After correcting 40, the chart looks bullish exactly like we said yesterday, the reversal versus bitcoin, the ethereum is continuing. It looks like the fomo is incoming. So what is up welcome to the crypto funnel, where i cover the hottest news in crypto so includes cardano analysis, ethereum bitcoin chain, like one feature, polka dot and everything that you need to fomo into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the like subscribe and tell bonification, so you get the hottest news of crypto before everyone else now, on the day we got a beautiful sea of green cordon is up. Eight percent ethereum up seven percent, so line is up. Thirteen percent polka dot up fourteen percent and nice pumps from across the market looks like free magic. Internet money mode is back now. Cardano looks like it bottomed in after having a 40 correction, which kind of makes sense to me, because we already had the 60 correction over here. So just a couple of months back right its going to zero right. We always see that and then afterwards we rallied and then we corrected 40 right. So it makes sense because we already had the big washout for cardano here we already had a lot of people that were over leveraged, they got wrecked and all that. So it would make sense to me that we now were going to see like a lighter drop right because we are in the bull market. So i wouldnt expect cardinal to continue having a lot of those dips because dips overall gon na get bought in the bull market, and we had a nice double bottom over here.

We actually wicked the liquidity, just like we said in this video. We actually went below the lows and then we pumped right up and this strong rejection, and this strong reaction from the lows here is very, very bullish, confirming that this was probably a bottom. If not, it was at least a local bottom, but i think it was the absolute bottom is now cardano is ready to continue higher. So in yesterdays video we were talking about how, when we, i think it was when staking went, live we saw like a 56 drop happening for cardano and all that and notice that this was, after already, like a really big rally right. So here we had a big dump recently so thats why i wouldnt expect such a big dump, because you know we already went low recently, so we already washed out a lot of the weak hands and now were ready to continue higher right. So the way the markets work is, you would uh if youre in an uptrend, you would keep going up. You would occasionally have a big drop, but youre not going to have like two big drugs drops in a row. You know what i mean youre likely going to see. One big drop then continues, go higher and then youll see like a smaller drop, just like we saw here before it continues higher right so um. This is kind of aligning with what i was expecting for it and overall looking bullish, and i think cardinal is going to go to 5 10 this year in the coming months, the structure looks very nice man, i mean versus bitcoin.

We had the double bottom. We went back above 5000 satoshis, we pretty much had the fake out below that range and we saw accumulation and those levels happening every time it looks like were just continuing to reverse higher from here. Just after this massive multi year, accumulation range and cardano is ready to go on to bigger and better things, so im targeting uh a new all time high. So this is pretty much a 2x versus bitcoin here, which is big money. Big money, not gon na lie. So this is looking bullish and then cardinal versus ethereum same thing. It looks like the bottom is in just like. We called on this channel pretty much flip. The previous level over here of resistance is now acting as support. This is bullish. This is definitely bullish. I mean such a clean support. Resistance flip over here is definitely something worth noting, and i think its a sign for me that cardano is going to go pretty much the new highs versus ethereum. We could go over here. It looks pretty bullish, so uh fomo incoming for cardano, and it kind of makes sense. I mean pretty much in this multi year accumulation over here and then afterwards we start going higher and higher and notice by the way how before we didnt, actually spend that much time in the upper half of this channel. Here we actually spent most of the time in the bottom half as we had this accumulation, and it was only recently that cardano pretty much broke out from that.

So pretty interesting. Now, when you look at bitcoin on the day, it is looking good as well with some pretty nice reversal patterns too. Um looks like the bottom is in two man i dont know. A lot of people are where some people are calling for 38k, not a lot, but some people and we had to drop ‘ 50 500. So it kind of makes sense that you got the front run before continuing higher and i think, like we said in the previous video, it looks like the market over corrected to me and were going to have a pretty nice balances in the coming weeks. Cardano on the daily is actually looking good. You can see. We got a reversal sign forming on the daily the 12 hours. We got the confirmed sign on the four hour. We also have a bullish divergence. So, overall the structure is looking pretty bullish. Cardinal versus bitcoin is actually looking very bullish. We got the yellow reversal candle here on the 12 hour which, as i said, is a very very bullish sign and we got a blue candle on the daily and we got the yellow roster candle on the four hours. So cardano versus bitcoin bottom, looking like its already in this, is a bullish structure. I think we also had one for if versus bitcoin. Let me take a look if this is also for, if btc, this is just going to be a stronger trend for altcoins yeah.

So if ptc, we actually had the yellow candle a while back like um, i think, a week ago, or so so yeah. This is looking bullish too wouldnt be surprised if were going to see. Altcoins continue to rally soon and then also bitcoin on the lower time frames. Looking good, we got uh reversal signs forming on the daily and the 12 hours. Looking pretty nice, the four hours looking very strong over here with the multiple reversals flipping into green, looks like were pumping and then next up. We got a very exciting project called planet, sandbox metaverse, which is a very established project with really strong backers, and they are the ultimate battleverse, choose your nft gear and jump into the crypto powered real time shooter, unlike any other, so its the busy biggest physics sandbox Game that allows players to build and custom create a sandbox world with the limitless build in item its also a multiplayer tps nft game that lets users engage in the combat arena and profit from battles so um. This is really cool. You could actually check out their trailer im going to link to it below this video. You can see here. You can explore the planet. You got all sorts of nfts its also a first person shooter game, so you can actually were going to go right now into one of those areas into this land. You could get your own land, which is probably going to be an nft and right now were actually being dropped into the game.

So this is the piece of land that youre going to own and you can do all sorts of things. You could drive cars in it, you can play shooter games, you get a kill, you know play with versus other people, you can play against the computer and this actually looks really really dope. So they have a lot of cool features. Coming up and again, im going to link to them below so just make sure to check it out if youre more interested their ideo is coming up soon, so make sure to follow them on social media for more information, and you can see you got building mode In the gameplay you also got multiplayer mode, and you also got a mode where you uh play versus the computer as well so excited about this. You got different nft items inside the game. Uh we got the evil machine gun, looking pretty dope and some cool things and the team have a lot of experience in crypto and gaming development and we got some really strong supporters. We got red kite, we got the throng iced tea labs backing them. We got game five ngc ventures, elluvium, which have a market cap of six billion dollars backing them. So this is very big. We got excellent work, capital, m6, basics, capital and, more so very excited about this project, make sure to check them out and uh yeah. I cant wait to play the game when it comes out.

Look fun, look fun. I love those 3d uh free world explorer kind of games and then right now, liquidity is sitting above for both bitcoin and cardano, which is bullish. Just like we said in yesterdays video. When you just look at the liquidity map, it is very, very bullish. It means were probably going to continue higher. I mean we have a lot of liquidity sitting around 47 000 bitcoin, probably gon na tap – that sooner rather than later. Also right now the market is fearful, which is a good opportunity to buy the dip historically by when people are fearful and yesterday were actually extremely fearful, which i was kind of making fun of, because im like. Why are people fearful the fundamentals? Look so good to me now. Also, funding rates across the board are negative, which is bullish. So again, a lot of people are short. A lot of leverage longs got liquidated so right now, uh. Definitely the contrarian trade right now inside crypto is to go along when you just look at the leverage and then the funding rates across the board and then congratulations to kawaii island for having their pre sale. The second pre sale sold out. Thank you for everyone for joining them. All packs were sold out, so congratulations for them and they also have seeing massive fomo as well easily doing those nft sales and for good reason. This is a very, very established game, coming with very strong backers right, so its a collaboration between imba game studios, a leading game development studio with over 14 million customers for more than six years of game development experience and a new strategic partner of riot chain.

The worlds first, ai power data, oracle ecosystem for blockchains right, so its a play to earn nft game, creating a fantasy universe, and you can actually check it out over here. We also have some awesome backers for it and yeah coming from an established studio. You can see their existing kawaii franchise theyre all their games, uh. You should make sure to check them out. I thought this was actually really dope and now theyre integrating crypto into it, and i mean they have like millions of users. I mean imagine if theyre gon na have a game with millions of users that uses crypto. I mean the potential is just very, very big, so im very excited on this and weve got pentoshi saying that hes excited about the misigo. He says that he saw it. Moon the other day and were seeing a bottom pattern right now forming as we have a bullish support resistance flip over here with the double bottom pattern versus bitcoin. So this is looking bullish for a swing trade. I thought you guys might be interested in that and just to learn some technical uh analysis, a little bit of fundamentals. You can see here we had the crash and then we had the previous all time. Local high. At least it looks like from here versus bitcoin, and then we had kind of like a double bottom forming from it and were seeing kind of like this breakout right. So pretty bullish, and also we got lark davis, sharing an awesome, update and a reminder on the markets for us saying that this is the top 20 crypto coins chart four years ago today on coin market cap gives you some pretty solid perspective.

If you dont think your coin will be here, at least in the top 100 four years from there from today, you better have an exit plan, and i agree if you look at a lot of those coins, if youve been here uh, if you joined pretty much In the last year, youre not going to recognize a lot of those coins. Like um, i mean dash nem iota monero ethereum, classic rydomisigo neo bitconnect. All of these coins youre, probably not going to recognize them and just realize that those were the top coins of coin market cap back in the day. So just be aware that the space is risky and a lot of things change over time so day by day. It might look like things are not changing when you look at it year by year or cycle by cycle. Things actually change a lot, and this is why you really want to be careful and when you invest in stuff and just understand that it might fail right, because pretty much all these projects, that you cannot you dont know right now they pretty much all failed. The different degrees right degrees right and we just saw bitcoin ethereum – do well um cardinal came late 2017 to the party, so just be careful, make sure your phone went to crypto the right way right and then also we got will saying that the capacity of the Lightning network for bitcoin is increasing quickly and thinking that this is crucial for bitcoin to make the transition to a medium of exchange.

I dont think its going to happen with the lightning network. It looks like people arent, really adopting the lightning network fast enough. I think were seeing adoption on cardano solana, ethereum layer, 2 scaling solutions, but bitcoin is really moving too slow and i think its just going to be a store of value but a big use case over there. But i think the lightning network has kind of mostly failed, mostly failed. I would have expected to see it do better. By now and weve got tetra note, saying the same story different floor sharing a bullish fractal for ethereum. I pretty much had the double bottom over here. We had kind of like the similar price action as were seeing over here, and then we had kind of like this lower high this higher low afterwards and were seeing the same thing in here. So he is bullish about us continuing higher for ethereum and i agree it looks pretty bullish and then also we got pentoshi saying that you cannot have peaks without valleys. In 2017, there were five different corrections lasting between 13 to 34 days greater than 20 this year. Weve had five corrections of greater than twenty percent and bitcoin is still currently forty. Two thousand four five hundred dollars still not going to zero, not today, not tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next week. The volatility is all opportunity at the end of the day, and i agree and speaking about opportunities.

We got sol razor saying that their white list is going to open uh pretty much today, so make sure to check them out. Join the telegram channel to be a part of the conversation and go to to participate in their whitelist theyre theyre. Actually, whitelist opens in five and a half hours raise capital, build fast, first decentralized, developer, ecosystem from solana, so very bullish on this further building. The infrastructure on top of sauna, which is really necessary, selena, is growing very quickly. We have a lot of hype, we have a lot of investors, but we dont have a lot of projects building right now we have a lot of recently ones, but still its just the early deals and so and sol razer is really helping build an ecosystem and Allowing a lot of projects to build a lot faster and powering pretty much a selena ecosystem, so very bullish on this, offering a lot of exciting features that im really excited about. Really strong team, really strong backers as well. Look forward to seeing them going to the moon and i think its one of the top ideas you want to participate in right now and then we got willie saying that relative pullback comparison between bitcoin and equity is showing that equities went down four percent. The s p 500, whereas bitcoin went down 23 percent. I think, is uh miscomparing them here. It looks like its not really 23 for b2c and then equities right um, but i do get what he says right.

I do get the point that it looks like the market over correcting and this is a pretty good opportunity to buy the dip because uh we did see that those news like we did see the fed saying that were going to print more money and we did See evergrande saying that they werent going to get wrecked. They were going to get out of the current issues right. So it looks like a lot of the fudges. Just turned out to be just that you know fud and at the same time we got el capo. Some more fun for us actually, which is kind of funny, saying that we got hidden berries, divergences, thinking that a clean break above 44k would prove him wrong. Until then, he is calling for 38 000 bitcoin. I hope we go lower. Lets see if its going to happen, and we got zeus saying that the middle east is going to accumulate all of your coins, its the straight oil cryptocross asset rotation, oil will run out and crypto will run up talking about how were seeing dubai and the middle East actually capitalizing on crypto and theyre, going to make loads of money with that and kind of calling crypto the new oil so very interesting dynamics in play. So the dubai world trade center authority enters agreement with securities and commodity authorities to support the trading of crypto assets in the free zone. So pretty interesting to see that um dubai is a very wealthy place right and it looks like its becoming wealthier and looks like theyre the smart money right, so pretty smart play to being crypto friendly, and i see a lot of crypto entrepreneurs moving to dubai.

So im like oh, i should probably check it out because i keep hearing about cool things happening there and weve got mubias saying that theyre a game changer in synthetic asset trading, they got their ideal lineup coming september 24th on pulley, launcher 11 am and who can Fight 10 am and september 25 theyre gon na get listed on, get io hot bit and quick swap decks and theyre going to have the ielts september 24th on flybit as well. So all the details coming up make sure to check them out. This is definitely a launch you want to watch out for trade without limits. There are a decentralized trading platform that can create and trade any synthetic asset powered by the risk, control algorithm, offering low fees and high transaction fees thanks to polygon and by the way their beta is also really impressive. I checked a chance to check it out a while back its really impressed with that and definitely a legit project further building in the crypto ecosystem, uh for building capital efficiency and some really cool things that we need synthetic assets and all that those are huge markets. Right, so the potential with this with crypto could be really big, so thats it for this video hope you guys enjoyed that much love. Thank you.