We do have new cryptocurrency videos coming out every single day and make sure to check us out on twitter. We do also keep you guys up to date over there at bitcoinbros26, but without further ado lets, go ahead and jump into todays video. We are going to be talking about crypto.com coin and the crow token and crypto.com exchange the platform has had some pretty massive news. Come out here in the past couple of days, i am loving the marketing and the partnerships that crypto.com is making right now ill, be going over all that in todays, video and ive been telling you guys all years. This is a undervalued, cryptocurrency ill, be telling you why exactly? I believe that in todays video make sure to stay tuned, for that so lets go ahead and jump into krypto.com, currently ranked at number 36. I believe we can get into the top 20 cryptocurrencies for crypto.com, especially with the recent news that has came out and the price is around seven cents right now up about nine percent in the past 24 hours. The market cap is around 4.2 billion dollars. The volume in the past 24 hours, around 43 million and the circulating supply of crow is 25.26 billion tokens and if we check out the chart, we know crypto.com peaked at about 25 cents early in the year before dropping all the way down to about nine cents. It actually performed pretty well in comparison to some of the other, all coins that lost about 80 of their value, and it is back up to about 17 cents now so were very close to all time highs i mean about eight cents away, so im expecting krypto.

com To break past this old all time high in early october and ill, give you guys my updated price prediction at the end of the video so make sure to stay tuned for all that lets go ahead and check out this recent crypto.com news and, as we can See here the dream team in the makingcrypto.com and sixers announce a multi year: partnership, the official cryptocurrency platform partner, official jersey, patch partner and the first ever 76ers nft series on the way. This is really huge. This is the first nba team to get integrated with a cryptocurrency exchange and crypto.com is that currency im expecting more nba teams to follow suit? With this, i think 76ers are just the first. We could potentially see crypto.com on other teams jerseys this year. We could potentially see others teams choose other cryptocurrencies as well or other cryptocurrency exchanges and well see which teams decide to pick, but this is big for the cryptocurrency space. This is just showing you know what that many players are actually going to learn about. Crypto now, and they have millions and millions of dollars, the owners are going to learn about cryptocurrency, and i think that more and more people are going to start getting involved in cryptocurrency and theyre going to start believing this isnt a fad guys. This is here to stay, crypto is here to live on forever, and this is just the beginning. This is a huge partnership. This makes me so excited for not just cryptocurrency but for crypto.

com as well. So this is really huge guys and we can see right here. The status quo has just been shaking it, and that is huge, and i just want to give a shout out to everybody over at krypto.com that made this partnership happen, because this is huge for the cryptocurrency space guys, and i mean you just got to realize that Once they break the barriers of these soccer teams and they got in to the racing – and they were partnerships with the ufc now and now theyre making it into the nba i mean over here in america, guys. The nba is probably one of the most popular sports right, along with the nfl, so theyre just making some huge partnerships. This is huge marketing, and i am very, very excited about this, and the status quo really has just been shaking im. Gon na make sure to go ahead and retweet this, because this is some pretty big news here guys – and we can see here also the professor is making his nft debut. So we got up with the streetball legend to talk about the collection, so he actually talks about his nfts that are being dropping hes, pretty big. If you guys havent heard of the professor, he is a street baller from a long time ago that turned into a youtuber. He has a pretty big following on youtube, but he plays one on one games with random fans and hes, pretty big, so hes actually pretty big in the basketball space.

So this is actually a pretty big partnership as well and he has 91 000 followers on twitter. So pretty cool stuff there we can see here. I do want to share this video with you guys hood, announcing new crypto features that btc becomes a bigger part of his business. Crypto.Com co, founder and ceo joined to discuss alongside this partnership with the sixers, so lets go ahead and check this out. I want to get your response to the fact that cnbc is reporting this today that robin hood is potentially launching cryptocurrency wallets, as bitcoin becomes a bigger part of that companys business in general. It seems like its a very competitive landscape right now, and i realize were having this discussion about regulation and how that could change and shift the landscape more broadly. But when you do see a name like robin hood plunging further into it, what does what does it mean for a company such as yours? Well, we think that uh broadly used platforms like robinhood, add value because they help us drive uh global adoption cryptocurrencies. But once you um you dip a toe in and then you want to go deeper into this market. You go to a specialized platform uh like crypto.com, with a better selection of digital assets and more powerful features um for somebody who just wants to dive deeper into this world. We keep talking about the overlay between crypto and sports, and i know you have this new partnership with the sixers.

I wonder what you make of that and what it brings to you, what it brings to the league and the teams and its not just basketball. And do you worry over time that it gives this sort of patina of gambling when, in fact, youre trying to be taken seriously as an asset class? Well, the way we approach this is: we have a global strategy: uh we are partnering with uh uh top brands, and sports uh were a global cryptocurrency partner of the ufc on formula 1. Weve recently signed this with hari sandra, arguably the best football team in the world today, and we are super thrilled to partner with 76ers, who, i think, are very young and dynamic team with championship potential its alive with our mission as a company, we want to drive Adoption of cryptocurrency and theres no better way than to uh put our name in front of 2 3 billion people who watch sports um every day, so some takeaways from this guys – i mean i, i said it myself here guys. This is huge for the cryptocurrency space. This is huge for cryptocurrency adoption, millions and millions of fans. Every single year will be watching the sixers and theyll see that krypto.com logo right there on their jerseys, and i mean i know what team im gon na be rooting for this year in the up and coming season 76ers. I hope you guys go all the way to the champion marketingcrypto.

com right there on your jersey, and we can see here guys you guys listen to the news reporter. He basically said we want to be taken seriously. Are you guys still just gambling, and i mean it just shows you how early you are. Some people still think that cryptocurrency is gambling. This is here to stay guys. Bitcoin cryptocurrency ethereum crypto.com theyre not going anywhere guys bitcoin crypto its here to stay and its not going anywhere anytime soon, and i do want to show you guys the indicator here. This is just showing you know the search term crypto the interest of google search trends. We can see back here in april, we were at a 78 and at may we hit a hundred, so this was actually when the crypto formal was kind of in from about april to may thats, when we saw elon musk on saturday night live, and currently we Are at a 23. so about one fourth of the people that are talking about crypto right now were talking about it back during the peak, so this shows you that we could potentially have a blast off and go past these fomo levels that we saw back here In april and may and even go past that even higher up and i think were going to see a stick for your bitcoin, i think crypto.com coin is going to perform very well unless, with that lets just go ahead and get into the price prediction.

In the past 24 hours, crypto.com is up 5 in the past week were down 12 in the past month were up six percent and in the past year were up about 12, so this cryptocurrency has not performed very well over the past year. Compare this to other cryptocurrencies in the past year has really not performed very, very well at about 17 cents, and that is why im so bullish on this cryptocurrency, because it has not seen us blast off yet and im very, very bullish on the crypto.com coin. I do think well see one dollar in quarter four, this year or potentially in the quarter one next year. I think one dollar is very possible because we have not seen that blast off yet and it has some of the biggest partnerships guys f1 racing, an international racing partnership. There ufc international fighting competition, thats, really really huge and now philadelphia 76ers in the nba, and i would not be surprised to see more nba teams follow suit, so extremely excited. I think, in the short term, well get back up to these levels. We were at before the big drop off, so i think 18 19 cents is definitely in the cards for the next couple weeks. I think into october. I think we can see crypto.com start to get back up to 18 and 19, even potentially 20 cents, and i think we will blast off to one dollar later this year, if not early next year, guys.

So that is all i have for todays video. I hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure to hit that like button. Thank you for watching all the way to the end of the video. My name is aaron aaron from the bitcoin bros.