Now, if you havent done so, leave a like on this video and if youre new dont forget to subscribe to crypto busy today and so with that, all being said less translate into the video. Now being part of the crypto busy family, we also do giveaways. This is an opportunity for us to give back to you guys the crypto busy community, the crypto, busy family and again, once weve reached 200 000 subscribers. We will be doing a giveaway itd, be a giveaway of a prize pool of two thousand dollars. Two people will win the share of that. So a thousand dollars each and itll be an old coin of your choice. It could be ethereum dogecoin. It can be. You trust xrp, it can be anything you want it to be, but its again its an opportunity for us to give back to you guys so share. This message: share this video with your friends and your family and tell them once we reach 2000 subscribers. We will be doing that as well. Its this amazing journey that youve helped us on as well, and its a debt well never be able to repay to you guys so its really something we want to do for you guys as well anyway. Lets just jump straight into whats happening with q4, with also whats happened with q3 as well the whole of 2021, its been absolutely insane for bitcoin for crypto for everything alike. I mean weve seen the beginning of this year, where tesla said they were going to be announcing acceptance of bitcoin and then they dipped, they said no were not going to be doing that anymore.

Then we saw el salvador, adopt bitcoin as legal tender and were seeing many other countries planning to do so as well, very soon so theres a lot of interesting, conflicting informations out there and i just think weve seen a lot of bearish momentum. I also think that the bears are exhausted at the moment because they think oh theres so much fun out there, but theres actually a lot of good news out there for bitcoin and for crypto because again of the adoption, the mass adoption for bitcoin as a legal Tender and then on top of that, as well as uh, seeing a bitcoin etf thatll, be amazing to see so an exchange traded fund, and that would mean institutions pouring in not billions but trillions of dollars into cryptocurrency. And that will be an insane move to see. If we do see that, but again, if we look at the analytics, if we look at the data for bitcoin for crypto q4 is looking quite spicy in a way so will bitcoin rally in q4 experts and analysts say so, and so theres two people that announced This and two people that did some analysis on this wonderful person is called lark davis, um, hes, a great guy and also another guy called michael and hes again on twitter, and he also has a youtube channel as well um great informations on there and theyre. Just talking about whats happening with the data with whats happening with the numbers for bitcoin, so here are the bitcoin monthly returns.

Hopefully you can all see that and the major one to look out for is really whats happening over the year for bitcoins price. So you can see here, you know: september has been a historically bearish month. Im just going to put myself over here september has been a base. You know historically bearish month for bitcoin, whereas for october november and december, look at that its mainly green bar 2018, which was the bear market and also 2019 as well um. But you know for 2015, 2017, 2016. All of those sort of areas now all of sort of those months and years when there has been a bull cycle when there has been amazing, returns for bitcoin a medium 2013 as well november, 2013, 450, absolutely insane and we are currently in a bull cycle. So its got all the all. The signs are pointing towards q4 of this year, looking very interesting for bitcoin and, in essence, again dragging up the old coins to new all time highs. This would be very interesting for not only bitcoin but also for crypto overall, because it will bring home the importance of what crypto is doing in this world and i think and wake up a lot of people as well saying: okay, what are we doing here? What are we actually trying to do with bitcoin so october november and december are looking like very interesting funds so far september, so far negative uh, you know seven percent, so thats interesting to see, but again look at that.

You know 2020. You know all green there as well and then 2015 all the way up to 2017 again that whole ball cycle, that we saw there with the last ball cycle, all green there all green months, and so it is looking like october november and december now. This could be different. We could be seeing something different for bitcoins price and um. You know seeing a buck of the trend, but i think overall, its looking fairly good and its looking fairly positive for bitcoin, because its been again, in my opinion, over exhausted for uh the bears at the moment – and i think the balls are starting to get back Into control again looking into the stock to flow model and also the average time as well for bitcoin i mean i follow more of the the stock to flow model than the time um, because again it just sort of you know takes in more data whats happening On chain for bitcoin – and this affects again the rest of the markets and they go into much further detail about the bull and the bear going to everything else as well. On top of the supply. So again, the supply and demand is also really important, so ill leave this article linked down in the description below. So you can share themselves in much further detail super interesting stuff. There again, the fearless fear and greed index has been in the fear, um extreme fear.

Yesterday, currently around sort of 27 for todays is still fear um. I think this will be updated fairly soon in the next 12 hours, so we could be seeing neutral again for today, which means tomorrow, but extreme greed in the last month, and i think this will flip to green in october. Because, again, all the analytics are pointing towards there ill be in an old season. At the moment i actually dont think were in any season. I dont think were in a bitcoin season or an old scene. At the moment, we just need to see a bitcoin. Do its thing get back into its season, which will in turn affect the rest of the old coins and get that all season up and running again fairly soon, so were waiting for bitcoin to do its thing. Um again, we need to go out for some key levels, so i will go through some key levels later on in todays, video and just you know, cut them out for you and also go through some ethereum technical analysis. Its doing fairly well today, also with cardano xrp, going back to nearly a dollar. There has been announcements that they are uh doing a partnership with the bhutan central bank, which is quite interesting to see, and we could be seeing further adoption of xrp and the ripple nets across many different central banks across the world might be quite interesting to see. Solana again up 13 polka dots as well up 10 today so recovery in the markets.

Today, thats good to see and again the top players today, certainly uh the ones that are sticking out for me is luna and also cosmos. Theyve been doing really well up forty dollars the world, and if you manage to catch that trade there for cosmos, but again you know there will be days where therell be corrections and dips. So when you see things like this and you see its all green and youre feeling happy take some profits off the table and and whatever you do with those profits, it doesnt matter what you do with them its, because that means that youve made it solidified. I mean you know, the thing is: is that with bitcoin with crypto its very sort of tech orientated software based and you dont really actually? Can you cant really touch it like you know a mouse or a bottle? You know you want to be able to take some profits off the table. To crystallize it to be able to. You know, go and materialize it and put it into anything that you wanted to put it into. You know whether you want to buy a house or whether you want to buy a car. You can do whatever you want with your profits and thats the big thing thats the major thing when it comes to the profits at the end of the day lets go into some bitcoin technical analysis, its been absolutely crazy im currently on the daily time frame.

I will be going on to the ethereum technical analysis fairly soon, but lets just concentrate on bitcoin because it does affect the rest of the market. So right now it did dip below 40k fairly recently, but it just bounced off that and it wasnt even a close below 40k, which is super important and also significance that bitcoin did not close below 40k, because that means then the fear starts to strike into people And they think are we going to go down further than that, but the fact that we just saw bitcoin dip below 40k, but not close below 40k is very important, and so again we saw that reflected in this bullish engulfing candle that you could see here on The 22nd of september, which also happened to be my birthday and its good to see you guys youve got some good price action here, went from 40k all the way up to 43 and were seeing another retest of 44. and i think the next area of resistance In the immediate short term, if we see a close above 44 500, then i think were going to be seeing another re test of 46 and then from there. A close above 46 would be another retest for 50. and thatd be another area of resistance, so its mainly just looking out where the key levels are and where they will close above or below. So right now again are currently on the daily time frame.

We need to see bitcoin close above 44 500 to see that bullish momentum to go to 46.. If we dont see that confirmation on the technicals, then we could be seeing bitcoin dip to rounds for the 42 and retest 42 and maybe even test, maybe even 40 from there as well. If we see that rejection, but thats just purely on the technicals for bitcoin, we could be seeing something fundamental on the outside. On the external i mean also, today is the day where um the evergrand situation in china could be situated and also sorted. So you know thats also going on as well, which is external to the crypso market, but is also de facto affected by it, so its a bit annoying. But it is what it is um so theres other effects as well. But just looking from pure technical standpoint, we need to see bitcoin close above 44 500 and with ethereum as well close above 3k thats a major key level for ethereum, and it will be affected by also whats happening with bitcoins price. So, in my opinion, the likelihood of that all happening because ive, given you two scenarios here or is it going to close above, i think the likelihood right now of going into october is looking fairly likely for bitcoin to close above 44 500. By the end of this week, and what i mean by is by the end of friday, so the end of the friday, the 24th of september, we could be seeing close above 44 500 and that would confirm the bullish momentum for going into next week, which again Goes into next month, so a lot of interesting stuff thats happening for bitcoin for ethereum and again this will affect the rest of the market as well.

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So you can check yourselves in much further detail. That is gmt go mining. That is the gmt token again. You can get it on uni swap bit global and also pancake swap sushi, swap as well and again, our promo code, all linked down in description below so now, im going to go through my concluding thoughts and opinions on where this market is headed for the next Few weeks and also months expect dips along the way thats super important and its also really important to be aware of when things are going up. When things are green, wait a bit. You know that you know there wont be. You know no more days of red candles, there will be days of red candles, so you know if its a green candle anything you missed the boats. I wouldnt see that in that way, i would look for an opportunity when theres another dip. When you hear people say, buy the dip or even say in other ways as well, find ways and find opportunities to get involved in the cryptocurrency market, because its interesting to be a part of its fun, its engaging its new as well so theres, many other things. Thats out there um that is again its fun about cryptocurrency. So again, none of this is financial advice, im not financial advisor. But when i see opportunities like we did earlier this week, i see its an opportunity to buy the dip and thats what i did with cardano xrp and many others as well.

So gold investors are moving to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. That is also super important to see because gold investors are going to be quite traditional and if theyre looking and theyre setting their sites towards cryptocurrency, which is quite new, they have again a lot of money involved in gold, so they can get involved in bitcoin and Make some money as well on that one there bitcoin continues to recover, which is also really important and super cool, and on top of that again another article talk about the recovery for bitcoin again ill leave the all links down in the description below so this market Is going to be very interesting, i think the next few weeks are going to be interesting to see what happens. I think therell be another dip by the end of this month and then probably the beginning of next month as well beginning of october were seeing another dip, but from there as well from october from mid october. Really, until the end of this year, we could be seeing an insane growth for bitcoin, and i think 100k bitcoin by the end of this year is still possible. It is still on the cards and that again that will drag all of the old coins up to new. All time highs, we could be seeing ethereum go to 8k, for example, we could be seeing cardano go to seven dollars. We could be seeing xrp despite this lawsuit, go to new.

All time highs, potentially even go to five dollars and many other cryptocurrencies doing really well. So you know, i think this year and again, bitcoin and crypto is very, very cyclical. We could be seeing this happen as well, so do let me know what you think down in the comments below im very interested to hear what you guys have to say and whether you agree with me whether you disagree with me again. All comments are welcome here. At crypto busy, now again, if you havent done so already, also be sure to leave a like on this video and if youre new dont forget to subscribe to crypto busy today were on the road to 200 000 subscribers, so do share this video with your friends With your family and tell them once we reach 200 000 subscribers, we will be doing a giveaway of a prize pool of two thousand dollars and two people will win the share of that. So a thousand dollars each and itd be fun to be a part of really exciting stuff.