How are you guys doing in todays, video were gon na go over the top three crypto that you need in your portfolio in order to become wealthy and yes, my people, you can still get in early because guess what the ones im about to mention are all Under a dollar, this video is going to be jam, packed with information. So my people smash that, like button and subscribe, if youre new watching but yeah lets not waste any more time and lets get straight into this file, starting off with xlm stellars, an open, interoperable payment and currency system. They aim to unlock the worlds financial systems and make them work together. This is why one of the oldest banks in the world is using the stellar blockchain yeah. They are issuing a stablecoin on the stellar blockchain guys and if you go on their website, you can already tell just look at it. They are really involved with the future of blockchain. Here it says: blockchain turns banking digital. We are one of the first banks in germany to have developed a range of services based on this new technology. In this way, our clients can already benefit from banking, 2.0 fam. So if the oldest bank in the world is using the stellar blockchain guys, do you not think more more banks around the world are going to announce? Hey were using the stellar blockchain, you dont think so come on now, so guys. If you dont already know, stella is investing into nigeria being the seventh largest population globally.

This investments will help facilitate growing maintenance corridors and promote public private partnerships in pursuit of regulatory clarity, and i always tell my friends, guys: hey youre, not going to see xlm going crazy because theres no rules in place in the market yet, but once that happens once Theres rules once theres laws once theres. All of that youre going to see the likes of xlm flourishing. You just have to be patient, my people, and so, if you scroll down in this article guys youll see it here. The stellar development foundation has been a vital partner in our mission to bring efficient cross border payments to west africa yeah. We are excited by the challenge and opportunity of applying blockchain technology to cross border payments yeah to ensure we can continue to provide bank to bank cross border payment services between nigeria, europe and the u.s. So right now xlm is around the 30 cent area and me personally guys i dont like to look at the charts um, especially if im not selling this, because guys its just gon na stress you out literally um, you see the pr you see the future for Xlm, you see the future of stellar. Why on earth do people sell around 30 cents? I dont know because they cant wait. Two three four years from, i can wait two three four years. You know to get this wealth and if you can too make sure you smash that like button, so another crypto that is under the dollar level – and i havent done a video on in a minute now is xdc and if you dont have xdc in your locker.

You have some problems guys because it is the first blockchain company to join the global tfd initiative. Yeah. The itfa represents the rights and interests of banks, financial institutions and service providers involved in trade risk and asset origination and distribution. You get me so what is the tfd initiative guys over here says the tfd initiative was established by itfa to boost automation and transparency in trade asset and risk distribution. Members include guys major global financial institutions and im going to show you. The major institutions also involved in a bit, but i want to scroll down and read you. This xdc and network utility providing smart contract technology to produce cryptographic. Tokens has been selected to join the tfd initiative by fintech veteran andrei casterman yeah, whose impressive track record includes over to over 20 years over two decades found at swift, so andrea casterman came out saying this guys. We welcome synfin xdcs network to tfd initiative, as this enables us to bridge the us 19 trillion dollar trade finance asset class with any type of funder through tokenization and digital assets, yeah absolutely crazy, guys, hes a board member of the itfa and also guys i want To show you on twitter um him retweeting this guys this is bigger than xrp sec settlement. Xtc will go past five dollars and to the moon very very soon, and here andrew mccasterman believes that too fam he retweeted it. Why would he retweet that? Because he believes it for him, he knows its going to happen.

Yo my people. This is the first crypto that you need in your portfolio guys, and i was very naive about h bar listen. I cant catch em. All this aint pokemon guys. You get me so dont come at me, but listen ive started accumulating h by around the face and level you know its shot up ever since then, and i just wish it keeps coming down. So i can accumulate more and more guys, because this i was so naive. I was so naive. I didnt do research on hbo, but once i sat down and actually saw you know the team behind hbar once i saw what theyre doing once, i saw you know theyre, actually a serious project that actually a serious crypto fan yeah that has true utility. I had to buy in so guys, yes, im, going to make a separate video on h bar. Obviously i couldnt do it before, because i didnt have the crypto like. Why would i talk about a crypto that i dont even hold? You get me, but now that im accumulating now that i have hbar im gon na do a separate video, because i feel, like h1 needs its own video. You get me. I cant just fit in all the information in this one, video, but yeah guys make sure you like and subscribe. Hopefully, youve got. You know one at least one of these cryptos in your portfolio. If not, then please do your own research im, not your financial advisor dont come at me, but yeah take care of yourselves make sure you focus on your spiritual, physical and mental wealth.

I appreciate you all. Take care salute so trade tech is, is a community platform that is a highly specialized in the secondary trade space, acting as a bridge between trade, originators and capital market investors, trade tech aims to become the uh. The platform of choice, uh, providing all the capabilities for banks and for capital markets, investors, institutional investors to work together. So my role there is to to bring on the banks active on the trade side and demonstrating the value propositions that trade tech is are offering in order to help them move to the originate and distribute model whereby origination could be become much more developed. Thanks to a higher liquidity and risk capacity brought by the capital markets, investors, so both origination and distribution are increasingly interlinked, and this is a message we need to get across not only to the larger trade originators, but also the smaller ones, including the factoring companies thats Thats my role to bring that message to the the wider market. Hedera is the most used sustainable public distributed ledger in the world with use cases from preserving testimony to anchoring warning systems, ensuring the safe storage of vaccines and allowing us to get back to life. As we knew it offsetting our carbon footprint while enjoying the new token economy, these are just a few of the game. Changing applications built on hedera, which is governed by the worlds leading organizations and fueled by hbar, the worlds greenest cryptocurrency.

What future will you build? Music and im, one of the lead developers on worldwide project worldwide in in general, is a medium to wire the transactions from one financial institute to the other. We use stellar as our ledger to to submit transactions too. Everything is open source on stellar, so it was very easy resource to learn and understand. I have been using three things in my everyday life and im working on stutter. The first thing is the api documentation. The other thing is the lab, and the third thing is community resource. Documentation is really nicely neatly done. That has been my bible for every day and the other thing is lab. The lab is connected to the test network which is live. While i was developing, i used this lab as my starting point to construct an example of this transaction and and understand how it works successfully and in terms of air conditions. We learn from failures so anytime the transaction fails, you get the error back and then you have to understand why it feel the community is also useful in case. If you dont understand why it is failing. Sometimes, then you have to go and look for help. Ibm. Has already established many many years of trust with financial institutes. That is why this solution is going to work and be being successful. This is a noble mission that we are trying to build, based on a non profit platform being an ibmer.

This is a core value that we follow, giving back to the society and as a human being. That is something that you get attracted to. If the there is an immigrant who is working very hard, he wants to transfer money back to his home. You know in in todays day it takes like three days to transfer the money and, in the end, ends up paying so much in fees that actually her family only can get only fraction of the amount hes actually transferring, and we all together are trying to solve This problem, a whole society, gets benefited by this application, thats. What i hope to see in future in five years and, of course, a great success for us and a great learning experience for all of us and in the team – and i want to we want to make a successful story here, thats.