The market has absolutely had a flash crash. We were over 2 trillion as far as overall market cap were down about to about 1.89. This is a short term scenario. Im going to show you and cut to a piece of content here in a minute, but bottom line. This is a political move on chinas part. We all know that china, communist country they want control, they cannot control crypto, so thus they are air quotes are on purpose. They are banning it. This is the evolution of a story thats been here for months and months and months, its just kind of the continued evolution of this thing. They started they banned minors earlier in the summer, uh bitcoin miners – and you know crypto miners, etc and uh its all about control. Okay. So this video is, for entertainment purposes, only were gon na jump into it and were gon na look at what its doing to the overall market. Here we go lets do this okay, so right here right now, as i said markets down about four by four point: eight percent uh bitcoin uh got down and touched right around forty thousand nine hundred dollars, ethereum bounced down and touched uh right around twenty seven hundred And change so and but steemed to be coming back a little bit im gon na state, this bottom line up front. This is a short term scenario. I firmly believe that the markets going to balance back what you see right here right now is the market digesting.

This con this – you know this this, this major developing news, which frankly, is, in my opinion, not its one of those things where we all know china and how they feel about crypto and uh the continued uh. You know impact that the negative impact thats china having the on the overall crypto market, and it just kind of, is what it is right, but at the end of the day, um its one of those things where this is to me. Im viewing this as an opportunity im viewing this as an opportunity to go shopping im viewing this. You know, as as, like hey im, going to open up my wallet im going to go, find some stuff. I mean look at this. For example, cardano has had almost no impact right, so that kind of as an example showing you of like the overall trust factor in cardano as an example – and this is really not relevant or germane to a lot of these cryptos right and its going to impact Bitcoin and ethereum mainly short term, because they are the two blue chip, bellwether cryptos in the overall market and cardano to an extent as well, but uh with that said, uh were gon na go. Take a look at this, hey got ta make you aware. I have my patreon links are in the description. If you want help with your portfolio me to look at it, you wan na you can join and cancel at any time, ive just added this pay annually option.

If you wan na save some cash uh, i will help you with your portfolio. You get access to my portfolio and you get access to the discord private community if youre, tired of being alone in this crypto journey and id love to help you, okay, so china banning crypto, so china says all crypto related uh currency related transactions are now illegal And must be banned again. They want control, okay and at the heart of crypto is is decentralization, is not having control. Thus, china is going to say: oh no thats a bad thing over there right. They dont, like it. Okay, so its whats weird is that people can still own the assets um. Let me show you here. Let me show you one comment. Oh right here um, this is what they say. So the central bank said crypto currencies, including bitcoin and tether cannot be circulated in the market as they are not fiat currency. Okay, um, the surge in use of cryptocurrencies has disrupted quote economic and financial order and prompted a prolific proliferation. Listen to this of quote money laundering, illegal fundraising, fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities. This makes you laugh, i mean, has crypto being you been used to um, you know to for criminal activities? Yes, absolutely has regular cash been done. Yes, absolutely i mean it is what it is, but i love how theyre i love how theyre laying it all out that its specifically for money laundering, illegal, fundraising, fraud, pyramid schemes, its just like okay, come on lets just all recognize what is going on here.

Okay, if this is not about crypto, this is about control from the chinese government. Okay period, end of story uh its just it, it actually kind of makes me laugh a little bit um. Let me see im just saying theres anything else here, cause panic. You know blah blah blah im just reading this to make sure. Ah you know its not the rest of its crap. I mean lets just call it what it is. It is its just like yeah, just it just kind of cracks you up. Okay, so again, thats whats, going on chinas banned crypto, oh gosh, this was a huge shock. This is meaning, since my sarcastic tone, all right, guys uh im gon na bounce. As always. Thank you for your support. This is nothing to worry about. This is a short term, little uh situation and, frankly, its an opportunity and thats how im looking at it, not investment advice. Do your own due diligence, you know, but im. Looking at this, like hey im, gon na go, buy some more ethereum uh. You know my buy some, you know some other things like solana, phantom uh avalanche algo. You know all some of my top favorites theyre youre, probably a little bit on discount right now, like algorand right now is down. You know, instead of seven percent, not bad.