Now this is a cryptocurrency that plans to buy an island and create a decentralized community on that island. Now i know this sounds completely far fetched and it sounded crazy to me too, but thats. What were gon na do in this video were gon na break down exactly what theyre planning to do, but before we get to that, if you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor im, just a guy sitting in his room. Talking about different ways to make money online, so nothing in this video should be taken as financial advice and, as always, to be completely open and transparent with you guys. This is a sponsored post here on the channel, and with that said, this video is here to give you the starting grounds to go out and do your own research do keep in mind that there is so much risk in the world of cryptocurrencies, and you have To go into this, knowing that there is a possibility of losing 100 of your capital, so all of that in mind, strap in and lets find out exactly what crypto island is setting out to do now. I spoke to the ceo himself and he has told me that they are focusing right now on the bahamas, hes actually flying out next week to go and scout out islands that they can buy. Now to me. First of all, honestly, i just thought nah. This is for sure, just a scam, someone trying to do a money grab, but once i looked into the team behind it and actually the ceo himself, he is someone who already owns two companies: those companies specializing in updating cars for people with disabilities.

You can check out each and every one of the team members here you can go directly to their linkedin and you know on this channel. This is something that i think is really really important. Being able to see. The team is so important when these teams are trying to bring something completely new to the table. Now, of course, there are projects like bitcoin, where the team isnt doxed, but bitcoin isnt, trying to buy an island have a load of cryptocurrency investors live on it. Are they so? This is a little bit different and i really do think that one of the most important things is to have a fully docs team. So if you do want to come over and check the whole team out, you can go to the website. The links will be down there in the description and you can check each and every one of these guys out. But dan, who is the ceo to me personally genuinely seems like he is trying to set out to make a difference. He wants to buy this island and create a decentralized community. Now he told me himself that this project is completely funded by himself. There were no outside investors, and his plan eventually will be to step down as ceo, because he genuinely wants the society that lives on the island to be decentralized and, in his mind, having a ceo wouldnt make that tropical paradise actually decentralized. Something that i also thought was very interesting when i was speaking to dan that the plan with the decentralization of the island means that no one person owns the property or the buildings and they all live and work together, giving back to the community making itself sustainable.

Now, on top of that, another interesting point was that, even if you are a whale, this doesnt necessarily give you more perks or rights than anyone else. The entire island will be community driven things that need to be changed or new things that need to be done. Will always be put to a vote? All of this does sound like he genuinely wants to make this decentralized community work, which would be absolutely wild if it does now. Obviously this is not financial advice. This is not a push for you to go and invest in this. This is simply me bringing to your attention something that i find really cool. Now we dont know if its going to work out, but if it does, i think its going to be pretty incredible. Now here we can see the team of six. There are two other team members, and there are also over 32 volunteers that help out currently with the project. They have had a cirque audit and they are on coin market cap and coin gecko. So if you do want to check out all of the information about them, you can see it right here on koi market cap, which is definitely something that you want to see in a new project like this. So if we just head back up to the top here, you can see that this project has already been promoted by massive massive celebrities, and that would play into the fact that the price has steadily been increasing since their release.

Now something that i did find very interesting was the way that they released the tokens. Now they did a fair launch and they actually managed to avoid having any bots take part. So, as you can see, there was a slight pump, but nothing like weve seen in the past, with these sorts of projects, massive huge pumps, where people get totally annihilated, they buy the project really high up, and then it dumps down to absolutely nothing. You can see if you had a boar on the day. You would currently be in profit. So this is definitely something that i do love to see and something that they set out to do to create a real, fair launch so to just break down exactly what theyre doing, in their words, cisl, crypto island token is set to break the boundaries between practicing Decentralizing in the digital space and the adoption in the physical realm of everyday life, but were one upping this by doing it all on a private island by owning the crypto island token, you earn a place as a co builder of the community and, very importantly, a Co owner of the crypto island itself, so crypto island is essentially real estate that will be built upon the likes of its people. You guys the investors right. The 10 fee ensures a sustainable liquidity pool and a reasonable cost of living on the island for its whole population. So they genuinely plan for people to be living on this island.

Now, on the note of tokenomics lets just quickly jump onto their white paper, which is absolutely massive. As you can see, i highly suggest that you go over to the website, obviously before making any form of decision go over and read. This white paper cover to cover to find out if this is something that you do want to invest in. So if we just break down the tokenomics quickly here, you can see that the crypto island token is programmed so that it has a 10 transaction, and this will go towards supporting the island to minimize the cost of living for its visitors and, furthermore, sustain the ongoing Process of development on the island now, like i said, i spoke to the ceo and they have plans for people to be able to visit the island people to stay on the island in the future, creating entire civilizations within these islands and having outside businesses and companies. Actually come onto the island open up these businesses, and they in turn will be also funding the progress of this project and they are actually going to be doing this and incentivizing businesses and companies to come on board by actually selling them crypto island tokens over the Counter so this in turn wont affect the price. Now we see this a lot in these sorts of coins that have tokonomics, they start selling the tokens off to different investors. That in turn affects the price, but in order to counteract this theyll be selling these tokens over the counter that are already held in different wallets, so, like we were talking about, there is a 10 transaction fee.

Four percent of this will go to the island wallet. These funds will be managed by the board and will go towards improving and maintaining the island. Remember the board is the same as the community members. This is something that dan, the ceo wanted to push forward as much as possible. Community members and investors will have the option to participate in making decisions on how to spend the funds in the island wallet. He wants this to be a genuinely decentralized community, whether or not thats, something that can work in the world that we live in. Who knows, but what an idea right so three percent will go to the liquidity pool, ensuring a continuous supply of c. I s. L, a two percent will go to the marketing wallet. One percent will be equally distributed as rewards to the token holders as a lot of people like they like to have those constant rewards, just by holding like when you stake your coins. So a strong foundation of trust is crucial for the success of crypto island to protect investor funds and the valuation. The liquidity pool on pancake top is locked for a period of one year and at the end of this period, the community can vote on whether to extend the lock or reconfigure the liquidity pool. So it genuinely looks like by the sounds of this white paper and the tokenomics that they really are community driven, so talking about the tokenomics a little bit more.

You know on this channel that i dont really like to have these high taxes on cryptos. Now these taxes will be used in order to sustain this decentralized community. I do think at some point. These will be needed to be reconsidered, may be changed. I know in the future the actual crypto island token is planned to be used on the island. Now, of course, i dont think a 10 transaction fee will be able to work in that sense, but as the company itself is growing, bigger and bigger, this provides a perfect way to both benefit the holders and the crypto island token itself by providing that liquidity and Money so they can buy the island and actually create what theyre trying to do so. Overall, i dont like this 10 transaction fee. I do think it needs to come down, and that is something that the community will decide as time goes on. So i dont want to talk all day about this project, but, as you can tell, i am actually quite excited about it. I think that what theyre trying to do is something completely different and something that can genuinely create something awesome. You know i want to go. Live on a crypto island where its a completely decentralized government, we use crypto for our day to day needs and we all get to live and work on this island. That sounds incredible to me. Now, of course, we have no idea if this plan or idea will actually happen, but it does seem like the ceo dan is genuinely trying to do something here and dont forget.

The project has already been promoted by massive celebrities. I have heard that there will be tv shows coming up. There are going to be more celebrities getting involved. On top of all of this, they will be creating a crypto island community app. This will replace their telegram groups and will be a place where people can have profiles, discussions polls and voting message boards, physical connected nfts, uploading documents and media payment options, news and updates upcoming events, notifications coming projects, forms merchandise and web 3 wallet connect so thats, something That theyre also trying to build here now. Of course, there is so much to go through in this white paper and theres going to be so much more to happen with crypto island. So if all of that said, i do suggest that you guys go out and check this out. Obviously im not here trying to incentivize you to invest in this im, simply bringing this project to you, because i think it is really cool right. I mean what more can i say, its a cool project. The ceo seems great and im pretty excited about this. All of the information that youre going to need is going to be down there in the description. Remember nothing in this.