All right lets see where we left off last week. As you can see, my wifes coin is on the rise. Just like i predicted up 175 with no end in sight. Could this be a moon shot? I dont know maybe its another kind of shot. Maybe itll go to mars jupiter how many other planets are there? I dont know i didnt go to school, so im gon na give this one. A salvia told you so and im willing to stake. My reputation on it from here on out. Moving along mainstream media is back at it again uh trying to scare everyone out of diversifying their futures federal investigators, warn of rising cryptocurrency scams. All right guys were gon na dive right into it. Lets get into it. Lets get it lets just move into it. Okay lets get into it lets get into it from wall street to main street. Digital cryptocurrencies have exploded in value and popularity with many americans eager to get in on the action, but federal investigators say a wild west. Culture has led to a massive spike in cryptocurrency scams. Since october, nearly 7 000 people have reported losses of more than 80 million dollars, its not lost. If someone else gained it, victims sent more than two million dollars from cryptocurrency to scammers, posing as elon musk. Others duped by what they thought was an online love connection, the most likely victims 20 to 49 year olds, to avoid being scammed, experts advise using legitimate banks and investment advisors see.

This is why you need crypto news to tell you what to do. Also, i happen to notice some very good advice in the comments here. Massive thanks to everyone who recommended chomp tool on instagram. You guys are really a lifesaver, well done rare techie on instagram. I cant express how much i appreciate your efforts its great to have someone as special as you to work with words are not enough to express my gratitude towards your kindness to our family cyberacte on instagram. We all say. Thank you very much. Sir techy has been the buzz of town in the uk for his works after helping a number of the royal court scammed again, i compel you to try out raritek on instagram hes, not like the others, yeah its great solid advice. Let me see if i can make some money off this im, not sure if you people have heard about the highly influential yoga dude 911 on instagram, but its all true hes. Simply the best go. Follow him today and start saving money heres how it works step. One you send him pictures of your feet in step. Two. He pays your rent for the month. The more pictures of your feet. You send him the more months of rent hell pay, for this is risk free unless you count pictures of your feet being sold on the dark web as a risk, disclaimer good feet, only youre not going to get paid if your feet are gross and post and Mint that comment as an nft all right, maybe that comments gon na, buy me a boat one day.

Oh no, my wifes coin, just totally tanked man, thank god. I didnt put any money into that. Oh, what up about schleims thats right, youre, watching crypto news! Dont forget to drop a like on this video. You will be entered into a contest to win three thousand dollars, even though youtube doesnt. Let you see who liked your video moving along to the big story of the day um. I was right again guys. I called this back in march, i told you it was gon na happen. I said count the days, maybe itll be weeks. Maybe itll be months, guess what its today thats right. Walmart is officially accepting litecoin as a form of payment. This is huge news, huge news. Now, listen, heres! What i want you to do. I want you to pause this video and then put all of your money into litecoin just all in baby. This is going to skyrocket. Are you seeing what im seeing this might even outpace bitcoin so, like i said, pause the video go all in on litecoin. I am so sure of this. If im wrong, you know what you can do. You can strap me to the front of my toyota camry. Then drive it full speed into a brick wall thats. How sure i am of this? Oh wait. Oh hold that thought. Fake walmart press release says it will accept litecoin, sending the crypto higher, ah nah thats fake news, but but that fake press release claiming walmart would start accepting litecoin as payment for goods and services shot that altcoin sharply higher, as kelly just pointed out before.

Of course, more scrutinizing eyes in the cryptocurrency and social media world threw a lot of cold water on the headlines and set litecoin prices lower on the session yeah. Well, you know ive always said litecoin was a piece of this is just the latest example of how easy it might be to manipulate prices in the cryptocurrency world and what this fake story might do to catalyze regulators, perhaps even lawmakers thats. All these shills want to talk about its regulation. This regulation that nah the real information is from the people, because you could trust people ive been making losses trading myself, i thought trading on demo. Account is just like trading the real market. Can anyone help me out – or at least advice me on what to do trading crypto with expert patricia has been a game changer for me. Well, im just shocked you mentioned and recommended expert. Mrs patricia, i thought im the only trading with her you dont need to be shocked because im also a huge beneficiary of expert, mrs patricia im so happy for taking the bold step and working and investing two thousand dollars with expert mrs patricia after a week, i Received nineteen thousand six hundred and eighty dollars to my bank, so i was strictly worried not to go to the comment section, but here and now i am sharing my testimony. How profitably it is trading with ex mrs patricia you see. Crypto is all about people helping people just like im, trying to help you right now by showing you how to reply to this comment thread mrs patricia killed my dog and exhumed, my sons corpse, so she could send me pictures of him on carnival rides shes, a Horrible woman, who will put a curse on your family, so every time you jack off your dad feels it i rue the day i met mrs patricia theres, no recovering from the hell thats consumed my life since her dark shadow has loomed over me now.

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These are such juicy buys yeah juicy juicy pies these coins right here, in my opinion, its its just such juicy – easy bites yeah its juicy. If we do not go bare, if we go bare all this is off the table, but all right oh, looks like we got somebody impersonating. This guys youtube account in the comments section 19 remove bro. These coins will not 20x in a lifetime lol thanks. So much for watching for more guidance from me, whatsapp emoji phone number i mean that happens. Impersonation is a frequent and highly annoying thing that scammers do all the time, especially when your favorite youtuber is also your financial advisor so heres how we solve that attention everyone. I am also alex beckers channel and i paid off my mortgage with one simple trick. I just kept all my money in kuwaiti dinar because its three times the us dollar and only going up kuwaiti dinar, is the juiciest buy on planet earth. So slop it up. You filthy, pigs and dont forget to ring that bell, so daddy can fill your trench yoga dude 911 on instagram and post huh. Oh, come on someone just left an impersonator comment on this video youre watching right now. This lesson is brought to you by big money, oh, never mind. I actually did post that comment and this lesson really is brought to you by noom thats right. I bet you didnt think im a new man in case you havent, noticed salvia fat stacks is about to become salvia, reasonable weight stacks and its all thanks to noon.

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com big money for a free 30. Second quiz, its 30 seconds, takes no time at all. Now, back to more people who noticed im newman without knowing im newman remember when eric was funny hey, my names spelled with a k you, if its working for eric itll, probably work for you check out big money for a free, 30 second quiz and get Newman, today, better watch your ass chris pratt im coming for you yeah welcome back to the show crypto national whats up. Okay. So, as you all know, ive been basically for a very long time now trying to make my own crypto coin. Well, i got good news. I finally found a youtube video to show me how to do it in the way that i would like to do it. How to make your own cryptocurrency, scam and juicy play. Lets make a scam coin, its a very easy to make a cryptocurrency its very easy to market, to buy reddit posts to buy twitter comments to buy influencers now see this guys being facetious. I understand that im, not. I fully intend on selling my crypto coin. The second it goes up in price, and then we come up with a name for our token, so lets say: moonsafe and well call it moonsafe, as you can see, im on the website that creates the crypto coins, and i got my name all picked out its Actually, just bill pullmans entire monologue from independence day so pace lets make sure that whole thing made it in there and yep its looking pretty good yeah.

Its definitely all in there so were good to go. Also looks like we get to create a shorthand version of the crypto name, which is thats also going to be the monologue from independence day, but lets just hit create token, and i dont have my wallet connected its really that easy, though, once you connect your wallet, You just have to confirm that you want to create the token and then you pay that fee okay. Well, this is connected to my wallet so im about to spend actual money so without further ado lets just get right into it. Lets jump into it. Lets put ourselves inside it so create cryptocurrency. Oh okay, 350 bucks, thats thats, not bad at all. Wait what the is this 490 dollars in minor fees, this things already losing me money! Well, all right lets pay it. There goes my money, and here comes my token. All right, nothings happening where the hell is my token thats, just the independence day monologue. I do something wrong here or what the is going on. Does it take a couple minutes to show up? I dont have any information. It just took my money and it gave me nothing in return. I have no idea how to find this token, maybe if i refresh the connection and nope its gone, just like my money, well folks, thats crypto. So with that, i hope you learned a lot. I hope you hit the like button that helps me out and you got your full value for today.

Well, i say: dress me up in a dirty t, shirt and call me chris dalia, because nobody told me about these minor fees and that miners and their fees just cost me a lot of goddamn money, even though, in the long run, im gon na be fine. Im just kind of pissed at all these miners in their blabber mouths and minor fees, and also real quick where the hell does your coin show up when you create one on this website, i made a coin with the entire monologue from independence day, and the thing Is just gone: is it out there somewhere on the internet like? Can i google the monologue from independence day and itll show up, because there are so many results for that? Oh, my god, i picked such a stupid name. I thought it was gon na be a cool name, its a stupid name, im an idiot, but no no. This is good. This is good its good to get over, sometimes because you learn from it and this wasnt even that bad. And is these lessons that i will bestow upon my daughters and sons and also to my daughters, im gon na bestow the lesson to stay away from that crystalia guy, at least until theyre, 20 years old and safe crypto jewel break? Oh? No. What the hell is happening to the crypto market bro, its all going down, were seeing alerts across the board here bitcoins at 10 bucks.

Oh, my god. I had absolutely no money in any of this, but this is terrible for my show. Lets see whats going on here. Maybe somebody else did their research, so i could just do my research by watching their research. Oh heres coffeezilla. That dude makes nice videos all right play as if we havent heard enough crazy news from the crypto space. How about this story right here it looks like someone out there just crashed the entire crypto market by creating a coin that is just bill. Pullmans speech from independence day: oh okay, thats, right 869 characters is apparently the perfect number to fry every blockchain on earth. Theyre. All down, oh, this is not juicy. This is like crumbly. All im gon na say is whoevers responsible for this better, have a good place to hide because were talking about a lot of angry people out there billion dollar losses across the board. Here protests are already starting: oh theres protest. Oh this is so not nice and by whoever is responsible. I of course mean this guy salvia eric. Oh, what the? How do you find that out, god damn it this guys so good at doing his research ive covered some pretty bad actors in crypto before, but this has to be the worst manipulation ive ever seen. Everyones gon na want a piece of this guy better start running eric. Oh, this is bad. This is really bad. Hey, narfy, murphy get in here girl.

We got to go on the lam. Go fetch my gun, uh huh, good girl, good job – oh god, damn it! Next narfy europe, what the no no play we got! Ta run girl, jesus christ. Oh oh boy! Here we go all right, guys, heres, another juicy crypto tip always have a bug out bag ready in case you need to get the out of town well, thats it for crypto news with eric ill see you guys next week for another salvia told you so from An undisclosed, location, whoa, narfy attack, i said, attack what hey you know: whats better than an nft, which is just some digital gobbledygook. No can ever touch feel or taste about one of the shirts from the store. We got all the hoodies, you need heres the 5g apocalypse hoodie this things going to keep you safe from all kinds of radio waves, get nice and snug in the rainbow gate frog long sleeve. We also got stickers posters, heres, the sticker of my dog, taking his and yes, the rumors are true. We do sell clothing to women, neongrizzly.