These are three and probably end up giving you more because i want to over deliver in the content that i give you guys and just want to uh. Make sure that you know what i think is going on and over all the opportunities that im seeing so uh were going to get into those in a minute um videos for entertainment purposes only and real quickly. I want to kind of give you a state of the union on the overall crypto market we kind of had a day today. I was watching it all day. The day today was a was a little bit. Uh quiet is for lack of a better way to kind of thats kind of how it felt you know we had a nice run up yesterday, um a very nice bounce back from you know the red that we had the previous uh couple of sessions and things Like that, so it was nice to see that – and you know like if you look at cardano, for example, just kind of using it as a bromer, not one of the three. By the way i love cardano, just not in this particular video. Its definitely one of my top ones that im a huge fan of um this one uh cardano, ran really hard yesterday and then kind of been watching it all day. It was just kind of you know, lingering between say one and a half three percent kind of just didnt really do much kind of you can see the similar action in bitcoin and ethereum.

So i think fundamentally, overall, it was kind of a day of rest for like a better way to say its kind of my term for it uh and just kind of felt like that all day, so it could be kind of again the calm before the storm. We did cross back over the 2 trillion mark for the global crypto market cap, which was good to see okay. So with that lets get into the three particular cryptos that are really liking that im going to highlight in this video. They are all three that i um, i own all three of these and im extremely bullish on them for almost all the exact same reason: okay um. If youve watched any of my videos recently youve seen probably a theme when im talking about ethereum, cardano solana, things like that theres, absolutely a a i wouldnt call it a revolution, but theres there is a movement happening and that movement is is centered around. What is going on with ethereum, and i want to say up front – i am a fan of ethereum. I own. A bunch of ethereum ethereum is one of my largest holdings. Um ethereum, i still fundamentally believe, is going to continue to go up. Probably five. Six thousand, plus by the end of the year, uh 2023, 30 000, is not out of the question for ethereum. With that said, um. The delay of ethereum 2.0 to basically, which is the moving from proof of work to proof of stake, has delayed that uh kind of it its it.

The delay right, the proof, worked proof of stake, theres various reasons for that and thats, not the point of the video um, its created a tremendous amount of opportunity for other companies like cardano, again, not one of the three okay uh. It is but its not one of three im highlighting this video im. You guys have seen my cardone days. I love cardano, im extremely bullish on cardano, but cardanos, benefiting from everything im talking about as well, and so with the delay of ethereum 2.0. You have a lot of these other blockchain, slash d5 nft, smart chain players, stepping up and kind of filling that void, because if you understand the kind of the lay of the land is that you, if you look at kind of the overall crypto market and all Of the projects that are being developed and need to be deployed um in the crypto space, they have to basically decide what blockchain they build and deploy on if its on cardano, if its on, if its on ethereum, if its on solana, if its on polka dot, Whatever it may be right – and so therein lies the the the interesting part about this, and so the three im going to talk about real quickly are benefiting from the delay that is going on with ethereum 2.0, so thats, why these are the three coins at 11. Theres, more than three ill mention the other ones as well, so real quickly theyre as follows.

Its phantom phantom is one that i am a huge huge fan of, and at this price point it is um a very, very attractive buy. At this price point i bought in when it was around 90 cents, i have have wrote it all. The way up to about a one month will be ive wrote it all. The way up to 1.93 did not sell, wrote it back down and um again its gon na its gon na go back up right. I mean its just going to benefit, continue to benefit, and i love the things that phantom is doing. Um to incentivize and and and and bring more development on to their their network, so fandom is number one. Okay. Before i get to number two you make you wear. I have my patreon group links in the description below. If you want help with your portfolio, if you want help from me, you want more austin in your life uh. If you want to be part of my inner circle portfolio and see everything im buying and selling. If you want part of my be part of my discord, be part of my community, i would love to have you um if you feel like youre kind of tired of being alone in this journey, then id love to have you links in the description below by The way i did add this uh and you can pay annually and get and save some money. So if thats something you might be interested in that okay, so links are in the description below second one is cosmos.

Cosmos has has definitely uh been moving up. Very very nicely, and if you look at kind of the last month, its one month action, you can see that its actually trading, pretty high comparative to its its its overall high. But all the indicators are is that is that, when the overall market just continues to turn bull bullish, you know when bitcoin and ethereum go bold, that this one is going to run. It is absolutely going to run and going to run hard um. So its definitely again one of the one of the benefactors of whats going on in the overall kind of blockchain um uh scenario that we just talked about and last but not least, is algorand. Algo is definitely one that i like again for the price point um. You can buy in for the price and its definitely uh one thats very interesting. Its a good play, others that are not mentioned here – that im, also extremely bullish that are associated or kind of similar, are obviously solana right. So if you look at solana whats going on with them, i havent looked at them today. You know theyre really kind of flat today, but you know like well. They went up to 152 but theyre like in the last month. You know theyve been as high as you know: 2 14., okay, um. I do own solana and im happy to be in and um have rode it from the highs and lows, and the oscillation thats happened and its been kind of a crazy ride.

Uh another one that im really fan um very bullish on is is avalanche. Avalanche has been uh doing nicely as well, its currently trading at 77., again all associated kind of all in the similar space right. And so, if you kind of look at a one month, chart there uh its trading a little bit high on the high end relative to its one, its its uh its one month, high its one year high again its the same right. So its pretty close to its high. So if youre kind of looking for entry points you might wait to see on avalanche, maybe well get a pullback and you can find a lower entry point on this one. Okay, so thats my list um and the reasons for my list, so hopefully you enjoyed it as always.