Now, of course, they announced this in concert with the fact that they would be adding bitcoin lightning tipping, but im here to tell you that this is going to be the biggest change. Something i predicted would come in the very near future, which was nfts being integrated with social media, which is of course, the first real utility being unlocked. Im gon na explain to you why this is going to absolutely gigasend the most important nfts or nfts really in general, and this, in my opinion, validates my entire thesis about this movement and im. Gon na give you a little bit of extra behind the scenes alpha. As to why, i believe q4 is going to be massively insanely bullish for nfts and why its just the beginning smash that, like button, remember each and every comment is entered to win your own hardware wallet and as always, if you want to make 100x gains like Weve been giving you in nft land with massive on chain, passive yield opportunities. Well say no more. All you got to do is subscribe and put that bell notification on, because no one is helping you navigate nfts like i have so thats it lets dive in so, first and foremost, lets get through the news of the day, which is that twitter has launched crypto Tipping for all users, bitcoin tips are available to send through lightning network using strike app or by adding a btc address directly to ones profile.

Social media giant twitter will be enabling cryptocurrency options to its tipping jar, allowing for any user to pay through the platform thursday. A blog post by twitter staff manager, uh esther crawford, said crypto tips feature would be available to all ios users globally and the platform plans to roll out an option for android in the coming weeks. The crypto options would allow users to link third party apps, including cash, app patreon, venmo, chipper band camp razor pay, go fend me pick, pay and wealth, simple cash, depending on their region to their twitter, bios and individual tweets to receive funds. We want everyone on twitter to have access to pathways to get paid said, crawford digital currencies that encourage more people to participate in the economy, help people send each other money across borders with as little friction as possible help us get there. So, of course, the bitcoiners and the maxis are happy about this and i think its a great step forward as well again like el salvador. This could help more and more people get some slight exposure to bitcoin and it could help pray for that. Proverbial cup of coffee, or that virtual gift to your favorite influencer feel free to buy me a beer or a coffee on my twitter ill. Add a bitcoin link in the near future. But what is even more important here is the story about ethereum addresses as bitcoin lightning network tipping on twitter is cool, but verified nft avatars, if implemented well, is going to be the first layer of the metaverse extremely cool, and i commented here.

I love this new kobe kobes, not always as positive as this anyway. The reality is that this is the beginning of the metaverse ive said it. The metaverse is all around us were in the metaverse right now. If youre watching me on youtube, we interact in the metaverse on twitter every time im in a game playing with other people im in the metaverse, its just a 2d flat metaverse its not a full vr metaverse, but were working our way. There and remember, i told you the thing that made me so bullish on nfts earlier this year was seeing the community reaction to board api club. It clicked for me – and i realized how powerful these jpegs are at uniting people giving them a sense of identity, belonging and excitement and passion for meeting other people and having fun online identity connection fun. These are huge human needs in the hierarchy of our human needs, and these are all being satisfied, surprisingly by jpegs but whats the biggest issue. Right now, when you go to my profile, when you go to my twitter profile, you dont know if i really own this theres no way, i can prove it. You dont know. If i really own this theres no way, i can prove it, but soon there will be a little blue check mark or something to that effect. That will verify the avatars that youre using and that to me will bring this whole experience of trading nfts, collecting them and connecting them to our existing interpersonal, social media networks, our 2d metaverse, if you will, this is going to be a major hack and its going To take the value of this cool cat, its going to take the value of my board apes and its going to make those verified a blue check mark so that you know that i really have this asset and a lot of people are saying.

Well, who cares this that and the other thing, but to me it totally deads and removes the right click save as argument that people use to say so what i screenshotted your jpeg now its mine. Well, no, you cant verify that its yours on chain, so theres no way that you can actually verify that thats, your nft. What we know now is that the digital flex, the need to belong, the need to interact here in this metaverse, is very, very strong. As far as a driver of human interest in the blockchain and to me this is a massive massive green flag for nft, specifically profile pick projects which people use as their profile picture. Things like cool cats, board, apes, crypto punks and those types of assets uh. Some cheaper ones are sub ducks. Remember i brought you guys sub ducks at a fraction of an eath. I even gave four away now. Those are worth a fortune were also seeing cyber kongs absolutely rocket, and these types of assets are going to bring with them. Some clout, just like a verified check mark on twitter people, will know that you really are collectors and in this new digital paradigm, people will respect it. The reality is, this might sound foreign to you, but this is a huge green flag and if you cant see the adoption cycle happening and twitter adopting it, how big that is, then youre missing out on one of the biggest stories of not just only crypto but Actually, the transition of our digital society throughout the 21st century – and this is as netflix, is making documentaries about the quadriga, cx, ceos, mysterious life and death.

Remember this guy died with like 500 million dollars in a locked wallet. Again. All of these things are very, very interesting and were seeing crypto smash its way into the mainstream of culture and attention. So, while bitcoin lightning payments are cool, you need to be watching the nft space, which is most people, think, is now dead once again, and that is such a beautiful thing, which is that when people think the actual most disruptive future assets of the crypto ecosystem have Died: thats a perfect time that you should be paying attention, because i promise you. This jpeg mania is leading to something very profound, its a shift to a fully digital native society, and you need to be paying attention and, taking this seriously im, not saying you should allocate money, you need to make your own decisions. I have no idea how much money you have to spare again 99 of these nft products will go to zero, not just one but zero, but understanding the projects that actually have cache associated with them that have strong communities behind them. Those will grow by not just 10x 5x. Those will grow by hundreds of xs and will become some of the most desirable assets on the planet. So make sure that you understand that this is the beginning: first, its twitter, then its instagram and tiktok. Then its full immersive, vr weve, already seen the flipping between digital assets and their physical counterparts like with chanel bags selling for more in the metaverse than they do in real life.

Again, this stuff is happening and predicting it and getting ahead of it is probably the easiest way to make money in 2021 in crypto. Remember its also, the riskiest high risk high reward, so you should really be playing with money, youre comfortable, losing understanding that theres plenty of investments like punks comics, where for 0.2 eth, you could have turned 0.2 eth into something like 80 eth. At this point, with all their airdrops and their metahero and their founders, dow tokens all that stuff understanding that nfts are this massive source of gains. If you know where to look and thats, why im trying to get you ahead of this market? And i told you it would be integrated into mainstream social media. It happened even sooner than i thought so my predictions i now need to honestly move them up a few years or at least 2x 3x is fast because things are moving so fast in nft land. Its making my head spin theres going to be a lot more on this subject. If you guys enjoyed this smash, that, like button and of course, show some love make sure youre subscribed with that bell notification on so you dont miss the next board apes. So you dont miss the next subducts, so you dont miss the next blue chip. Nft project im going to be getting you ahead and keeping you ahead with. That said, im elio trades.