We have a massive opportunity and its one that should be looked at and possibly taken advantage of and thats what were going to talk about in this video. As always, i appreciate you thank you for supporting my channel my videos uh. This video is for entertainment purpose. Only and as a disclaimer again do your own due diligence before you buy any crypto, but um theres opportunities here like crazy and so were going to talk about okay. So the fact of the matter is that we all know that the market has. Basically, you know flash crashed whatever. Whatever word you want to do. We were over 2 trillion. Yesterday, last night, now were at 1.89 trillion down about five plus percent, its actually come back a little bit, weve been down about six ish, plus percent or more uh, but theres opportunity, because heres what it really comes down to this is a single isolated event. This is news that we all know china hates crypto continues to they. They kind of banned crypto about every three or four months, and i almost i almost like have to believe that theyve got like you know. Massive exchange accounts sitting somewhere, where theyre just buying up a bunch of crypto every time they do. One of these hey were gon na ban crypto. Now we hate crypto, you know and its just its kind of becoming old news and its frankly kind of shocking. To me how the crypto market continues to react like they do, i mean we all know that that china hates crypto and because they hate it because of it, its its.

You know its its something they cant control its, not centralized. You know blah blah blah. Okay, so again i was trying to think about it. I wanted to do a video for you guys to specifically talk about the opportunity associated with this, because thats really to me what this is uh. I woke up this morning and im like what the hecks going on and did a real, quick search found out what was going on with china banning crypto online, and i immediately went to this is an opportunity. This is an opportunity to continue to add to my bags. You know and associate a different crypto, so lets talk about what some of these are. Okay, bitcoin down has has touched. 40 090. uh ethereum went down and touched 2700 okay. I bought. I bought a bunch of ethereum the other day when it was 2800 bucks. Probably gon na buy some more because again, ethereum is the you know the currency that we can use to trade over on unit swap – and you know you know all those decentralized exchanges etc. So ethereum and plus its a fantastic investment right, cardano, almost immune to whats, going on cardano, is gon na, be five to ten plus dollars, some other ones just kind of moving down xrp i love xrp. I wish the sec thing would go away and they would open it back up on crypto.com and coinbase, so that people here in the states like me can can easily more easily trade it.

Yes, i know you can get it on uphold things like that solana a huge opportunity at these levels. I mean eight percent down today, theres, nothing wrong with solana. Nothing bad is going on with solana. This is a flash crash that truly there is no underlying problems with the crypto market, thats. Really what im trying to get to you right and so just like hey opportunity, opportunity, opportunity, polka, dot down three percent. You know lets lets see what the biggest down uh guys are. So hugo b is down 20 file coin. I like file coin dont own it, but i do like it um ill go. This is one of my favorites down 10 percent thats like im in you, know, im gon na i get a 10 discount off of what it was trading literally 24 hours ago, all right and so ill look at it that way. Phantom love phantom uh neo things like that lets go back and look to restore it on this. Okay, uh lets see polka dot. You get my point right its just one of those deals where look at the major cryptos or or not even majors. Some of the other ones that are you know, maybe more speculative that might have been you know, might have been impacted again: investment, not investment advice. Do your own due diligence. Look at some of those like cosmos, thats, a good one, um polygons, a good one, stellars a good one.

Tron i mean all these are on pretty significant discount uh ftx token. There you go thats down 11, etc. Is down eight percent all opportunities? Uh l ron, axi up a percent, its not really shocking, just kind of they always kind of tend to go against the grain. Uh ecash been moving up with a bullet down. Six percent youve been thinking about taking an e cash position. There you go get jump in on that krypto.com signing major major deals. Everybody you know front left right center. Big big deal is coming. I think thats going to continue to roll up do well. Quant, i mean quants down three percent down seven percent in the last seven days. If youre, trying to figure out hey, i want to take a position in quant, got a little bit of a discount going on, because when this, when the market gets done, digesting this news, which probably will be by tomorrow, the next day you will have taken some Nice positions like look at hedera hashgraph is down twenty percent nine percent of the last. If you believe in like h, bar hey, i might, i might pick up some additional positions in h, bar things like that, so thats how im looking at it its an opportunity. This flash crash is a major opportunity and how you can take advantage of it so go maybe open up that checkbook um. You know that that debit card, whatever you use, you give a point wire transfer, whatever uh, and you know pick up some pick up.