I am extremely bullish on this nft based game project personally, for me, im going all in and but remember of course guys that i am not a financial advisor. Rather i always try to put you guys on the place that i am in and missed here. I think is one of those that is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so, as you guys can see overall the nft gaming, the nft gaming platforms have been skyrocketing throughout 2021 and i think mist is here to basically be the absolute game changer across these different Games because it is an mmorpg and you guys know, i really really like any games that are interactive. I talk about how im a gamer on my channel multiple times, especially on my streams. I ask who wants to do some gaming with me because i love to play games but platforms that are coming out that are paid to play that are run on their own crypto assets. Their own nfts, i think, are absolute game changers. So what is missed? Where the heck do we buy this thing, and why am i so bullish on it now? The first thing i want to mention is basically with missed. You are its going to be a game where you can collect nfts battle, epic monsters and explore infinite immersive environments in this blockchain based nft action, rpg built on the missed nft framework. The game universe collects to collects to the miss native token as in game currency.

Allowing you to farm and stake tokens to earn in and out of game rewards now lets go ahead and look at what gaming platforms nft games have done here in 2021. Well start with axi infinity, the most successful of them all as of right now, which again, i think, theres a lot of room for axi to grow, but i think mist is coming in at the perfect time. So, if you look at the chart, axi was trading. The beginning of 2021, basically at 50, 52 cents per token. Now today it has over 100 x in price over 125 x at 66.82 cents. Look at alluvium also a newer crypto asset with again coming out right around at the very bottom got to about thirty four dollars per token and today, its sitting at six hundred and forty one dollars as as it approaches its official launch, now, lets look at mist Sitting at a mere 4.3 million dollar market cap, i think that mist has not 1x 2x, 3x 10x im talking a 100x 200x and even beyond potential from current price at seven cents per token. If you look at the overall price action at its very all time high as long you know, as the overall market was creeping up pretty much at that, the eighth of may across the market, we saw get to 36 cents a share which is again from right. Now, over a 5x gain potential, but again for me its looking at the long term potential for this crypto asset and for missed guys at 7 cents.

I think its a 100 steel – and i loaded up yesterday so if youre part of the patreon community and youre also part of the youtube membership community. You know that i made an official announcement before i even bought that i told you guys i am buying missed by the end of the day today as the overall market corrected, and it was right around 6.9 cents. So since then, now got up to 7.7 cents, which i think is still a phenomenal price point to get in on it. Now, what in the world has missed and what are these nft gaming platforms missed again? I kind of went through, but you could watch some video tutorials that they have on their website to kind of get out of a concept again to kind of get a concept of what this whole thing is about. So this video here kind of talks about you know how its going to what are some of the characters, characteristics um again. How are you going to make money in the game? What are some of the collectible nfts game bonuses? You guys know im a huge fan, and i told you guys, typically speaking, theres a strong marriage between the crypto community and the gaming community and when you can find a way to bring them both together. That will absolutely change the future of whatever project is working on that and i think, with mist. They are looking to exactly do just that, and some big things that you need to understand are look at their white paper.

I would recommend that everybody read through their executive summary read through everything the game overview, how its going to work, how the integrations are going to work, how players will interact with one another. Because again, i think there are a lot of exciting things that are part of this. Another thing that you need to understand is mist is currently about to launch the beta in less than 10 days on steam, an official gaming platform axi and luvium both of those platforms, didnt necessarily have this kind of backing like steam. So with that being said, you need to keep your eyes open and understand that hey this actually is going to come with some significant community backing right, like steam, big platforms, theyre already backing it and, in addition, youre getting extremely extremely early on missed. So we know the beta is launching, and the official game should be launching next year 2022 in january. So we have about three more months in anticipation, but beta testing will begin in october and if thats a success were going to see a lot of new investors coming into the space. So you can see some of the different characters that they have in the game. Write the crusader or the archer, and then it looks like a melee class, a magic class again very familiar because as someone who is a gamer ive seen these things in successful games like again old school runescape. Some of the other games that i used to play things like world of warcraft or whatnot.

So now the question is going to come. Where do i get missed? Where should i buy it and how did i buy it myself? So i want to mention again: pay attention to the market cap for axi its a four billion dollar market cap cryptocurrency. All right, an nft based crypto asset elluvium, its at a four hundred and six million dollar um coin or excuse me market cap missed – is that four point three million dollars. So with that being said, a lot of volatility is going to be on the way, and you guys know my investment strategy when it doubles. You take out your initial and let the rest ride the wave thats 100, my investment strategy since day one – and i am not going to change change – that one bit all right now lets go ahead and talk about how do you buy this 100x potential crypto asset? First and foremost, the first thing you need to do is you need to understand that its on the binance smart chain, so that is the bsc, the binance smart chain, so what you have to do is take whatever it is. Whatever token you might have on your current wallet right, if youre a person that holds ethereum whatever it might be, what you need to do is you need to convert some form of currency if thats, us dollar or another crypto to tether thats? What you got to do, convert it to tether and from tether.

You swap that for b and b token, that is the official binance token. Okay, after you swap for binance token, what you need to do is you transfer your binance token or bmb from whatever exchange you, you swapped tether for bmb, and you take that to trust wallet and again. This is just one way to do this im going to show you guys some of the other exchanges that offer missed in just a second in the market. Information on coin market cap, so bnb directly transferred to trust wallet so very similar to what you probably did for safe moon if youre a safe moon investor. So once you transfer your bnb to trust wallet, then you have to convert your bnb tokens to bsc. So theres a more actions, tab on trust wallet that allows you to switch your bnb tokens and swap them for smart chain bsc token, okay and last but not least, once you have your bsc tokens present, that is when you do the last step and thats when You do your bsc token swap for miss tokens and now you are now – and you are now officially an owner of mist and i think again, in my opinion, guys if theres an opportunity that i presented on my channel. I think this one is going to be the biggest one and im not talking just a 10x, no im talking potentially a 100x return on your investment with miss token, but, of course, always invest at your own risk.

Now other places you can buy, missed gate.io has a missed and usdt trading pair. So you can trade usdt directly for mist on gate dot. Io elbank is another way. There is another place to buy it, and even hot bit was mentioned to me as a place that you can invest into mist. So again, guys, please make sure you do your own, due diligence and research being at a 4.3 million dollar market cap youre. Getting in on this project earlier than probably any other project that has ever been presented on my channel and you guys know what has happened in the past weve seen a lot of success in ryoshi vision, weve seen a lot of success in saitama and shiba inu. Its hopefully going to be showing us some of our great returns in the near future, but for right now those two crypto assets that i mentioned at very micro cap levels grew substantially anywhere between a 2x to now saitama and 9x. Since our initial investment and its only still getting started – and i see missed here as an opportunity that i dont any – i do not want anyone to miss out on if you do – need help, buying, missed or understanding where to get this crypto asset in any way Shape or form, please feel free to click. The link in the description below and contact me on own it. I have a link down there, so we can do a video conference, a one on one call 30 minutes uninterrupted and go ahead and you can ask all the questions you have for me right then, and there.

Thank you all so much for tuning in. I appreciate everyones, love and support. Make sure you guys subscribe to the channel join the europa family were almost at 70, 000 subscribers and im very sure we can hit that by the end of the month.