So while we move down here so were not in your face doing it its all right, uh bay ridge were at lombardos um, and we got sidetracked were still in. Brooklyn were a little bit late getting here because were out in um park. Slope here were at the corner of 7th and third third, thank you uh, and this pizza looks great. Now we were late getting here, so we put in a second pie. They recooked it. The waitress brought this out. She did not close the box veteran sly savvy move, because when you close the box, the pizza loses a little, so this box really has been closed and if youre, just looking at this thing from the outside looking is beautiful. Like thats. A beautiful looking pizza so weve had an unbelievable run on this trip in brooklyn. What have we done today? We did uh baby lukes, great lucauli luigis, which blew my mind. Uh gia just penies had a little luke holly to a little tang and then um bay ridge, no grand battle station which wasnt, but this i mean this looks great, so one bite. Everyone knows the rules, see what and also the guy making the pizza knew. Who i was so i know he was like putting every inch of effort into this, but it looks it looks spectacular for being honest, its very firm, good, undercarriage right up my alley. I dont want to burn my face off, see what we got.

Im gon na burn my face off im already playing with an injured mouth because i heard it at luigis. I believe one bite. Everyone knows the rules. Um have, i even said where we are lombardos lombardos of bay ridge got your football pizza all right. So all right would you all right now see now get which one which ones your go to try the margarita. This is what you want to be scored on. I guess so yeah all right, but you can have that in your picture with me. Well, do the picture: did you tell your waitress not to close the box? How do you know that? Well, its just a veteran move, it was a little sly move yeah im watching you yeah. I know little insider trading right there dont close the box man. Oh man, its really really good. This may be the most im, not gon na give it away. No, no, no, no, no im gon na say the most consecutive eight pluses we have ever had. I just gave it away. I just killed the suspense of this whole thing, but that one, the battle hill was not an eight. I just ruined the whole thing. As a veteran i just gave away the whole thing: people it startled clear your mind like um. What is the men in black? The alien men in black, the alien movie, when will smith clear your mind, uh, ladies and gentlemen, if you will look right here, hmm great pizza, this great pizza, eight two – maybe it could have been eight three im getting confused ive had so many great pizzas.

Today. I dont even know where to go. This is excellent, so luigis lombardos bay bridge it do its great and by the way i dont know whats going on because its not overly busy like this pizza place. If this is downtown manhattan, you wont be able to get in right now. Eight two great pizza, highly recommend, lombardos of bay ridge and theres, a lot of lombardos floating around. I dont know if theyre all related or whatever, but this ones fire. This is the best lombardos ive ever had lumbar was a bay ridge, eight two and if anything i was hard on it ill give this one a try to the traditional margarita. I assume he thinks this ones better because he led with it its crazy. What a difference closing the box makes its very hot ill, let cool for one. Second, one slice ive never heard it called that one bite. Everybody knows the rules, both really good, both very too theyre, both very good excellent people ate two. I did my job its a great pizza, my man, and how long youve been here. For now. These are like. Yes, oh lombardos, really theres a million limbaughs is the only one. Where were you before this? I had placed at kenosha williamsburg, but this is the very, very, very good, and i thank you for what you did. The whole thing, oh, that this is this is this – is really tough, its a tough time for everybody, but this will help.

I mean thats spectacular. Thank you. Can i get yeah? I did everything myself beautiful spot here, get all the we get, some people that come in and weve been busy, but coleman killed us. Oh, i dont want to. Oh, i dont know these crypto ghouls. What are you going to tell me about crypto im going to believe in a crypto right, so i got a crypto man, you could you can stake theres, guys that are staking it right? They lock it up for 30 days and theyre getting paid interest on top of that, and that interest is like i mean you made ten thousand dollars. Despite you, crypto guys all have a story. You cant tell one crypto the next crypto guys gon na be like. If you take this and you hold it for 10 minutes, its gon na be worth 10 million dollars in five seconds. Well, can i show you what i made in, i believe what they will say. So i remember november of 2019 whats up whats up man so november of 2019. I got in i paid maybe 1500 to get into this yeah its called hex, its the its the top three crypto. Now why someone just tweeted at me yeah, you were coming so they did yeah. So that was me. That was me. I was trying to tell everybody. I wanted to tell you about it. So youre, saying 15 grand went to 2 million. Is that what youre telling me? Yes, you know, you know what thats cryptocurrency, if its too good to be true top three cryptocurrency.

When did you get in, i got it in 2019. In november yeah you got an early thats great, no, but its still going up. I mean this thing: if you want to look at you, are you a chart? Guy, no youre, not a truck guy. Neither am i, but if you just hold on to it, it just goes up and then youre just going to make. You can make tons of money. You aint got to worry about looking at it every day, guys theyre all its okay. I missed the boat. I just put the wave on it. Its all right, i mean 2 million – is youve done great 2 million, but thats 2019.. What would hurt you if you just bought a little bit if i bought every bitcoin, that someone told me to buy id, be sleeping on a garbage bag of useless bitcoins everybody everywhere? I go its this book. Doing that bitcoin this bitcoin, you go, take a stand somewhere. You cant have all the bitcoin all right. Well, i mean im good for you. You killed it, you nailed it. I just i just wanted to give my pitch so yeah yeah man. Good luck to you! Thank you and you met you congrats i mean you were early. You were smarter than me im late, i missed bitcoin. This is this is a better bitcoin this this bitcoin. I know i know i know i know trust me. Do you know how much this big point is that, though this bitcoin is not proof of work, this bitcoin is proof of stake, so its a its just a whole bunch of people coming together, you could be right.

The problem is, ive, got the same pitch from a thousand people and why their bitcoin is better than bitcoin nick everybody goes, someones got a bitcoin yeah, but this one this one well, i know, but how do i know i know, but everyone says that bitcoin, no Everyone does that because they want me to talk about it. No, i dont want you to talk about. I didnt im, not shilling it to so that you can go and talk about it. Im, just hey man. I want to send you some and if you hold it, i dont even know how to accept it. How does it help you it? Well, it look so its just like any anything else. Right, youre, looking for the next person to come in and buy over the top right, its even with apple, share anything because thats how you make money you! You want the next person to come and buy the next price that that is kind of like a pyramid. Yeah thats pyramiding pretty much a definition of pyramid but isnt that with everything, though no lets say you buy coca cola, yup. Okay, what are you buying coca cola shares for well theoretical performance of the company, so the performance of the company wait. So you, you appreciate sugary drinks and you want them to succeed and make you more money. Well, you want yeah, you want to be profitable right, so so yeah.