are the companies ripple bought like moneygram or x, rapid exchanges, nathans, clients, nathan, says no, there are not infrastructure, i.e, crypto exchanges – these are institutional investors. Ryan was trying to get nathan to say that the only clients ripple has are the ones that they paid to use xrp. This backfired nathan clarifies that there is a lot of institutional clients. Investing in xrp that are not odl partners, so were were seeing a huge amount of interest from all kinds of participants on the on the wall street side, whether its the buy side or the sell side.

Large institutional banks looking to come in looking to provide offerings. Uh and very large traditional hedge funds looking to come in and start to allocate additionally seeing large asset managers want to come in uh, so just kind of across the board. Everybody looking to come in one of the more interesting trends weve seen recently is uh corporates. Um i cant necessarily say who, but weve seen a number of corporates come in uh the size of corporates, uh billion dollar billion dollar companies uh several several billion dollar companies coming in and wanting to borrow against their crypto conditions, so hold the crypto positions at anchorage. Maybe its the bitcoin, maybe its ethereum, and they get um loans on that uh, either from from our lending program or from traditional banks where the the crypto wall street, large institutions and now big corporates are in crypto. These are the whales that control the charts. David schwartz mentions in an interview that large corporates, like apple or tesla, have large amounts of money parked all over the globe and they choose to keep that money there, because theres too much friction to move it. Now, if large corporates are investing in crypto, do you think that they will have any issues utilizing crypto when the regs are in place, when there is clarity, i believe large corporates are already leaning in and will be odl customers or whatever utility assets that have cost Savings and enhance their business models.

Uh d5 protocols taking nfts this whole movement around dows. We have additional layer, ones that are providing better, better pcs for a world computer, and so you start to look at kind of diversity of everything thats going on. I think the uh, the clarity of the regulations going to come in plus the diversity of everything thats going on crypto, is going to be fundamentally very bullish. Uh for the whole space think itll be uh, quite the opposite of what happened in 2017. To look to be more bullish into the rest of this year, the booms and busts of kryptos will no longer be a factor when we have utility ill start with crypto. First of all lets differentiate the two market segments. As we see it. One is true: cryptocurrency, like bitcoin or dodgecoin, which are primarily assets held by people. Um theyre not used much in the form of payments, we think of them as digital gold, and then there are digital currencies, including central bank, digital currencies and stable coins that are directly backed by existing fiat currencies and theyre, definitely emerging as a payment option and theyre Running a public blockchain, which is really in essence, an additional network, much like an rtp might be so our focus is on five different opportunities that we see in this space. The first opportunity is really at the core of what we do, which is enabling consumers to make a purchase of these currencies or bitcoin and were working hard with wallets and exchanges to just make sure were facilitating acceptance in peoples.

Ability to use their visa cards to buy the second opportunity is enabling digital currency cash outs to fiat on visa credential, which then makes those funds available for shopping at any visa merchant and gives immediate utility to the digital currency. Today, weve got over 35 digital currency platforms and wallets that have chosen to work with us. Thirdly, is enabling financial institutions and fintech partners to be able to have a crypto option for their customers. Fourth, one is settlement. Weve upgraded our infrastructure to allow a financial institution to settle in a digital currency. Companies like visa and visas, partner earthport, that is also a ripple partner, have invested vast amounts of money and manpower to the plumbing of this new financial system. During crypto winner, the builders were building and investing. Now the big players are setting up for utility, it seems positive yeah. We have. We have sec chair gary genzer, who everyone thought would be very crypto friendly, but he has uh coinbase in his crosshairs. Brian armstrong went on a tweet storm uh, pretty upset about the way that scc was handling things in his new crypto lending project, uh theyre going to investigate uniswap. I wonder how you see this regulatory uh crackdown, if you will, or this investigation or this exploration by regulators will pan out yeah uh. I think the the crypto industry at large has been um very interested in looking for regulatory clarity uh, whether its clarity about securities laws, clarity about qualified custody, query about trading uh, and so i see a lot of the a lot of stuff going on at the Snc a lot of these investigations, as things will be very clarifying and after that, that clarification process, i i believe, is going to be fundamentally bullish for space because were going gon na have much clearer understanding of what we can do.

What needs to happen. Uh uh within the confines of various regulated entities, uh and well be more clear in terms of where, in the world uh to building services. After years of inaction, with jake clayton biden selects gensler and were seeing sec actions against uni swap coinbase, etc. Regulations are being worked out for krypto and after the dust settles, the institutions, big corporates, banks, have the green light. I believe gensler wants the sec to have as much jurisdiction as possible and is targeting whatever he can but ripple has a war. Chest of xrp is a top crypto company with deep pockets that hired mary, jo white ex sec chairwoman, its possible the documents. Ripples. Defense is asking for can prevent the scc from acting against the smaller crypto companies. Do they pursue the ripple case and risk losing jurisdiction for all other crypto cases? Do they cut their notes, despite their face? Toshi nakamoto wrote her semi seminal paper, eight pages on halloween night in the middle of the crisis in 2008.. I dont think thats. Just by accident, it was like everything was falling asunder and so um its competition, its private sector, competition with central bank money, but most central bankers. I talked to uh arent, looking to shut it down, theyre looking to adapt. Central banks are facing debt crises and crypto is a way to stimulate economies without inflating further. This is why central banks are not trying to stop but to adapt weapons of a very dark nature, and when you look at some of the largest interpol findings, its absolutely obvious, so for all these reasons, im quite critical, yes, thats, true and thats.

Okay, i know that im going to instantly get this wave of what a horrible person to dare be against cryptos. Well, so be it um, but if people are prepared to lose it all, you know its its an asset. Okay, but it shouldnt claim that it is a currency, it shouldnt misrepresent itself and it should not be allowed to deceit consumers now. A digital currency is something entirely different, um to put it sort of simply its its a bit like cash issued um by the central bank, except in digital form, and in our current consideration and thinking about it, which is in its inception and will last a bit Longer it is not going to disintermediate, it is not going to do away with current banking and financing systems is going to be part of it, but it will certainly offer two customers of the digital euro a cbdc, an alternative to cash and one that will be Cheaper that will be more user friendly, that will facilitate uh transactions in a simplified fashion and its an alternative. It is not going to substitute cash. I think that cash will still be around and some people are very keen and attached to cash, but its an alternative which has which has to be developed, because if a national central bank or regional central bank wants to be fit for purpose, it has to respond To the demands of customers – and we know that there are many customers who are saying you know i dont – want to carry around banknotes, i want to be able to just use fiat money guaranteed by the central banks, but in a digital form and thats.

What we are working on and we have to to the two big chunks of you – know additional work where we need to to really develop the thinking, and that is climate change. And how does a central bank contribute to the fight against climate change and protection of biodiversity? And second, how do we become more digital and and more efficient and secure for customers? A green economy means less oil. This is what dollars are backed by digital, pushing for cbdc a different form of money where it fundamentally changes the role of central banks, as well as shifts money from the banks. Balance sheet from debt to credit. Central bank digital currencies will amalgamate with cryptos to create solutions for the private sector to innovate, while the base layer is controlled by the central banks christine lagarde has given us hints in the past of why cryptos are here to stay, but now she is saying you Can lose all of your money with it? Is this because we are close? Do you remember when brad garlinghouse spoke at the ninth high level conference on the international monetary system, central banking summit lagarde attended that she was in the audience while brad was speaking? Why was the ceo of a crypto fintech, presenting at a meeting with central bankers that run the economies of the world? There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul thanks everyone.

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