Intrigued lets begin. This is the first clip i saw in the news today and it really got me going. Our banks are the safest banks in the world because we have just been told by china forever good luck, youre not coming in. So i can sit here and watch all our banks go down carl, but you know what i am going to say. This is the silver lining, the playbook silver lining. Although the eagles look terrible of what i regard as being its the other side of hey youre not allowed in, they need us so badly, but were not going to play because theres no reason to is it me or is this guy off his rocker drunk in This clip, i will admit, i wasnt too familiar with the antics of jim cramer, but a quick google search informs me worst thing to happen to the financial security of average american. Since the crumbling of the social security system and honestly, i can kind of see why these are lies heres how and why he might be making them. Firstly, his claim of safest banks in the world is a little condescending to our presumed lack of intelligence, supposedly having forgotten that the worldwide financial crisis of 2008 was caused principally by banks in the us a situation. He should be intimately familiar with considering his spectacular failings at the time. Should i be worried about bear stearns in terms of liquidity and get my money out of there? No no, no bear stearns is fine.

Do not take your money out. This is real if theres one takeaway other than plus 400 celebrate bear stearns is not in trouble. I mean, if anything, theyre more likely to be taken over dont move your money from fair thats, just being silly dont be silly. Bear stearns shares are down 90 percent. This morning and its not just bear pretty much, every single bank is plunging in early trade this morning also this claim of safest banks worldwide, isnt, empirically false, whether using industry, standard ratings or even buy total assets so where he gets. That idea from i dont know whatever that may just be his personal opinions, but his claims of lack of safety due to a lack of connectedness by being unable to enter the country, is very similar to a deceiving tactic used in the media during the last financial Crisis where we are supposed to think a contagion cannot spread due to a lack of direct connectedness, which makes sense, but actually has very little to do with how a contagion spreads and everything to do with our highly leveraged monetary system, which is at risk. But why? Why would a mass media financial advisor and ex hedge fund manager potentially lead us astray, and why does he still have a job genuinely asking? Well, maybe hes, just that entertaining i dont know, but something thats important to understand is the business model of financial institutions whose sole aim is to make the most amount of money possible.

What have i told you since the first day you stepped into my office? There are three ways to make: a living in this business be first, be smarter or cheat. While i could show you many examples of cheating, potentially the most hard hitting one for you watching will be jamie diamonds, comments, ceo of americas biggest bank in 2017. Regarding bitcoin. He said its worse than tulip bulbs. It wont end. Well, someone is going to get killed. Wow im glad i didnt die. I appreciate that he tried to save my life doubling down. He would fire anyone dumb enough to buy some and then in 2021, jimmy diamond quietly unveils access to off a dozen crypto funds, actually evil, actually sickening but thats how they fulfill their prime directive of making the most amount of money possible. Getting the masses to sell cheap and to buy high, which of course enforces indentured servitude, meaning you have to work for as long as possible, putting off retirement later and later, because thats whats better for their economy. Of course, they would disagree with me. We are selling to willing buyers at the current fair market price so that we may survive man that got really dark. I apologize jim cramer is currently telling us to sell so thats at least a positive, maybe jim, in isolation. Isnt. All that scary isnt, a paid actor, actually tries to help people but understand that strong positivity about issues in the financial media, especially from hedge fund managers, probably means they want to sell at the front of the line and get their shorts ready.

It works. Vice versa. Also, which is why im dubious about the current events, the ever ground situation and a potential recession, is all anyone is talking about this week in the financial world. Are we really meant to predict a global recession coming miles away? Thats, not how recessions have previously worked. Have they, the famous quote, is that nine of the previous five recessions have been correctly forecast because they forecast them all the time in actuality. Very very few recessions are predicted correctly more than a month or two in advance a month. So, basically, you are standing outside rain falling on you and a forecaster predicts the potential of a downpour greatness thanks, but there is the yield curve, which does accurately predict recessions. You can see that predictive power on this chart. It shows the difference between the long term. 10 year and short term three month, treasury rates, when that line goes below zero, it represents an inversion and those inversions have preceded every single u.s recession going back 50 years heres. What the curve looks like today normal, but the odd thing is the thus far practically 100 reliable indicator of recessions was incorrect when it predicted one towards the latter end of 2019.. We know why, of course, unprecedented levels of market intervention. We are being very aggressive, and i think our chairman jay powell has learned from the experience of 2008 were moving much faster than we moved in 2008 were being more aggressive and thats precisely why predictions are impossible to make right now whether the chinese president comes to The aid or not, of everground, whether the current u.

s administration or eu authorities, intervene financially, is up in the air right now. I dont care how good your fundamental analysis is. How powerful your indicators are, how much reason they deduce the warren buffett indicator being simple. Yet a sophisticated way to show the lunacy of the u.s stock market doesnt matter and you can completely forget bitcoin cycles. I swear. I hear one more prediction about what happened in the past as a solid reason for whats going to happen in the future, not accepting or coming to terms with the fact that things have changed and im going to absolutely lose it the youtube videos. The articles – i see that say this bitcoin crashes, bullish for bitcoin, its very cringe to me i mean dont. Get me wrong. I like to say that whatever happens is good for bitcoin as much as the next guy, but leaf fell in my garden autumn has come early. This year must be due to global warming. Bitcoins energy, chew graphical independency makes it ideal to spread the adoption and usage of renewables. This is good for bitcoin, see what i mean, but i do stop at claiming a crash is bullish. Even i have my limits. Realistically, the bullish or bearishness of the future depends entirely on the actions or lack thereof, of just a handful of powerful men, which we cannot see into the minds of. However, let me explain how they could decide to send crypto up like a rocket like almost nothing weve ever seen before, but how you may not want that to happen.

So i just used this clip from a representative of the federal reserve but heres what he said. After i ended the clip, is there more we can do? Yes? Is there more? We may end up doing yes, but i think were being very aggressive and i think thats the right thing and its that last part that i want to focus on by their own admission. There is more, they can do. Key to bidens administration was the record 3.5 trillion dollar stimulus bill, so we can assume the last thing he wants on his first term, as president is a recession so to understand what more they could do. What this man is hinting at as a possibility. We need to understand what they have done. Clearly, they supported the stock market, leading to a strong v shaped recovery in march of last year, which will have helped the employment market also, but this was done indirectly to achieve this. They lowered interest rates, purchased government debt and made loans available to buy risky bonds, among other things, but the key thing they did not do was purchase stocks directly, which, honestly, if they ever announced that they were going to do, would like a fire of hysterical buying. Frenzies the likes of which will eclipse anything weve seen before with indirect measures. Bitcoin went from 5 to 65 and showered alts with greenery in the process. I could only imagine what direct support would see happen. However, if the government ever chose to do this, it would come with some pretty extreme consequences.

The problem is the near limitless legal use of leverage. Everyone would be encouraged to borrow as much money as possible to buy assets practically punished if they dont, because if the market ever crashes badly, the government is going to intervene. So why not load up with a bunch of debt risky or not? Because i can never lose obviously this sounds crazy, but is pretty prudent? Why not take advantage of the situation even much worshiped michael saylor has done exactly this issuing huge amounts of debt to be able to buy more bitcoin than he could otherwise afford to, and then the next financial crisis happens this over leveraging of companies basically meaning the Slightest bit of bad wind could see them toppling over completely the solution. The fed buys more stocks, everything is saved, but what happens if most companies go down because of this, the fed, essentially needing to print trillions per day, to keep it afloat. Hyperinflation has never historically ended well, so thats why you may not want the fed to do this. Crypto goes to the moon, but then the multi million dollar crypto portfolio of yours doesnt end up buying you very much weeks or even days after you sell it, and so lastly, it would be appropriate now to share my thoughts on bitcoin emerging as the worlds best Store of value and how the economic crash, if its coming could be viewed positively as people need a safe haven asset and bitcoin, is you know its there? I like that thought.

I really do. I lie in bed dreaming of it. It makes complete sense, however, for any sort of conclusion or trust that this is gon na happen for me would require some evidence now. You can call me unreasonable if you want to, but i want to see it happening before i place any amount of confidence in this theory heres a good write up by a reddit user of. Why and how this could happen if you want to pause the video to read by all means dont. That would be very rude. I am, after all, talking here literally under this comment, literally today, stock market down 2 bitcoin down 10.. Let me put it this way. Anyone that tells you this time its different bro theyre, usually the famous last words before something terrible happens. I am, of course, a believer. It could and will likely happen one day, ive even been excited that it was potentially happening in the past, but ultimately these hopes were too early, hence my opinion being so strong that today is just not that day youre, not that guy pal trust me youre, not That guy all right thats it. I absolutely hated filming this bleak as hell video, so thank goodness, thats over wow im glad i didnt die. I tried again wow wow, okay, that he tried to save my life. A leaf fell, a leaf fell in my garden. A leaf fell in my garden, get it together.