I think that september has historically been that bad month, where everyones thinking right, um definitely time to sell but definitely time to buy. Now, in my opinion, i always think that september. Whenever you see the price dropping its a great time to buy you get those cheap orders filled fairly easy, so lets say: well look at three projects which i believe at great levels now, and i think that going over the course of the next quarter, im really Going to provide some some huge gains if youre new to this channel, please make sure that you are subscribed, hit that like button and lets crack on Music, so starting off im going to start off one of the biggest caps around, and i think this one is Going to perform extremely well over the course of the next three months and beyond that i think like now. We are some 50 dollars still, and i think this is an absolute epic project, so this is polka dot. This is well just drop to a daily time frame, polka dot, a daily time frame, uh im using the buy nun chart here previously we have been up to 49.89. If you ever watch my channel, i always say, do not sell on a route number. I presume a lot of people would have been looking for sales at 50 bucks there didnt quite make it did we so just a top tip there never sell on a round number um, always look to just drop it a little bit below.

Otherwise, you will get front run so poke it up. For me, i think this is still early. Weve got lots of things to come. The blockchain itself is working an absolute dream. You never get any issues fired out, theres a lot getting built on it now. Weve got power chain auctions coming up theres a lot of products which im very interested in theres theres to nowhere, theres, a carla theres, so many good things that are coming from from polkadot over the course of the next three months. Ultimately, this will boost the ecosystem and that will be a driving factor in a price rising um over the course of the next quarter, and i say going into a future. But what were going to do is just have a look at a few key buy zones where we could look at buying now and before this major pump just start looking and then well have a look at a few price predictions. So, looking at this region here, this green band 26 has been a key area for um for polka dot. If youre looking at past and weve got to support here, support here and lets mark him up so hes support level support level support again. Memory ejection twice use its support here and then you just support again three or four times so for me, its a key area and weve bounced off that so far nicely and if you just have a bit of a zoom in um in terms of looking out For a daily candle yesterday, that was an absolute monster in terms of a rise from a bottleneck to a top.

So far from that dont we made a 28 recovery which is great to see, but we just need to have a look for some buy zones, and i mean these candles could be short lived. So we just need to be aware that we could get sold into and for that well just have a look at this latest region here. What i would do, i would have a couple of cheeky: buy zones still down towards this 26 region. Just in case it did drop, but for me i think this is the start of the next move. So lets just have a look: what what could potentially going over the next few months, but in terms of buy zones. I would look at target in here. 29. Even 30 dollars, i think 30 dollars could be a nice area of support. As you can see, we rejected off a few times there, and i think that was a good chance, for you. Come down pick up some orders here around 30 dollars and then start to break up, but remember um. If bitcoin does start to have another wobble cost, i mean currently its doing well its up at 44k theres, always that possibility that it does drop and if it did then theres always a possibility. We could come down and test discuss tonight at 28 and then weve got this entire green band here around 25 26. So if youre looking for some orders, um and youre willing to be a little bit patient place some here and it could be a nice airforce.

Potentially pick up some um some dots, but if youre just thinking right, andy um, im bullish on this asset too, just by around here around 29 um. But for me, like i say anything under 30 dollars, is an absolute steal were currently at 31 and theres. A good chance we may come back down at tap 30, like weve done here. Weve already done it once. Actually, if you look at this wick here, we pushed you upside, come back down, retested 30 dollars and then broke up again on the lower time frame, so that, for me, um still looks good. Looking at a couple of things, though, if we just have a look down here, our site is still around mid ground, so its 55. So it just sure weve got a lot of room to grow above it and so theres no sign of a cell there. But looking at a money flow indicator, its actually been in the red for a while um lets. Look at the deal actually yeah in green, positive tertiary, so thats. What im looking for. We have been trading uh in positive territory for a while now, so things are looking good on the lower timeframes. It was looking a little bit nasty, but for me, money flow is in the green. That means theres more buyers coming in and sells, and that is positive for price action, so that is your buy zones there, which ive identified with all these lines everywhere, but 30, i think, is a support um if the price did drop, um and then theres theres, Always that possibility right, he could come back down to his heavy support down here.

But what i want to do is just fire a couple of um a couple: a little price prediction in here, um and well in terms of fibonacci holes im a massive fan of afib. If you look at its entire move from real time highs there to this low rate, weve got down here. Weve had a nice bound so far, but we kind of look at some extensions. Above usually, a great area to aim for is just 2.272 region. Theres massive confluence of price predictions on that now thats at 100. But for me i honestly think that this is going to go way above and im looking up at these levels anywhere between 193 to 273 and thats. On this cycle i mean, you might think andy not a chance thats going to happen, but for me i think its definitely a good possibility, thats 700 up to there and then weve got a further 500 up to 4.618 at 193. So, for me, that is my price predictions for the cycle between 193 and 273 anywhere in between there, and i will be happy and in the future. I honestly think it can outperform that as well. This is a a multi billion, if not a trillion dollar company. At some stage – and we are still in the early days of this – like i say once all them projects start getting into ecosystem its going to look great, so thats, the first project and the highest cap.

I will be covering on this video. The next project, which i do believe, is now a great value for money, which has is very new and its got a lot coming up is meta. Hero which is ticker. Hero weve had a bit of a sell off recently, but nothing to about the entire market has done that im on decks tools here its not actually on any major exchange, yet, which is, is also a good sign as well, because not many people know about it. I mean we have seen some obviously significant price action, but its brand new. I mean we got released on the 6th of july and were still in september, so it is brand new, a lot of things coming up for me, so they um. What they have is a physical scanner, its a 3d scanner which um it does. It scans images people and if you want you, put into a scanner and it can turn it into a 3d real life nft that can be used by anybody. The company theyre working with, which is wolf digital world. They have now signed a massive partnership with sony, so this is sonys first step into a crypto sphere, and i think this is going to be absolutely monumental again. I cant not use that word enough time. So well have a look at some price analysis here, um, but lets say if youre wanting to buy pancake swap it is also on gate.

io its not a bad exchange used to be honest, so go ahead and check it out and theres a few other exchanges which Have been listed um without teams authority, but thats, nothing to worry about here. So if we just have a dive straight into the chat, so that makes it a little bit bigger and weve had a great rise. I mean from the um the 30th or august bang straight up septembers supposed to be the month for the bears, but this um i mean it only had a little pullback at some stage. If you look at a price change from the top there werent up to 13.6 all the way down to seven point: nine cent, eight cents there, so we dropped 42. But nothing to worry about things are starting to look good lets say they will be unveiling their new v3 meta scanner at the dubai blockchain conference and for me i think its going to be massive. I think this thing has around uh 500 cameras, or something like that. I mean it just takes images of pictures instantly, wheres it for nowadays, if youre looking secure 3d image. It takes a long time this machine and this software that built takes a picture within between 1 and 120 seconds, uploads it online. And then you have a 3d nft gaming companies are looking for this. For example, fifa. When a player is designed on fifa, it takes uh the gaming company ea sports around 600 hours to build one person, one picture for that game.

Meta hero can do right in 120 seconds, so this for me, could be a game changer and its going to be absolutely massive and we are still early its 10 cent. It is so low valued. It is crazy if youre looking for some buys, i mean personally, i will be buying anything at 10, but if you want to um, just have a look at a few kios where you could potentially buy and have a look at this latest move. Um youll have to forgive this fibonacci its going to come on because ive not used it before and its going to look like a rainbow. But if you look at this region here, you cant see it. Can you double click that lets change it to um change? It to white there we go so looking at all these levels. Here i mean if youre looking for some buys um. I wouldnt go too much in depth of this, but you cant look at targeting a few key levels. So what ive got wheres my box this region here around 9.5 cent could be a decent area and i like to say i would always look at target about 618 level down 8.9. So if youre looking for some buys and youre willing to wait a little bit see what the market does see, if you can get that rejection down to these levels pick some up and then push on. But for me, like i say anything around, that 10 cent region is a solid, buy, considering the amount of um news thats coming up this project also theyre getting listed on congo exchange, which is a brand new exchange on the tennessee gems platform, also a tier one Exchange is up and coming theres its been uh rob greens been mentioning finance a bit, but i think its still too early for that um and i i i think it could be cue coins you bunny, so, whichever table in exchange, it is its going to be Great for a project, currently, the metoconomics has a burn rate in place where, whenever you buy and sell there was a five percent tax on each side, but that is now getting wiped off and theyre doing.

A 10 million dollar airdrop and thats happening on the first of this month. So if you manage to get some hero, you need 5 000 hero hold them in a private wallet, not on the exchange towards the end of this month. There will be a massive 10 million dollar air drop, so i think its definitely worth being in it for that um im not going to look too far into price analysis or price predictions for this, because i think this honestly, i think its one dollar plus at Some stage its 10 cent, now its only a 10x on there, so um im holding on tight and im definitely looking forward to the future of it. So this is a project number two which i think has got some great um great news coming up tied up with fundamentals, im a low price. Now i think this is going to be a great project over the course of october and the rest of 2021 going ahead into the future and, last but not least, is multiback, which is ticket mtv. This is the daily time frame. It is on cue coin, so its very easily accessible and, as you can see, ive got fibonacci from one of the previous videos. They did. We obviously had that impulse move wave up from here all the way up to that all time high over 2.5. I believe you have 2.57 was all time high and then we got rejection.

I was looking for buys around 1.4, which youve pretty much double tapped on the 618 im not pushed a bit upside. For me, this is a great project, which is i mean it solves. A lot of the scalability issues across a crypto space i mean so many blockchains of congestion. Now with low tps. This tps is outstanding, its a sharding blockchain. It is a multi chain, so theres a lot going on theres a lot to get you your head around. So i do suggest if you want to look at a project which i think is massively unevalued. Take a look at this one. Have a look at some um, some projects, reviews theres, one of my webs on my youtube, i believe so um. If not, i will go ahead and do one for you guys if you, if you want that drop it in the comments um. But for me i think its massively massively undervalued. It is a staking coin as well, so you can earn a passive income from it and lets say we only valued it two cent. Currently i put a tweet out earlier on saying anything under um. Two cent or two cent below is a solid investment, but lets just have a look at this entire move here. What did we hit in terms of fibs from that bottom to the top? We lost that six minute of them pushed up and we currently set them at 382 level.

But for me im looking at buy zones here and i mean you can go – i mean how low do you go? I could go right down to the hourly timeframe and have a look at some regions from here, but for me we are set on 2.2 cent here and for me that is the area where i will be buying as much as i can. I think its going to flip to support here, to be honest, i think, were going to push to the upside very soon the markets looking very well a couple of things just to monitor if we go back to the daily time frame. Money flow is in positive territory, the other side. There was oversold, as you can see here, um shove it overbought and we did drop to his downside. We come up here. Uh top was slightly oversold up around 69 70 and then dropped were around mid ground. Now. 54, so in terms of rsi ive got a lot of room to grow. So for me, if youre looking for buys or placement two cent – and this fundamentally is a strong asset which i think can can beat a lot of other chains in terms of speed and scalability. The networks across crypto are congested and this massively sorts it out and ive been looking at this for a while steve and my telegram groupers and my admins mentioned it to me a few months back. I bought some and i think, were already up about 100 and and ive been dta into this.

Every time ive got a bit of spare funds, ive been dropping them in and anything under two cent. Um is a great level. You might think all right well its its come from nowhere, its already been down at 0.003. This is starting to get noticed now and in my opinion, it is such a solid asset and it and going in towards this this quarter. I think it will be great in terms of price prediction short term. I mean. Where do we go? I mean if you look at the entire move from this top here and lets see if weve hit any of those levels so far so thats, the top thats. The bottom weve obviously done that retracement if youre looking for a few key levels to to look at targeting over this next term. These next three months, we have look at this 3.99, 4.5, 5.9 and thats 7.9 cent and weve got one at 11 cent. In my opinion, i think we will at least hit 11 cent. I think theres a lot of growth for this project coming close to three billion of them. The tokens are locked into staking as well so thats a bullish factor, uh thats, 449 well, 450. Up to 11 – and i think that is just for starters – i think well be looking back at some point um towards the beginning of next year. Thinking damn why didnt i manage to get some of this at two cent.

Like andy said, 11 cent could be that area where people thinking right. I wish i bought at 11 at some stage, and i think this lets say is a great asset to buy so thats free assets, which i believe will perform well over the course of the next few months. Given the facts of fundamentals and the overall market cycle, which i believe is still bullish and will pick up towards the start of october, going in towards the end of this quarter, thats going to do it.