Obviously, we are very nicely coming back from the declines that we had in the last three or four days uh. Yesterday we started a nice recovery and today continues that trend um. You know three. Four days ago we had the china evergrande situation. Well looks like thats a bullet that we have dodged, theyve, basically restructured and and and figured out a deal with their bondholders and their and their debt holders um to avoid evergrande going into bankruptcy. If that would have happened, it would have uh been a very serious um problem for the overall equity markets that would have spilled over into crypto, but regardless it seems that right now we are crisis has been averted. Okay, so with all that said, this video is for entertainment purpose. Only so my goal is real. Simple is to talk to you about kind of whats, going on highlight a few of the top cryptos and just kind of give you some insight where i think were gon na go from here. Okay, so with all that said, uh we got a nice nice run. It feels like its quieted a little bit, which is not surprising. We had a really nice run. Yesterday, uh bitcoin ethereum have kind of backed off uh from yesterday. They were both up. You know four like what five and six eight nine ten percent each respectively um cardano had a significant run. Yesterday you can tell its kind of quieted. It feels like.

We got a little bit of a we ran yesterday. We everybody enjoyed it and everybodys kind of like taking a little bit of a breather kind of feels like where were going right now. Okay, but i would point out that if you look at seven days, if you look at the seven day, chart uh – and you look at this kind of like from in the top 100 – you still have some really great opportunities uh for potential. You know adding to your bags okay respectively, some of these other ones, some some of these uh cryptos. So what i do is just go to coin market cap. I restore it on seven day and you can see that like, for example, you know, hbar is up. Eight percent in the last 24 hours, but in the last seven days, its still at a 28 discount okay. So if theres, a if theres any tokens or coins that youve been thinking about, are looking at picking up, you might want to look at this kind of restored on the seven day. Chart here and and kind of maybe give you some insight and if theres something youre like hey, you know what ive been thinking about buying uniswap as an example – and you know its at a nice 21 discount and coming back nicely as an example: okay um. So if you look at the 24 hour, gainers uh tara luna continues to do really really well uh.

I actually dont own tara, ive thought about buying it a couple times and theyve just always kind of gone different ways. You know i bought some avalanche instead, some cosmos. Instead things of that nature, i own tazos um, uh cosmos, as i mentioned, is on a really nice move up. Ceelo has just uh been moving up really nicely as well thor chain, uh harmony, one uh theres, a new deal coming out around harmony, one im, probably gon na, do a specific video on this theyve just put up over 300 million dollars, plus in harmony one tokens As um incentives to pay developers to develop on the harmony one network, so thats a good thing and weve seen this, this tactic, this work really really well its worked across other major um. You know other major networks like um, a phantom. You know some of these others right and – and i, when i heard that im like all right, its cool and right now again its at a 13 discount from its you know previous seven day, numbers, okay and so yeah its up 11 and its probably about to Itll probably eat up this and this red here in the next day or so give or take you know, continuing on avalanche is doing well. I love all these kind of additional blockchain. D5 smart contract. Nft uh plays cosmos phantom avalanche polka, dot, uh solana. Those are all really really good um and, as you guys know, im a huge fan of ethereum, but ethereum 2.

0 is going to be a little bit delayed. And so you got a lot and you still have all of these projects that need to be developed and deployed, and so they, you know, theyre being deployed on these other. These other blockchains, like cardano um, you know harmony, one avalanche, uh, solana, et cetera, okay, so thats one of the cool things that im seeing there hey cool tough coin, is up thats good thats up eight percent. I uh i like to like telco, tell corn tail cone. Tell coin. Excuse me all right, so thats really kind of where were at right now. I think its going to continue to trend like this, i think, were going to continue to have some really nice green days and everybody pretty much readily agrees again. Uh were going to continue to hit probably a pretty nice bull run in fourth quarter. Uh were at 1.97 trillion so were close to getting back over that 2 trillion mark, which would be really really nice need to make you aware. Ive got my patreon links in the description below if youd love, to get some help with your overall portfolio. I would give you guidance ill. Look at your portfolio check out what you have. You can see my inner circle portfolio. You can become part of a community. Ive got a discord. Thats got 600 plus members. We help each other were community. We rally around each others. I added this this discount if you want to pay annually this right here, this link says face, say: 15.

If you pay annually added that uh, so its people taking advantage of that, otherwise, you can join and cancel anytime at the 20 len. You know rate and id love to help you its really why i talk about it in every video because bottom line. Quite frankly, i want to help those people that need help and dont want to be kind of alone in their in this crypto journey.