Youre, probably wondering how the hell do i keep buying the dip. My money is running out. Where am i going to get this money from so in todays video? I want to go through that with you and decide how you can best structure your portfolio if you were finding that youre running out of money, and you need to buy some more of these dips. So welcome back to the channel. If you are new here, make sure you hit that subscribe button down below bell notification icon, so you can see these videos pop up in your feed and it lets youtube know that you want to see more of this content if you havent already hit that, like Button when you click onto the videos, its absolutely free and you can always unclick the button later – just cost you a few seconds in time. All right lets get on with this opium free video. Today, no more money to buy the bitcoin at crypto crash lets. Do this obviously weve got a few bits of news to get through, were going to look at the charts and then ill get to those in the rest of the video, so were going to look at cant decide what to sell bitcoin charts going to compare some Things and then to have patience first up if you havent hit that free investor newsletter link down below its in the top of the video description, absolutely free once every two weeks to learn about cryptocurrencies and investing it is jam, packed its full and its free.

So click on that down below and you also get updates for any of our patreons or tia premium. The trading course which goes on special, so we have one of those coming out next month for patreon. There is one available at the moment and for tia premium at the moment, use the code buy the dip for 10 off link is down below as well. First news: all right: over 60 south korean crypto exchanges are set to suspend services next week, so this was from the 17th of september. So lets not forget about things that are going on in asia. More than 60 cryptocurrency exchanges in south korea must notify customers of a partial or full suspension of trading by friday midnight a week before a new regulations come into effect so im just remembering this sort of news thats coming out. Maybe this is also putting a little more fear into the markets as well, but let me read a little further down all of all exchanges. Nearly 40 are set to suspend all services a further 28 have security certificates, but have not secured bank partnerships. Just four upbeat bit hum coin: one and corbett have registered and secured partnerships and will also be allowed to make one settlement so south korean currency settlements and theyre, some of the biggest as well. So i think this will blow over and will possibly be all right for the markets. Considering some of the largest are going to be fine at the end of the day, there are a lot of exchanges over there and some will be suspended and some wont be able to have an onboard or on ramp for korean currency.

But at the moment it seems like the big news that is affecting the markets is evergrande like we talked about in yesterdays, video and also the stock market. The u.s stock markets are having a little bit of a spill over to the charts bitcoin im on the weekly chart here lets just zoom out for one more chance of less opium or opium free and just look at where we currently sit here is our range That we have run up since june and july low and now guess what were sitting on our 50 range. We topped out at our 61.8 we dropped and then we came back up and hit 61.8 of the major range and now were just sitting at 50 here. So everythings looking like it, should i like these opportunities to be buying crypto and, of course there is the theory that maybe we top out here and we head back down to 10 or 14k. I think thats still less likely at the moment. Of course, itd be lovely to see some big volume come in at these levels, but should we not get there? I like these times as buying opportunities, rather than buying the peaks just like we were talking back in april and may. The other thing ive got here is our triangle. This is a massive triangle here from 2017 through to 2020., possibly im just looking at this, as maybe were looking at some sort of setup like that for bitcoin after we ran up so quick and so hard.

So this would just be like a massive bull flag that would be pretty cool to see happen in the markets, but the downside to a lot of new investors is, you have to be patient. You have to wait out a fair chunk of this year and next year and of course, ive spoken about quarter, four being quite a big bullish period for bitcoin and cryptocurrency. So this would be a still a bullish theory, but it would just require more time to be waning around in these figures before we got a break and retested those old all time highs, so its just something that i keep on the cards there weve seen it Before on bitcoin, where this went for a long period of sideways accumulation, and then we got a massive, strong, huge breakout, so its a bullish thing its great to see, but it requires patience all right, so theres, a couple of scenarios there im still looking at both The bullish side, i dont, have a a full bearing scenario which im running at the moment. The only bearish scenario i would see is if we broke down from 28k breaking those support levels, and i cant see that happening just yet, because we had such a huge, huge buying opportunity in may, with some of the biggest volume that weve seen on binance for Bitcoin so thats, looking pretty good lets have a look at caradano aida again we got a little dip into the two well under two dollars and now were finding ourselves getting back to our 50 level of 2.

03. So currently at 204. As i record this remember, we looked at each of these low levels as support and the market has pushed to them to test them. It held up by two cents, so this low yesterday was a dollar 89 and in august it was a dollar 87. So it came within two cents of breaking this swing low, but, like weve talked about anywhere into that zone, whether we see the old supports that around that 180, i still think thats pretty good and then the worst case last case scenario is that dollar fifty dollar Sixty because weve got the major fifty percent level we have uh previous highs and then, if it was to get back into that zone, possibly some more churning in this area, but for now its looking alright, we we do have volume back into the market. Theres. Definitely something that i like to see. I always want to see some good volume coming back into the market and then seeing it the market push from that volume. So from this point for ada, i think its were going to have to push up eventually get a relief rally and potentially break this downtrend, which will slow the bleed thats. What im looking for here right now, we have this same speed angle that were just dropping. Dropping dropping the the markets found some volume, so its found a bit of a low intermediate low and then ideally id love to see it break this angle and then come back and start to re accumulate in that 2 to 230 220 level.

That would be ideal for ada more buying opportunities there now on to eth. You can see its very similar again huge volume coming in these last two days. I think this is going to be a bounce. Maybe a temporary bounce, maybe a longer term bounce, either way its on my 50, its on my 38. You might be thinking why the hell is he bringing in a 38 now never brought that in before? Yes, weve talked about it a little bit, but i mainly focus on the 50, because the 50 works really well, but going back. Look at this major 38 percent market has run the entire bull market with the current bull market and sat on that 38 multiple times. Eventually, breaking above the 50, and then we just saw that last leg. So are we going to see that again i mean ethereum likes to do that were seeing it? Maybe we get down to that 24. 25. 26, but right now, im not getting greedy. At that sense, this is low. For me, 26 was fantastic, 27 and 28 thats the areas that ive been buying and talking about it with the guys in patreon as well. So even if we dropped to 24, okay big deal another 15 off 20 off no problems. As long as i dont have to keep buying all of these peaks im going to be good in the long run, solana is still on a downtrend. It is getting some volume coming in, so maybe therell be a relief rally, but this has shot up so hard and i still think theres probably a little more downside in this.

Although it was one of our stronger horses, it ran good. It gave us good profits. I got out, like i talked about on the channel, getting this to be a risk free trade now so im, just not emotionally attached to it. The nice thing here, as well as weve bounced off 50 around that 115 to 120 bucks, make sure you follow me over on twitter as well, because i talked about this in detail. This has been a good trade, a good one, to follow and understand whats going on to learn from the markets and how other people are potentially buying all of these dips when thats. Just not the strategy that i prefer to use remember were here because were looking at how to get some more cash for the market. If you are finding yourself buying all these dips and now youre running out of money, so you need to be able to compare cryptocurrencies in your portfolio cant decide what to sell. Lets. Look at a bitcoin chart. Lets lets compare some stuff here. So this is what were going to look at, for the example is, is one inch? One inch is a crypto that i hold. It is, fortunately, risk free if something from 2021, when i say risk free, just means that i sold out some so that i dont hold my capital in here and its just the markets money now. So whatever i sell it at its profit, you might not be in that position, which is another scenario, but in any case, even if youre, in a loss.

Maybe you want to sell out of something which looks weak and put into something that is strong. Ive definitely had to do that in the past as well and ill continue to do that in the future. So one inch is the the weaker looking crypto here for me and why is that well im looking at the bitcoin chart – and it is coming back to some support, which is good. But if it starts to break this support, i would say that it probably has a little further to go. Maybe a lot further, and so you can see like what, like we talked about with cardano it kept hitting this 2.30 and eventually it broke the floor and came down one inch its trying to do that as well. Its hitting the floor at the level of around 6000 or 5800 satoshis its hit it again its hit it again on the the seventh and now its hitting it again. So if we start to break down from that thats my weak cryptocurrency and i would say well im probably best to get out of this – nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is for sure it could screw us and just bounce lay it down and then take off from here. But the way i have learnt from the past is that generally, when these break down theyre – probably going to be down for a little bit, especially when theyre under their 50, especially when theyre coming back to some old lows, things can go lower than we expect them To and so at that point i would be looking at well, this is my bitcoin chart and then im comparing it to something else that i want to purchase and adam is one of those ones that ive talked about on twitter.

Like i said, links are down below for twitter. This is in a stronger position and look at this on the bitcoin chart as well. So we know bitcoin dropped on the 7th of september all right. This was the week. This was a couple of weeks ago. Now so thats thats, the seventh there thats the week that the big drop happened. This is the seventh for adam and during that period, while bitcoin was trying to figure out what it was doing by going down, atom was going up against bitcoin. This is the seventh here. This is where we just were at the 20th on the first drop, so it was going up to me that is strong on in one inch, there is the seventh and its been going down this whole period, even before the seventh happened. Its been going down so adam to me is stronger. Does this mean that its going to hold up, of course, were talking about heres no guarantees, but if im just looking at some probabilities, i would be looking to position myself into something thats. Holding up in these fearful times now take a look at the usd chart. Its come back to hit and hopefully sit on some old all time highs, thats still a good sign, 50 back at 26. This is in a stronger position than one inch. Even though one inch is lower. It is you know it has higher to go. It could take off further.

It has bigger multiples to get back to its all time high. This is the sort of narrative that is run across all of youtube for when people miss out on certain cryptos and the most recent one i was hearing was like defy and dot right. So i still think dot is in a good position now, but it was one of those cryptos where it just was pushed everywhere and it didnt take off. You might have thought it took off in your own portfolio, but you missed out on the stronger stuff, and that is what i want to avoid. I want to avoid holding into something just because its low expecting the best from it and getting on to something that is riding hard and strong and getting in early as i see it start to break out and then continue to be strong. This could all just turn to crap if bitcoin continues to dump thats what happens with the market. So the way i was trying to save myself here in my own portfolio is just look at whats strong during the period that bitcoin was weak all right. So this has been relatively strong and one inch wasnt, so so thats, something that i would look at in my portfolio. So the idea here is to go back and assess your portfolio cant decide what to sell because everyones been buying all of these dips and your moneys spread across. So many different cryptocurrencies go back and assess the bitcoin charts of the cryptos.

You hold go back and assess the usd charts of the cryptos that you hold and just look at what position it is in relative to the overall market and the crypto that you want to purchase thats the way i would be looking at it thats the way. I do look at it and thats the way i discuss it with tia, the investor accelerator patreon group and the investor accelerator premium group as well, which is about the crypto trading course, which you can find a link to down below if youre, not ready. For that check out the free newsletter therell be a lot of details on that as well. It comes out once every two weeks you can find a link to that absolutely free sign up. You want to unsubscribe later easy easiest thing to do. I will wrap it up there thats my video for today. I hope you guys found some value from that. No more money to buy bitcoin in this crash. This is one strategy to do if all your money is tied up in the markets, and you just want to be able to get into something else which you believe from your research is going to perform better than something else. One last thing ill leave on here is: if you can clean up your portfolios, especially when the market is down its, not a bad thing at all. If you can clean up your portfolios, it frees your mind to be able to research other projects later.

The hardest thing to have is dozens of different projects that youve got little bits of money in in each of them, because your minds across so many different things. So if you can cleanse whats going on for you just like the market is cleansing right now, its cleansing, the weak hands its cleansing, the people that have been over leveraged. If you can do that to your portfolios, the next stage of the market is going to be much easier for you as well, thanks once again guys. If you havent already stake your ada with the investor accelerator pool down below check it out, links are down there. Full instructional videos are down there as well ill, see you on twitter, on instagram or in the investor accelerator across patreon or premium. All the links are down below like the video up and subscribe. If you havent already it lets youtube know that you want to see more of this content ill catch you at the next video until then have more fun to get more done.