So back in the studio after my vlog earlier, do, let me know in the comments below. Did you like the vlog something a little bit different? It is good to get out of the studio from time to time. With that said, if you like this sort of content mash that, like button subscribe, tap that bell select all the notifications and lets go and get down to the desktop, so dapper labs is the the project thats sort of in the headlines. At the moment now i havent researched this project just yet it is a new startup matter of fact. Its a sports focused nft startup that has recently raised 250 million dollars, which is just crazy numbers uh when you consider how much theyre actually valued at currently. So, for for me, sports nfts are going to be the next big thing right and um. You will understand where im coming from when you uh get an understanding of how much money is going into to these sorts of protocols right its an awful lot of money. And if you follow the money you cant tend to go wrong. So um lets sort of get into to this particular one right, so theyre, serious business of fun and games on the blockchain, no jargon no or nonsense. Just good fun is how theyre sort of uh labeling it theyve got some fantastic partnerships and more come in when you consider the the likes of ufc getting on board as well um.

So sports focus nft startups raised over 900 million dollars, uh in what is being dubbed uh a crypto gold rush right, so dapper labs, a startup behind digital basketball trading card platform and be a top shot. I always struggle to say that is now valued at and get this value to 7.6 billion dollars following a 200 million dollar funding round. That is just unbelievable um. You know valuation for this company already um, so so rare, a french fantasy soccer game that incorporates nfts raised another 680 million in a round led by softbank, which now values the company at 4.3 billion dollars. So you know its its interesting were starting to see. You know this happen more and more when it comes to to these startups and um. You know for me its really interesting um, and i do think that the sports aspect ive mentioned this with the likes of uh chilis um. You know being one that i regret not getting into early. I do think that these sort of protocols are going to be uh less subject to to pull, backs and bear markets than any other um. You know protocol. I think this and gaming are probably the two where i think theyre gon na have the least amount of pullbacks um, because you know people play games and watch sport all year round. So for me, i i do expect these to to do remarkably well, and i dont expect to see um big pullbacks um unless they become very overvalued in uh the hype and people fomo in in the the bull market.

That is the only risk and caveat to what im saying here. So lets dig into this a little bit more so two startups in the red hot nft market raised a combined 930 million dollars this week, highlighting continued appetite from investors for cryptocurrency companies as the industry experiences massive growth. Now i have talked about this several times on the channel. Blockchain technology is growing at the fastest rate in history of any technology and well show you some charts in a moment that sort of articulates this growth right, because it is immense. When you see it in in the chart right, dapper labs, which makes virtual basketball trading cards, said on wednesday that he had raised 250 million in a funding round, led by uh coach or bond the um investment firm run by former wall street analyst, mary meeker. So really interested, i believe the gic were also involved um, which is a wealth fund. The new uh round values uh the vancouver canada based firm at 7.6 billion dollars, um according to a person familiar with the mata who wants to remain anonymous because the information isnt public knowledge um, so so rare a fa. A french fantasy soccer game that incorporates nfts announced on tuesday that it bagged 680 million in a bumper cash injection led by softbank, so thats really interested french soccer star griezmann and former english player. Rio ferdinand are also both investors. In so rare. The investment uh gives sore a valuation of 4.

3 billion dollars. The company said making it by far the most valuable private tech firm in france and one of the largest startups in europe. So i know what um some of you are thinking: youre new to crypto. What are nfts so they are non fungible tokens, and this is a fast growing um phenomenon in the crypto industry and basically it represents ownership of a virtual item, so this could be for for an example and the easiest example would be a work of art um. So you know the ownership is tracked on the blockchain um, a digital ledger of transactions, so you know its really interesting and uh. What i will do or what ill try to do now is um. Well, i will try to get you the chart that i was talking about, so heres the chart and um. You know if we kind of look at the the massive growth here so 2020 um. You know the the global venture capital activity in crypto and blockchain startups was just 6.4 billion dollars. 2021 is 19 billion right, like thats just thats, just you know huge growth and i think its a a really good illustration of you know the growth that were seeing in this this particular industry right and um. You know this is still just the beginning, so um several sports organizations are turning to nfts and other crypto assets as a way of making additional revenue, and we all know that you know with the the pandemic and everything that some of these sports uh teams have Had stadiums that you know have had no um individuals, um or fans watching the the games, which is a huge revenue um.

You know uh provider for these clubs and um, you know so they do need other means of uh, recouping some of that lost revenue. So weve seen english premier league club man city, for example, uh. They have launched two collections of nf teens uh. Meanwhile, a number of soccer clubs have launched fan tokens which weve talked about on the channel several times. You know the likes of chilis dapper labs, nba, top shots platform lets users, trade and collect baseball match highlights in the form of nfts the highlights or moments as theyre, dubbed are licensed by the mba which reserves royalties on each transaction. So you know it is an interesting sort of take on on nfts and um. You know i i do like the the fact that you can own a moment uh in in sport in history. You know, could you imagine if you had that back in the world cup like 1966 for england, for example, you know owning that moment: um, you know where they lift the world cup for the the first time. It would just be immense right and it would be very, very valuable, so you know um. Let me know what your thoughts are on. You know the sports aspect of nfts. Do you think this is the next big craze im just looking at the the the amount of money that is being invested in these companies? And you know its its mind: boggling uh sums of money, and i think you know you youve got to follow where that money is going right and youre starting to see exchanges like crypto.

com sponsoring ufc formula, one i mean were going to to silverstone uh for a Track day with aston martin tomorrow, you know – and this is a fantastic way – uh to get more adoption for for cryptocurrency. So you know, i think this is something thats going to continue. I think this is something thats going to grow and uh. I think its going to look very, very different uh as a business model in the next sort of year or two and uh crypto is moving so fast, so it could easily look different in in one or two years time. But let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are. You invest in in any uh sports focused nft platforms.