So well take a look at those two charts and were also going to go over an old adage which is a sell in may and go away and im going to add this in as far as september also were going to take a look at the exchange Reserves uh dont sleep on cardano, as they have a uh, an upcoming event, thats going to be pretty big, which ill have it happen last two or three days and then lastly, well take a look at unstoppable domains and the pi cycle top chart. So, first of all, hey its a pretty good day uh. It is a wednesday beautiful day out here, and i can just tell you right now that, as far as like the turnaround, its been pretty dramatic were almost hitting 2 trillion were up four percent, not that its like huge type of thing, but uh i mean ill. Take any good news today, so 1.94 trillion market cap breaking on, hopefully that 2 trillion bitcoin price is 43.2 and then across the board. Everythings up. So if you happen to uh, take uh advice from some people around you and bought the dip. Congratulations! Uh youre a winner for today so again, bitcoin 43.2, ethereum above 3000 and barely 3021. cardone is holding at 220. uh tylers teddy only cares 372 for binance coin and so on and so forth. So its looking pretty good so far, also using trade the chain for a sentiment analysis and then for the projected range for the next things.

If youre a big trader, take a look at uh, dia arm r weave ive been hearing a lot of great news about that. One quant, troy voyager token number five crazy, so anyhow, thats whats, going on in the market lets just break into uh like say, is like todays top story. So today, theres an old adage: it comes down and talks about it, says, selling man go away and what that means is in the traditional markets. Nothing really happens too much in june july august and then everything kind of hits us around it. You know after september in q4, and that is kind of holding true right now for this year, and there was this chart uh that i was uh privy to. I think i saw it on georges channel first and it was pretty interesting as far as like what is going on. Let me move this up just a little bit, so we can all see it. Ah, right there we are and uh what were looking at right here is the bitcoin monthly returns and the thing that i really want you to notice right now is well september essentially, and if we can take a look at september, it doesnt. Look that great i mean were looking at uh if youre looking at the last eight years, one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine excuse me nine years uh you see that september is a pretty awful month, just like what everybodys been talking about for the Longest of times only two years, this was in uh.

What was this 2014 2015? Was it positive, but then i want you to notice something else. October november and even december see how great october is its only had two down months in the last nine years. As far as the bitcoin price, then in november, even better uh, pretty darn, good and theres – these are like stellar returns, 449 percent uh back in the day, 12, 53, 42. Now again, um past performance does not indicate what could potentially happen in the present or the future, so just take that with a grain of salt, but in all honesty, ive always felt that things could really happen in q4. However, id like to take a note, i want to bring you back over here, and this is i want you to take a look at january and not really march march is kind of a bad month. Its mostly mostly red, but you see january uh, usually january, is not a great uh month traditionally for bitcoin and theres a lot of talk about elongated cycles. So if we say okay well january might not be great. So maybe we do some bumps and and and bruises and whatnot, maybe in february in february again only two down months and then march uh, maybe not who knows but again. I think that just looking at this and in the uh in the past looks pretty darn good, which leads me to my next point, so that is the first chart that has been pretty bullish.

This is my next one. This is from crypto crypto quant. I thought i found it quite interesting about what theyre doing as far as on chain data analysis and take a look at this, its kind of confusing im, not really but uh. You got bitcoin uh, all exchange reserves, meaning all the bitcoin that is being held by the exchange, so they can sell it right, and then that is in this blue line and underneath here on the gray line. That is the price in u.s dollars for bitcoin itself. See how those are big diversions here between here and the price, then all of a sudden, as as the exchange reserves drop, meaning people buy it up or they move it off the exchanges. That means that there is uh theyre, still the same demand, or even more so theres, not enough supply and all of a sudden people like what happened to all the bitcoin and then before you know it. Everything goes sideways. Price goes up and it converges back again and then down. We go and take a look at this. I just made this a little graph to make it quite simple, which is again just on the left hand. Side really whats happening here is accumulation people either buying. Taking it off or just taking it off, but theyre accumulating theyre putting in cold storage, they were taking it off the exchanges. So what does that? Do price increase theres a lot of cell pressure, and i want you to notice right here on the far right hand side, because you can see what happened here.

Divergence right, we got a lot of accumulation, price kind of starts to go up. Then it kind of goes sideways as a little bit of action here and whatnot, and then whats happening again over here were doing the exact same thing. Well, we are accumulating the price is going down, but guess what happens after this big accumulation happens. Big huge price spike so that, as is uh, the data on chain analysis as of 20 uh of september 2021., so im thinking its pretty good and thats, not the crazy part. The crazy part is if we even go forward and we take a look at what is going on with ethereum, take a look at that thats insane. So again, all these change reserve as far as ethereum look where things are going just down and down down now. News has something to do with it, but uh. If youre looking for some fireworks uh again, i think theres, some pretty good days ahead of us cant tell you exactly when, because im not nostradamus, i have a crystal ball, but i think for me i cant tell you what to do its just financial opinion, not Financial advice im just going to stick around watch some fireworks in a month or so and thats what we have in that section and then. Lastly, i going to bring up one little piece here, which is called the pie cycle top, and what this is is its something i talked about before, and i havent really given much attention as much as i should, but id like you to start tracking it about Whats going on so what is this well? First of all, this is a pretty good indicator.

The pi cycle, top indicator has historically been effective in picking up the timing of market cycle highs. Two within three days, its pretty good pi cycle top, is used to indicate uh when the market is very overheated so over here that the shorter term moving average, which is the 111 day moving average, which not some people talk about, has reached a uh times two Or x, two multiple of the 350 day moving average. Historically, it has proved advantageous to sell bitcoin at this time in bitcoins price cycle. So again lets take a look at just uh how accurate it is and how many times it actually uh has been actually gone. As far as the data itself, so if we take a look over here so again, the um down here the 111 day moving average. Is this an orange right here and the price of the 350 day moving average is in green right here, so when these cross, when this crosses over orange over to green thats, when everything is overheated, so how many times this happened? Well, uh heres the price in uh, dark blue navy blue. What do you want to call it? This is in 2013, okay, and this is when it actually crossed over and guess what happened. Boom went down and it just dropped like a rock and then nothing not too much happened. Maybe you want to kill a little more and then over here look what happened.

It hit a top and it crossed over, and then it started to just wane and go all the way down. Lets move over thats only two times and its only in 2013, as a matter of fact, so here is the third time the third time this happened. It happened on oh look at that. That is ah right. Around 18th december 2017. and heres the price up here: 18. 000. Oh 19, 000. pretty much the top of bitcoin in 2017., thats pretty good, and then it hasnt happened again until right around here, which was 15th of april or so when bitcoin hit 63 215 and it crossed over. And here it is, and now were back over here, so if youre looking for some kind of indicators uh, i just gave you three, and maybe this one you might want to take a look at a little more closely again, not financial advice, just financial opinion and That is what is going on with bitcoin and why im feeling pretty bullish right now, as far as with what is going on in this space, let me know what you think about that in the comments section and lets uh finish up with a couple of things Of lets not sleep on cordano, should we so um news moves the markets, sometimes not all the time but theres a pretty good uh information of a summit coming out as far as the cardona summit 2021 – and it happens on 25th 26th of september im, not sure If this is going to be a catalyst for price action, but if there are some pretty big announcements uh in this summit, then it will be a major mover for cardinal, maybe theres, a cooperation between a couple of countries in cardano or maybe theres.

Some big huge announcements with smart contracts – im not saying there is im just saying, but if they do make these announcements uh, this would be the summit to watch out for because cardano uh has been a pretty big mover uh year to date and uh. What weve got here as far as like what is going on itself? Uh, you take a look, its uh, its crazy, its like its its a its an in person and a virtual. They got uh, seven virtual worlds to explore avatars. Let you talk to community members from around the world thats, pretty crazy, uh exclusive videos from keynotes to major news, announcements updates and interviews on community showcases, limited edition nfts to collect and yes, nft is already live on cardano. The summit is for two days contact. The content is an eight hour blocks and is repeated three times in a single day. So different time zones can experience all the news, so thats pretty good for everybody in europe and australia and the asian countries so go right. There and then uh again, seven worlds explore free to talk and this is already sold out. But if you want to uh attend virtually you cant go there in person, i mean you can what you got to do. Is you got to jump to some hoops? Just go to, put your full name and email and ill give you a link, and you can watch all the stuff thats there and even the i think, the replays as well.

So i will link that in the description you can check that out, and that is what is going on as far as like uh with cardano dont sleep on it, oh and also theres. One more thing i want to talk about which was uh github. So i know people give chrono a bad rap because, like no ones building theres not really much going on well theres. This thing called proof of github, which uh it just kind of just gives you an update about how much activity is going on, not that this is like the end, all be all uh type of information about, like oh theyre, doing the stuff, its just the amount Of work thats being done and i would assume theyre doing a ton of work right now because the summit is coming up. But if you take a look at this, its a you know like hey. As far as like all the projects, github development activity, uh, you got uh cardanos number one kusama, polka, dot, uh gnosis status, ethereum number six solana, number seven chain link number eight and uh ooh the new new darling of the block cosmo. So um. There is some activity going on: smart contracts are happening and then, of course, if youre mike novogratz, nobody, he knows works on cardano, all right, so sure whatever and then also the friend james goes. Maybe you should tag charles im, like uh james, at the best answers. I think charles already knows whats going on, so that is what is happening as far as like uh for cordano and i think theres, better things ahead.

So let me know what you think about that in the comments section and lastly, i just want to finish up with um unstoppable domains. So if you dont know unstoppable domains is where you can register uh your a non fungible token, your nft site, or you can actually purchase your site. Your name, your whatever else and and to me theres two things like i purchased my name: uh dot, crypto and then i also put uh teaches.crypto and then ive also registered some other uh premium ones like with stem cell therapy and things like that, uh dot. I think it was uh dot coin now its dot crypto as well so theres that part of it, and also, i think, its like one of the best things to do as far as like in the future to future proof yourself, uh, because you know, as time Goes on, this is ill. Just show you the graphic itself. This is what i think is gon na happen, uh when you have like a crypto address, and so instead of like going hey, whats your addreb.smith and then they can just send it to you and thats thats. Essentially, your your crypto address so theres that part, and also their big announcement is this – is that um trust wallet is the first wallet to fully integrate all 10 of our domain endings, because you can get a a domain of dot, crypto, dot, zill, dot coin dot, Blah blah blah everything around there and the big knock on this is that, like i would like to build a website, unfortunately, with unstoppable domains for these nfts um.

I can do this and if you are using a brave browser, you can go right to my website right dan teaches dot crypto. If you have use an opera, you can go right to my website, but if youre using chrome, firefox or edge – i guess thats microsofts thing, i dont even know what that is um. Then you can use yeah. I know its microsoft. Sorry, you can use your nft and you can build your website, but for these right here, these three you have to have a extension. So you have to download this thing from chrome and firefox and work it which kind of sucks so um theres some big things around the corner and im not privy to all the information, but i know that theres, a bunch of big announcements coming up thats all I really know so it might behoove you to take a look and maybe get your name or something like that to purchase as far as an nft types of things and also remember, theres, no renewal fees, its like a one and done type of thing uh. Unlike me, where i have to pay my domain every damn year, but whatever and thats whats going on so look uh links in the description. If you want to use that for unstoppable domains, go to the right place and all that good stuff, but uh that is it for today. So look if you uh stuck with me all the way at the end.

I first want to say thanks so much. I appreciate it uh if you like this type of this video, give it a thumbs up, give it a like. Also consider subscribing everything we talk about is time sensitive and thatll. Do it so thanks so much for watching.