After he was posting a video for savings advice for college students out there taking a look at how much they could save for retirement if they get started early. Assuming an interest rate, though that may have irked crypto twitter, just a bit, take a listen to his advice. If you were to save five dollars a week and you earned maybe eight percent starting off while youre at college, you may have a hundred and thirty thousand dollars plus saved by the time of retirement at 65, just from five dollars a week. But if, instead, you waited until lets, say youre, 40 years old to start saving to get to the same numbers, youd need about 30 a week now, kiko, of course, that message was immediately met with a very tough ratio. A lot of comments coming from crypto twitter, specifically around the timeline of course, that the sec just shut down coinbases plans to roll out their lending platform that would have offered four percent on the usdc stablecoin weve. Seen other lenders offering eight percent like block fi on stable coins, so that eight percent really hit a nerve. I think because a lot of people were pointing out the average interest rate right now in bank accounts across the u.s is point zero, six percent. So, assuming that eight percent really had a lot of people, uh trolling the sec chair on twitter, i will say: zach im, not im, not sure. If im allowed to say this on a financial network but um, i was not thinking about savings in college.

So what i have learned from this and youre right, that the timing of this certainly not good at a time when there is debate – and you know – weve – been talking about this – a lot about what they did with coinbase and that four percent yield and the product They initially had proposed so thats, not a good look but um. You know im surprised at how many people are actually thinking about savings. I mean that to me was a revelation because i was certainly not thinking about what percentage the yield would be on any kind of savings account. When i was in college – and i was just spending money yeah – i mean – i guess, thats kind of what the position he took on here was like look. I dont want to talk about spending well talk about savings instead um, but either way just a quick kind of rebuke coming from the crypto community around the timing of a message like that, the ratio was not good, i mean you know, thats the term on twitter, Akiko, when you start to see those comments piling up, as you know, i know everyone who uses social media knows, but it was. It was pretty rough, its about five to one. I think likes to comments on that one, but uh. You know its one of those things where you could assume eight percent its, not bad to assume when you think about s, p, 500 returns and stocks um, but just talking about putting in banks obviously far cry when you think about.

Maybe how that would have been different years ago it doesnt have to be crypto per se right i mean i get why crypto twitter responded. I completely understand that part, but youre right i mean, i think any of our guests would argue that its its better to put it in the markets in stocks than just have it sitting when the yield is so low on a savings account when you go through A traditional bank and thats why its been interesting to see kind of how the younger generation maybe plans around this. At a time where you know you got people on our air talking about an allocation between stocks and bonds, but at the same time you got other people saying you know: bonds are completely worthless if youre only as you said, the yields are so low whats. Even the point of putting in the portfolio, if youre, if youve got so much time to save for retirement, thats kind of the benefit, if youre a younger saver out there. So it is interesting to kind of see this generational divide around crypto the advice around saving. If youre, assuming eight percent and how low interest rates are in the bank right now, but uh yeah, the expectations have shifted right. Youre right, the expectations have completely shifted. If you can get more of a quick return, write it around and just wait for that point. Six percent yeah, if you can turn a thousand dollars into 50k in a year by plowing, at a dogecoin, its tough, to really think about simple uh saving rules coming from uh.

You know from the sec chair here but thats what twitter had to say about it.