Welcome back to another one place for all your investing needs in todays, video were going to be looking at three potential ultimates to buy on this recovery, slash dip that weve been seeing in the past 48 to 72 hours. So right now, in the past 24 hours, the market is finally turning back around. We are up about six point: zero, four percent. We see our top gainers here, uh its up about thirty point, eight, two percent. Here, in the past 24 hours, we see our highest volume, which is usually bitcoin and the volume you know its pretty decent 37 billion right here, ethereum 22.6 billion uh bitcoin is trading at around forty three thousand five hundred area up about four percent ethereum is at Around that thirty or three thousand to thirty one hundred area up about seven and a half percent. Now this is the interesting part, because yesterday bitcoin was uh either flat or down like one percent. Meanwhile, ethereum was down about four and a half percent, so it you know: uh underperformed the market, and now this time its you know over performing compared to where bitcoins at so its doing very good. On this recovery we see cardano up 10, which is a huge jump for cardano, obviously, ripples up 11 binance coins, six and a half percent solana, 14.4 percent. You know polka dot, 15 avalanche 18, tara, also known as luna, which is up about 26. And then we see all these other altcoins up.

5. 10. 15. Some even 25, so were definitely seeing a rally going on right here in the market, things are coming back up, people are buying the dip and thats. Actually, the big thing right now that weve been talking about is actually uh how this is going to work out. It seems like now, every time we see a dip, we have this mentality in 2021 that by the dip so pretty much. Every time we see a dip, it gets bought out very quickly. So i feel like its very hard now to see a flash crash type situation uh because or like a you know, more serious crash, especially in the crypto market. We might see a flash crash situation which we have, but it gets bought out very very quickly, unlike in the past, so its gon na be very hard to see a market crash. You know just in in general, even the stock market as well as soon as we see a dip. You know on a big red day. People have that mentality, saying oh, you know, buy the dip, buy the dip and they buy the dip up so thats. What i think, in my opinion, obviously thats just my opinion but thats. What im seeing lately happen in the market so guys before we get into this countdown, go ahead and smash that, like button for me lets, say for a hundred plus likes on this video. We just had 43 000 subscribers, so thank you guys so much for that subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification.

So you get notified every time i make a video video and, as always, if you want to sign up for weeble, gets two free stocks, valued up to twenty three hundred dollars. Links in the description for that and are you buying anything and what are you buying? Leave it in the comments below lets get into it. So first altcoin is gon na be cardano, also known as ada one of our favorite coins on the channel. It is up about 10, like we said in the past 24 hours from lows down here, of about two dollars and one cent two dollars and two cents, or so now were trading at 2 24 cents in the past week were down about 10 or so, but Were almost back to the area where we were before that, you know crash type situation that we saw so here in the past month we are down 17 from highs of over three dollars and 10 cents. At one point in the one year chart right here were up 2800 points or so from about eight cents. Last year, hitting highs here in may, at 2.31 cents pulled back down with the market consolidated, hit lows of about one dollar a little bit less than a dollar, and then we rock it on higher all the way to over three dollars. So 200 return was made here between july 20th and about the september first area area right there. So about a month and a half we saw a 200 return on cardano, which is a great return, so 71.

6 billion market cap right now, if we take a look here, volumes 4.6 billion uh, you know 66 typical hold time. If we take a look here, 66 days uh, you know trading activity 78 uh by 22, sell like we see here all time high was at three dollars and 10 cents. So you know it is a little bit lower than that, but it is up compared to the rest of the market. So for those of you who are not familiar, cardano is a blockchain platform built on a proof of stake. Consensus protocol that validates transactions without high energy costs now development on cardinal use the haskell programming language, which is described as enabling cardona to pursue evidence based development for unparalleled securities and stability um. You know obviously thats what they do so how it works. Obviously, cardanos goal is the you know to be the most environmentally sustainable blockchain platform. It uses a unique proof of a state consensus mechanism called auerbrose, as opposed to the energy intensive proof of work system currently used by bitcoin. Now the cardano blockchain is also divided into two separate layers: the cardano sediment layer, csl and the cardano computing layer. Ccl. Now the csl contains the ledger of accounts and balances. Uh. You know the ccl layers where all the comp computation for apps running on the blockchain are executed via the operations of smart contracts. Now keep in mind, the idea of splitting the blockchain into two layers is to help the cardano network.

You know process as many as a million transactions per second, which is a huge amount, obviously so cardano definitely one of those coins is gon na have a bright future and many more great things to come in the future and market cap is already you know up Here, at around 71.6 billion, so on, the higher side were almost at 100 billion market cap, and this coin is you know, gaining popularity is the number three coin in the market: space right behind ethereum and bitcoin. Obviously so cardano is booming and it has a great you know future ahead of it, and you know any buying. Opportunity is obviously a great deal buying opportunity in our opinion, and we were gon na. You know get those up so as soon as we saw this dip right here, good opportunity to buy the dip for any long term holders that are planning to hold for the next five 10, 15 or 20 years. So cardano number one altcoin number: two altcoin is gon na, be solana sol this one one of those green coins. Obviously, that is benefiting especially from the nft space right now, as nfts are booming. That is definitely helping out a coin like solana and thats exactly why weve had a rally from about thirty dollars all the way to highs of over two 200 at one point, so this one is trading at 147 up about 14 from lows down here of 127. In the past you know uh 48 hours or so even hit lows at 116.

At one point, which is you know, a big dip right there past week or past month were up 102 still, even though were not at those. All time highs were still making massive gains in the past year, five thousand percent over five thousand percent from two dollars and 84 cents. We saw highs here in may at 55, pulled back down to about 23 and then from 23 we rock it out on higher all the way to over 215, so about a close to about 900 gain. I believe right here from the low to the high, which is just insanity. I mean thats a huge return, especially in about a month and a half for any investors that got in you know a thousand dollar investment. You would have been up about nine thousand dollars, profit very, very quickly here between uh july and uh end of august. So you know massive gains were here to be made on solana. You dont want to miss out on games like this and thats exactly why we called this out when it was trading at 30 35 on the channel, so you always want to be. You know, stay tuned to the channel, for you know, call out like this. So 44.1 billion market cap 5 billion volume in the past 24 hours 13 day typical hold time, is the number five coin on our list. 50 75 percent by 25 sell and an all time high is at 214.

Like we said, celina is a decentralized computing platform that uses sll to pay for transactions. Solana aims to improve blockchain scalability by using a combination of proof of stake, consensus and so called proof of history. As a result, solana claims to be able to support 50 000 transactions per second without having to sacrifice decentralization so right here, keep in mind some things like ethereum solana is a computing platform that can interact with smart contracts. Smart contracts, power, a wide range of applications from nft markets and d5 to games and decentralized, lotteries and thats. Exactly why nfts are tied in with solana and the reason why, as long as nfts are good, uh solana will be as well. In my opinion – and you know, as we see those patterns happen every few months when people get in and out of different things right now, solana and nfts are booming and thats exactly you know: whats uh, you know correlating with the stock price and the crypto price And everything else thats going on so uh definitely want to be adding to your radar on the buy to dip opportunities, so solana number two and then last but not least avalanche avax. So this one definitely been booming. We talked about this one. Actually, yesterday it was trading in the 60s and now were up over 75.76 dollars up about 18.8 percent. Its booming hitting all time highs in the past week were up 31 dollars. Just you know completely destroying everything else, even though the market kind of pulled back down its up about 74 in the past month, 2 000 in the past year.

This was trading at four dollars last year, hit highs here in february at around 50 55 consolidated here, while the crypto market hit all time highs actually and then, obviously, as it pulled back down, everything else pulled back down as well hit lows of under 10 and Then we rocketed on up higher with this one again from 10 to 75, that is over a 65 gain right there, massive massive uh, you know, gains right there over a 5x more than a 5x opportunity here in about a month and a half, so a thousand Dollars would be over five thousand dollars from profit right there market cap 16.4 billion volume in the past 24 hours at 2.7 billion, which is increased compared to the past 24 hours; 77 dollar. All time high on this one, so its actually dancing up here at all time highs in the past 24 hours, which is beautiful to see you know this coin is performing very well. It is a momentum type situation. Momentum type play that we keep on talking about on the channel and its very hot right now, so you know if you would have been watching the channel at any point in the past. You know month or so you would have made gains on avalanche because its hitting all time highs every single day. So at any point, if you did research and did your own research and you know – took the high risk high reward type situation and understood what you were doing, you would have made some profits.

So avalanche is definitely an interesting coin. Right now to see what everything you know, how everything is going to be performing, so what were going to do now, obviously, is take a look really quick at the rest of the market, see how everything is performing. Doge is up about almost 9 here, 8.8 or so trading at 22 cents. Finally, making a little bit of a recovery weve been seeing this one, you know, get pounded on the way down very hard, its uh down nine percent the past week 28 in the past month and then up over 8 600 in the past year. But as we can see here, it went from 16 cents to a high of 34 cents and then we kind of just saw it taper off and go lower and lower market cap at 29.5 billion um. You know, 71 buy 29 sell doge uh. It was a meme guys, its still a meme, and i dont think that anythings going to come out of it in the future, but still were going to cover it, because a lot of you guys are interested in it. Bitcoin trading at 43 668. its been dancing around this area, pretty much throughout the rest of uh. You know wednesday here going to thursday up about four percent in the past week or down about nine percent past month down 11 and then on the one year chart were up 328, so it is nice to see this one bounce off that 40 000 area.

Just like we saw with the crypto flash crash a few weeks ago, it bounced off of this exact area and came back up, so were looking for this one to recover a little bit market cap at 819.3 billion. It is 33 of the crypto market in total. So its you know um, i guess you could say its worth about one third of the market in general, so 73 by 27 sell and 85 typical day hold time so bitcoin performing okay. Now, with this recovery hopefully well see it, you know, go greener and greener same situation with ethereum doing very well trading around this 3100 area. It was at lows of 2 800 at one point up about seven and a half percent on the past 24 hours down 15 percent on a one week chart down five percent in the past month and then up over 871 percent on the one year chart. All the way from lows of 316 hit highs of 4 400, pull back down to 1700 and then hit highs again at 4 000, with the full back and now were hoping to consolidate and come back up 359.6 billion market cap. That is about 15 of the crypto market. Uh 82 typical hold time days right there, volume 22.7 billion. It is lower volume, but it is on the green side, so thats, a positive 75 percent by 25 sell activity right now and things are performing well. So the market is doing very well and were looking for this uh.

You know by the dip type situation so guys, like i said it seems like theres a by the situation right now, all the time as soon as we see red people are buying it up, which is causing the markets to come back up and its gon na Be a lot harder for us to see a crash unless some crazy news happened where it actually affected crypto in a major way, then obviously we would see a broader sell off in the crypto space and you know for everything else. So what do you guys think is going to happen in the crypto space leave? A comment below letting me know smash that, like button for me guys lets say for a hundred plus likes on this video subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification. So you get notified every time i make a new video and as always guys, if you want to sign up, for, we will get two free stocks valued up to twenty three hundred dollars. Links come in the description, as always im, not a financial advisor. So this is not financial advice. This is all for entertainment purposes. Only speak to your financial advisor. Do your own do dojo before investing in the crypto space and understand the high risk high reward type situation that youre getting into.