Im going to break this down into three major sections: uh, the first one im going to talk about is the current state of the crypto market and what has happened uh, why there was a big another flash crash in this case. Um. What is happening? Will it bounce back ill go through that in all the detail? Explain everything um then were going to talk about the big robin hood secret update. Robin hood has been quietly testing a few things were going to go over that into detail as well. And lastly, we have update from shaitu regarding the big burn, and in this case they want to do a very significant amount of burn as well and as of recording of this video about 20 to 30 minutes ago, theres been some really really big movement. There was just one buy in particular that has already put in under 13 million dollars into sheep as well, so big money is already on the move, so we know that something is about to happen. Stick around to the end, because this is going to be a very unique and rare opportunity well be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kickstart, their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below i Was just about to head to bed uh yesterday when this all happened, my phone literally just blew up. I had a short indicator alert notification for essentially every single cryptocurrency there is.

It was not a good site to see so what exactly happened yesterday? So, if youre into stocks and if youre into crypto, this is something that you probably already know. This is probably one of the biggest things that thats hit this week. So im going to talk about the stocks area first, so dao plunges 600 points to the lowest level in two months, as experts fear, great recession, style collapse with everground and on the crypto market side of things. So crypto markets suddenly lose 250 billion in value. As ever turmoil, pummels bitcoin, ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies. So if we scroll down a little bit here, everyone chinas second largest property developer, alerted banks last week that you would be unable to make debt payments due this month, sparking a sharp drop in the chinese real estate sector. The losses quickly spread to broader markets as experts started, warning its default could potentially create a chinese lehman moment. Market analyst, thomas author of the seven report, wrote in last week referring to the u.s investment bank that collapsed at the onset of the great recession. So this actually has absolutely nothing to do with the crypto sector whatsoever. But what happened was there were a lot of people that saw a massive sell off in the u.s sector and automatically assume that its going to apply to um or rather be afraid that would be applied to the crypto sector as well and as such was started.

Withdrawing and causing a crash or minor crash itself, but funnily enough, as prices crashed, el salvador president announced the nation took advantage of falling prices and bought the dip for the second time this month, spending roughly 6.5 million dollars to boost his cryptocurrency holding by 150 bitcoins. So its pretty evident that this was caused by something that is outside of the crypto environment and, as a result, a lot of people who are into crypto actually bought more of these crypto tokens and ill. Go into that in a bit more detail near the end of the video theres, been a massive purchase order and that caused the price of crypto to quickly bounce back as well, and, as you can see on my watch list on the right here. Basically, every coin is in the green today, but for sheep, its about to get a lot more green, so robin hood quietly tests, crypto wallet as users clamor for it, robin hood is testing new encrypted wallet. Cryptocurrency transfer features for its app a long awaited move that will make it easier for customers to send and receive digital currencies. Evidence of the companys work on such features has appeared in a beta version of its iphone app. The software includes a hidden image portraying a waitlist page for users signing up for a crypto wallet feature. The app also has code referring to cryptocurrency transfers. So what does this mean? Well, this is the classic move for a particular exchange platform to move into crypto.

So robinhood is essentially making a wallet such that um. It costs robinhood a lot less to carry out transactions that involve cryptocurrency, and this is only something you want to do. If you want to introduce a large portfolio of cryptocurrencies that you can buy and sell and believe it or not from what we saw last week where sheep overtook even bitcoin in the in the uh 24 hour volume traded world would look at that and their mouth Would water given how much transaction fees they could actually obtain from offering such a service and robin hood is a business, its a company and in their interest? They want to make the most money for its. You know for its owners for its creators for its investors. Now, with she being such a popular cryptocurrency, robin hood wants to tap into this gold mine and with the large user base, robin hood already has its gon na be very seamless to transition some of the users to move into sheep as well, and once again, our Favorite sheep insider has made a tweet robin hood, app update, new narrative, robin hood app may add ship after expanded exchange and wallet services. Currently, robin hood app does not charge for crypto trading, but they see the money sheep can create. The project is behind as they try to integrate multi blockchains, so it appears to be a slight change of roadmap, in that robin hood would want to create a wallet first before integrating additional cryptocurrencies in their platform.

Now, before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description, and now we have some big updates from saitoshi shatoshi shares with the community more on the upcoming medium release. A three part medium release over the course of the upcoming month. In order to dig deeper into the community and ecosystem, so we have a screenshot of the discord, its complete going through polish and editing one of three and hell talk about the ecosystem and into the community, and here it says, im releasing three mediums over the next Month to dig deeper into it and moving on this is going to be about the nfts that shibuya is going to be releasing. So what we know about this, no pre sell multi utility strategy exclusivity. Everyone will have a fair share of getting them into the crypto punk style, so it seems like theres going to be no white listing. So that means you cant um, join the discord or join the crowd early on and have early access to purchase these. If thats not available because i do know, this is a popular strategy in the nfd um scene, where you can avoid gas wars, so a whale cant pick up every nft uh token. Now. One thing i cant see here is that im not sure if theres going to be a cap on the transaction for the nfts, because if there is a cap on the transactions, that means theres going to be more to go around for everybody who couldnt get their Hands on early so for those of you who are not familiar with nfts nfts are basically collectibles and if you catch one at the pre sale or early on in the mint, it is not surprising at all to see the price of these nfts five to ten Times in value, if youre already not into nfts, i highly recommend this space or even just watch this space theres.

A lot of things happening right now, its a very wholesome and very supportive community and also theres a lot of games to be made right now. So last but not least, the topic is sheep about the burns. So if we burn 100 ml sheep tomorrows questions will be when more burn and once we do burns will become commonplace. Otherwise it will never be enough, so we have to think differently. This is true. So whenever there is a single uh event burn happening, the general shiba army wants more because thats, not enough, so a simple one time burn doesnt make sense for us so about the burn. Let me speak on a few things, so we know that shaitoshi is not happy with a one time event, because thats not a sustainable way to increase the value of sheep over time, because that relies on organized events to take place as opposed to if its integrated. As part of a system as part of an ecosystem, then youll realize potential gains steadily over a longer period of time, and this is also made very evident here, and this thought process behind. This is very clear from this post as well im down to buy a burn, a lot of coins, and that just requires a different way to think so. Obviously, this is great to see because shaitoshis thought process aligns with what the community wants and the community should always dictate the direction of she because thats its a community project, so saitoshi is willing – and in this case very evidently that hes going to burn a lot Of cheap tokens so hes thinking about ways to make this happen, which is obviously very, very good news and very reassuring for the cheap army to hear and speaking of reassuring well.

This is not even a reassurance. This is just absolutely hype. An ethereal well just bought 13 million usd worth of sheep. This is easily one of the largest transactions ive ever seen. There is not much for me to say here um. This person is just straight up voting with his wallet 30 million dollars. One transaction lets go so a bit of a quick recap. What we saw in the crypto market had direct involvement with uh chinas real estate scene of evergrant, and this caused a dip in the crypto prices. And a lot of people saw this as a huge opportunity to stock up again such as the president of el salvador and with regards to sheep. We saw a lot of potential in the pipeline. We see robin hood pivoting into crypto a pretty heavy pivot into crypto. So it is, i will personally believe that is. It is just a matter of time before ship gets listed on the platform and also we see saitoshi advocating for a significant amount of burn within the sheep ecosystem as well, not to mention to top solar. We see very, very bullish signs from a big investors, big money willing to buy willing to put big money and big bets on the ship as well. Anticipating that you will grow even more thats all i have for you guys today. Let me know in the comments below, if you want me to do a quick rundown of the nft scene and how much is grown and how much ive personally made on the mfts but as always take care and catch.