No more importantly, i want to talk about not only what is happening right now for bitcoin, especially here since the last few days. But more importantly, i will talk about my price targets for bitcoin in the immediate short term and in the mid run i will talk about outcomes as well. I will talk about the outcome section and about specific altcoins i am holding and trading right now, guys make sure you are sticking around until the very end of the video make sure you are smashing up the like button to a new all time high. As always, since the video from yesterday night few hours ago is almost crushing 10 000 likes, you are the craziest, the most supportive community in the world, and i can prove it by the numbers. Thank you very much for that guys. I truly appreciate that, of course, your support. Your engagement, is truly gold for the youtube algorithm and um like every single one of you. I appreciate it. Every single one of you now lets go here into the content and you can see. Bitcoin was breaking out from this trend and i was actually predicting the moment we break is the moment im expecting a run towards the upside. This is what happened here so far, and i was talking about that in the video here i dont know i. It was like it was the video yesterday night and the video before so now. The question is: why are we getting resistance here? Why are we getting resistance before this trend line? I was mentioning well.

I can tell you exactly why, because if we are going over to the fourth wally kennedy, please stick around here with me guys. I want to talk about my next trade and much much more lets zoom out on the four hourly, and what you can see here is. This is not coming with any any surprise because zooming out a little bit, you can see that at the area where we are right now there is actually a lot a lot of resistance coming in. If i am pulling out the rectangle here, then i can show you exactly what we are. What we are talking about here, because at this point of now we have so much resistance coming in. Let me show you so we had support over here. Support. Turning into resistance lay down we had support over here after we broke is this support is more likely to turn into resistance. So what we are facing right now is the biggest hurdle of bitcoin to go higher if we are not able to crush it. Of course, this rejection can go down and then we crush it later, but if eventually bitcoin is failing to break the resistance within – and this is important guys within this period until the 24th 25th of september – a break to the downside is more likely than a breakthrough. I break to the downside its more likely than a break to the upside, so the time is literally ticking for bitcoin and we have to break it rather sooner than later the moment, however, we are breaking it, and this is also when im coming to the next Trade here the moment we are breaking not only this resistance box, not only the fibonacci retracement extension level, but also the downward sloping trend line is the moment i am going into a multi million us dollar trade towards the upside.

With the price target of 48 500. Us dollars – this is what i am looking out for for bitcoin, but only if we are breaking the trend line here. If not, of course, we have to expect another re test of the downward sloping support here, hopefully not, but this is of course whats on the table right now for bitcoin and remember guys, this is the batman run reversal phase if we are breaking the downward sloping Trend – and you can see it here – we have a throwback, then were breaking up a throwback to the trend line and then breaking towards the upside and uphill run, how its called in the textbook pattern. I was actually quoting already since one or two days. The moment we are breaking is the moment we can confirm, abandon, run, reversal pattern and the v shape recovery is usually something bullish. So far, so good hold your horses dont get too excited dont get too bullish. So far, and of course guys i wanted to talk about something else as well. I wanted to talk about the outcome section. I want to talk about error and some other positions as well. If you are sticking um here with me until the very end of the video, i will show you my new car, because i was just wrapping my new car in a new color here and, as you can see, people are already making photos of my car. So uh sticky, sticky with me until the very end there they are showing me the thumbnail, but i will show you i wrapped it in the mm.

Crypto blue and it looks really amazing, but i will show it in the end. I dont want to bother you if you are here for crypto content only so let me go over here into the next content and into the outcome section and also specifically elrond, because some of you might get annoyed by oh well. Why are you talking about everyone? Im not sponsored by them nothing. I took my own money. I put 2 million us dollars in this altcoin and people. Ask me why? Because, yes also for me its a significant position – 2 million u.s dollars, because i always keep the vast majority in bitcoin and then also in ethereum. Well, i was talking about over on twitter. Where is it on telegram? In my telegram alerts channel, you can go down below and follow it completely for free. I was quoting a breakout potential breakout on the one hourly chart. Wait for confirmation. 219 us dollars well fast forward. You can see we had 244 us dollars. This breakout once again happened exactly as i predicted it in my free signals group you down in the pin, comment section down below. So what is the price target from here? My price target is still higher 272 dollars for this specific l1 breakout, and i just have to put out this very important warning because the icons are highly correlating with the bitcoin performance. So, of course, if bitcoin goes higher, if we are breaking the supports support, skys ahead for our altcoins, if we are breaking lower, dont expect short term gains for alcon, because bitcoin will take the altcoins with it.

But i will keep you updated here on this specific channel. All you have to do is go down below to the pin comment section and and not go down below to the subscription section and press subscribe, press the bell and press on all to join the mm. Crypto family and be always here when i am updating my vr uploading here, my videos. Thank you so much for liking, the video and now i want to show you quickly, the color of my car. As you can see here. Let me show you so you can see, i put it in blue its the mm crypto blue. I really love it, and here you can see how how amazing uh it looks in the combination here very, very cool, very, very nice, very proud of this color, and i think i chose the right one. The only other white one would have been um to choose. Let me go back in an orange or so for vidcon right. Let me know what you think about it down below im, very proud of it. As you know, i sold my lamborghini when bitcoin was at 60 000 us dollars for crypto, and now i bought back another car. Of course. One reason is because i left dubai, but another reason is because its fun to sell high and buy low. This is what its about in that crypto community. Thank you so much for watching guys. We are going to see each other very soon.

Did i say bilo i think i said cello. No anyway, you buy low.