Button comment down below and let me know you thought about todays video. Also before i begin im, not a financial advisor im, just your everyday average joe. This came out of shape of safe moon official facebook page if you havent, checked it out yet make sure to do its a gr. Its a huge, huge huge platform on facebook for safe moon, uh clifton comes out and says what is one major lesson you learn in cryptocurrency. She also says ill. Go first, fears an illusion and shes right fear leads to doubt and thats all it does. If you have fear, youre, probably gon na sell and if you sell its because you had doubt which fear fed into im gon na add one into it as well. Im gon na do the opposite and say: positivity leads towards success because look at it this way ill say right now, my own personal experience. I had four and a bit before and point something bitcoin a very long time ago and what i end up doing is selling and if i held, if i had that positive mentality that i have now, especially with safe moon, things would be a lot different. Things. Would be night and day different, but its only a man and ive had opportunities throughout the years to get back in bitcoin but ill say right now i never did and looking at crypto and being a positive person as i am, i can see what there is.

I mean think about this way: people see safe when they go, oh, it might be down by five percent today sure, but the amount of tokens you have is not the amount of value put in is right. There still and everything that youre focused on is still there. Nothing has changed besides the price going down a little bit today. Is it going to stay down forever? Of course not, but if you focus only on the day youre, not seeing everything in the whole abstract view, i mean people did the same thing with bitcoin bitcoin shot one point down: 50 percent: do people sell, probably do they regret it absolutely and thats the fact Going on right now with crypto, it leads to any kind of uh any kind of anyone who who allows any kind of negativity into their investment, always regrets it always finds a way to go. I wish i didnt look at that safe when looking at bitcoin theres going to be a lot of people with regrets. Id rather stick this in and even even if it was happening with bitcoin, because it go to zero im gon na stick it in knowing that. I gave everything looking at it right now. Imagine just living your whole life in doubt. Imagine those who own two three five ten thousand bitcoin they have to live every single day, going to work talking to a dumb boss in doubt, in regret, i would never live that life id rather give him my awe and thats.

Why im here today with you – and this is why im telling everybody im into safe moon and im into this to the end, and i cant wait to see where that goes. We also have this uh. This comes from marquis brownlee. It says iphone 11 d, fusion iphone 12 pro raw iphone 13 pro pro res video 13 years in a row, apple has announced a new iphone camera feature on stage that wasnt ready on the iphone for delivery day. This goes back to other big companies like apple, that do make mistakes that dude dont get things im right on time like that does happen to a lot of companies. This is recently with apple, and what are you gon na do? Are you gon na just immediately quit be done? Are you gon na stop right now? Well, that makes no sense, because iphone 13 prores video will come out iphone 12 pro raw iphone 11 diffusion. These are things that did come out. It just came out a little bit later and yeah people want things sooner. We are were all designed like that by by the way you know our country is, and everybody is designed to want things today instead of waiting, but sometimes you have to wait to get the full product. You have to wait to get the best product. I mean iphone 13 pro. It will be well for iphone at least the best phone out there, and i think that a lot of people that will cancel the iphone 13 because theyre not getting a feature immediately, will only wind up buying it later on and its the same thing with the Safe its safe when saving wallet, people that sold safe boom because there was no wallets photoshop, whatever things they need to say to justify the vindication theyre just going to go and get it later on.

Why we also have this someone says cardano launched in the wallet colonel launched, launched a while in seven years, ethereum launches them in v2? Well, not yet. It was scheduled for december 2020, but was still delayed for unknown reasons. Safe moon has launched a wallet in six months statements about the launch v2 token in about six months and thats the achievement and thats. What shakeman is doing the accomplishment this everyones doing and once again, looking at other cryptos every other crypto out there? They wish they could be in a position safely is in. We have a massive, a massive community. We have a ton of other ideas that are going to be implemented soon. What with the blockchain the exchange wind turbines project phoenix, i mean there is a lot of things happening right around the corner and ios users is about to get the safe wallet version. Theyve been waiting for forever, so i like this a lot. I really think that this is the opportunity that statement is presenting in front of everybody. Thats involved in cryptos, particularly the d5 space. Uh segment came out with another update, more bugs fixed high balance. Privacy feature completed. I love this idea when i want to show this thing wild to you im a little hesitant. Sometimes you know, because i want to change my full balance and you got to hide that balance like you got to blur it out and post video, which i hate editing, but its cool to see that this could be a feature.

Add contract contact new, add contacts. New feature has begun. This has been something weve seen during the promo videos of statement with contacts and to see this happening here is actually pretty massive uh. I would love to see how that looks. Subgrabs built and completed for our lp pool for metric listening to aid in business, intelligence and data driven results across all platform lines foundation. Im, not gon na begin to tell you. I know what that means, but that sounds pretty amazing. Once again, the saving wallet is being updated and thats what we want to see. We also have uh. We also have this uh safe moon wallet, ios eminent boom and then theres. This, our ceo, john cronin, comes out and says the same logo will be visible from. I 15 for those of you versus in utah roads. Well, i dont got to be theres. This point, uh theres a pleasant grove in utah. This is rumored to be where well, rumored and confirmed. Actually, i should really say that the sigma ceo said segment headquarters will be the global headquarters and it says its gon na be right off. I 15 well heres. I 15 right over here they go right. There boom right now comes into becomes uh veterans, memorial highway and once again, this pleasant grove, so all you got to do is just grab our little guy drop. It right here and its going to be around here somewhere its going to be relatively near.

So once again, theres, i 15 pretty packed actually look at that anyway, um and then and then its going to be right over there. Now, i think itd be cool to see it be right there. You know, because this is this infrastructure, thatd be kind of nifty, but ill say monsieur gives us more hints about it. By the way, like is everything mountains i didnt know we had that many mountains dude. Look at this. What im gon na realize im from new york and the idea of mountains, is like mythological um when i was coming down here to kentucky. It blew my mind because, when youre driving in a highway theres, so what happened was it was like a huge mountain. They blew up the middle up and put a road into it, so as im driving im literally cutting through looking like this and like this, because youre cutting through two mountains, yeah like they dont teach us that in school, like its absolutely crazy, uh. Wow. Look at that they got ice caps on it, jesus its like a movie um, and then he comes out and says this signage on the building. Yes, you will be able to see safe moon logo from major highway from from the major highway that runs near it. So once again it might be this building, it might be not be, it might be a. I mean, theres, a ton of of of opportunity, as you can see over here for buildings to be developed, but nevertheless, what were going to be seeing is move over here.

You ever just play around with google maps uh. What we are going to be seeing is the potential for safe moon to have their headquarters. That would be visible from i 15, so thats a big kid he gave us. He also says i never say anything about neon confirmed sign will not be near neon unless some people make it in neon yeah. I dont think a neon sign uh, i mean thats kind of cartoony, but then again like looking at those mountains. Look to me to me, it looks cartoony. I know everyones gon na be like what you never seen mountains. Dude dude i lived in like i lived in like brooklyn and long island. No, you dont see mountains. Like you. Just dont see them. You see like trees and stuff, like that. You just dont know him that, like no to answer your questions, in short, no, i dont know um. We also have um this as well. Uh lightning diaries day, two in el salvador, using only bitcoin via the paxful lightning wallet. Now this is amazing. This is a youtuber uh, its called paxful. I guess i really havent looked into it. I think i think thats the wallet people now look into them right now, but its basically people walking around el salvador and using bitcoin as their currency and uh going through the journey of seeing people use bitcoin how happy they are to have a cryptocurrency as their Main currency and yes, el salvador has not fully adapted bitcoin, but i do believe in time well see other countries adapt other crypto and i think its almost a race, its almost like every cryptocurrency now has this idea of.

We want to be the next one to do that, because thats major thats, absolutely massive and safe when looking to work with one country, doesnt mean satan, was only going to work in one country. I see youll mention a long time ago. Uh someone said something about scams and they go scams. Dont get you on phones or get you in front of leaders of other countries. So we know safeway has at least aspirations to spread to other places and thats. The big deal like safeway is looking to work with as many people as possible. Get the gambia could be a starting point, but a very nice very important starting point to show what safe moon is about. What we can do so its cool to see this uh crypto working, you know working with the el salvador. I like this a lot because it gives inspiration to other cryptos and it gives inspiration to other countries – hey, maybe fiats kind of not the way to go. Maybe crypto is the way to go so once again, uh its a really cool video ill. Put it ill put it in the link down below. So you can check it out then theres this now before i premise this, i want to say i hate robin hood. I dont like robin hood. I i really dont like i have a vitriolic hatred for robin hood because of backwood gamestop happened. They stopped people from buying gamestop, but allows those for selling the game stop, so the price started going down.

This is what robin had did, and this is why a lot of people are looking at cryptos. Probably the reason why youre watching this video right now and youre involved in crypto, because the stock market is a joke, robin hood probably had to pay a little fee and they kept it and they kept it going, knowing that they theyre not theyre, not screwing. Everybody. Over theres, some inside thing happening and if you dont, if this doesnt just shake your belief in the stockism, i dont know what does what would happen with gamestop, but i will say: crypto you cant, do those things you just cant like youre, never gon na see Safe well just go yeah, we cant were gon na stop people from buying safeway its never gon na happen ever no crypto would do that, especially when its more on a blockchain, its, not exchange the more the more it shows itself to everybody, the more it its Its all around its more harder to do if it wanted to be done, which i dont think it can be anyway, robin hood testing to launch crypto wallet as investors demand rises. Now this goes into talking about how robin hood is looking to have their own crypto wallet, obviously for multiple cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin, among others and everyones, saying hey, we should theres people saying we should have safe when on robin hood and this people want people Saying: hey, thats, a horrible idea, i kind of agree with both of these ideas and both of these stickers once again, robinhood is a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible app for crypto.

But lets be honest with you. The everyday average joe wants a cool, easy and ineffective way to buy krypto. They dont want to go through a lot and thats what robin hood actually offers. It offers a way for those people to buy crypto number one number. Two. With the crypto wallet you can get a saving wallet once this is done or implemented. I should say the robin hoods crypto wallet and you could transfer that safe moon to the sigmund wallet, which will obviously have infinitely more features than a robinhood wallet, which is a bland robber, just to basically hold your crypto. Another cool feature about this by the way is this isnt, something that isnt new by the way uh robin has been promising this for a while, and the dogecoin millionaire actually has been waiting for this to happen. He actually has all his dogecoin on the robin hood wallet and would love the opportunity to leave robinhood. He has mentioned this and he really wants this to happen and itd be great to see this happen before not only for himself, but for a lot of people out there who have crypto. That is stuck on robin hood. I had it myself with dogecoin and it was stuck on robinhood and i really would love it to had it away, but it was, it is what it is and for the dogecoin millionaire i guarantee for him. He wants to leave robin hood, but theres no feasible way other than selling and then rebuying and, of course, you get ripped apart with taxes, every every way, shape or form so hes waiting for it, and if he can wait for it, i think everybody else can Wait for it and, if youre looking and if you do have krypton robin hood, hey with that crypto wallet, you can take that crypto and put it to the saving wallet or any other wallet out there or even more importantly, figure a way to put down the Statement exchange and enjoy cryptonomics well in the future.

Listen if youre new to channel make sure the like button subscribe, button and comment down below id greatly appreciate it. I read every single one of your comments. The pizza comment is something that struck a nerve. A lot of people and im not relenting up im, not relenting, im, just gon na be honest with you. Uh go ahead and follow me over here on twitter uh were almost at sixteen thousand followers and hey. Listen! All you got ta do with a five dollar deposit in the link down below you can get two free stocks in your weibo account once you open it up with weeble, and you can do whatever you want, not a financial advisor. You can sell those stocks taking five dollars, retro all that thats up to you. You can do whatever you want, but we was offering this right now. Theres a lot of things happening in the world of crypto and i feel like a lot of news. Only benefits crypto you hear about bitcoin benefiting well dont, be upset because crypto is a crypto in general and the layman person that doesnt know about what we do. Theyre going to see that and theyre going to say, crypto and thats. Only only the only thing thats going to really stick. Let me wrong. Theyll, probably stick a little bit with bitcoin, but when we introduce them with safe moon, the foundation has been set for crypto and thats. What we want to do number one number two: when we see another crypto be successful like bitcoin in el salvador, which is huge.

It only opens a door for other crypto like safe moon, to work with more countries, because el salvador is being seen as a country. Thats been successful by doing this, and eventually the gambit will be as well. So i think when one crypto does good, we all do good its just the way we got to see it because thats the truth of it all we dont have to be in competitive competitor against any other crypto. We can see their success and tack it on the hours because eventually it will be ours.