And while most of the crypto market is in red, ship is one of the few cryptocurrencies that are mostly in the green, especially bouncing back from the dip that we saw about two days ago and ill go over. What the big players are doing, because they are still persistently picking up more sheep at this dip, well be giving away hundred dollars to a random subscriber to kick start their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto. In the comments below okay – so we have here by finbold she, but you know his 900 000 followers on twitter, overtaking solana, litecoin and uni, swap so. The shiba in a twitter account twitter monday september 20th to announce that the account has reached 900 000 followers and to some of you, the 900 000 probably wont mean much until you realize this. Sheep is currently the most popular crypto in the entire world. So why am i even talking about this? Well, you see theres, actually, a pretty decent correlation between uh, a cryptocurrencys social media, ranking and social media influence versus the particular price of that particular asset, in the sense that the social media gathering and the social media popularity of a crypto asset is usually a symptom That precedes growth of this particular asset and in super super simple words. If popularity is good price is going to look to go up. You can read about this yourself.

There are a number of research and there are a number of studies that have been done on the correlation between social media popularity and also the price of a particular asset. The general gist of that is, if you dont read, it is basically if a popularity of a coin is a positive one. It is likely to influence the price of that crypto asset and, since sheep is the most popular cryptocurrency right now, we anticipate the price of sheep to go up in the future. Now, before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description and speaking of going up. I have this tweet here. I have a feeling – and i hope its true, our robin hood app. The sheep army is waiting, so i talked about this yesterday. Basically, robin hood is going to introduce his own wallet uh, because hes looking to go in the direction of listing more cryptocurrencies on their platform, and it is with pretty high likelihood that sheep is going to be amongst one of those cryptocurrency assets. And i actually have a lot of confidence in the sense that um sheep is probably going to be one of the first coins thats going to be listed on robin hood, because um simply because of the amount the sheep volume thats been done on sheep.

That would mean a lot of money for robin hood as well, so theres a lot of incentive for robin hood to do this, and while were here, i noticed a tweet by my favorite u.s center canada, shannon bray, so he wrote. Timing is key too. Hopefully, when slash, if its announced will be in an up market, i think the coin based news would have done much better. Had everything else not been read and hes absolutely right. So if we were in an up market, the uh coinbase listing would have propelled sheep to 60 70 or even a hundred percent growth had uh the overall crypto market not been bearish. So what the over equipping market has done is sort of limited uh de throttled. The propellant that coinbase had given sheep, but that is just the nature of the beast and not everything – can line up, but speaking of lining up, we are starting to see more and more influential and celebrities even to pick up sheep. So we have this picture here. I believe this is the new york yankees. This is, i think, ernesto cortez, so we can see him wearing a shirt that says shiva coin millionaire and he always makes me happy when we see another influential figure, another public figure that joins the sheep army. Now the next beer is probably my favorite section um, my personal favorite section of the segment. Now, if you go to the sheep as well website, you can see this section.

Nfts buy, sell and trade 10 000 unique, shibashis, unique and only available in shiba. Swap you do not want to miss this unique nft drop if you click on it, youll get taken to ashibo shes coming soon paige, so ive personally begun my journey into nfts, roughly q2 of this year, um and if youre not familiar with what nfts are theyre. Basically, like a collectible, but with this collectible you own, the full commercial rights as well to these nfts, now itd be a bit silly to think of them just as collectible, because when you own nft, you also own essentially a ticket or a c in a particular Nft, community and various communities have different perks. For example, one community would reward you with rewards such as ethereum or raffles or lottery tickets over time, or they will be rewarding you with particular games or opportunity to make more nfts that in which you can sell back into the market and because nmt is really It is infancy. Um, a lot of the nft creators have been making ways for early adopters to gain even more rewards by earning an nft. So that is why there is such been a huge huge growth in the nft sector in the last couple months, and i suspect this will be the same philosophy and the same approach. The shiboshi or the shiba nft would have as well. So what that means is, if you own a shiboshi nft, you essentially basically have access to certain perks that are available to the owners of these nfds.

There are a million different ways they can implement this. On top of my head, for example, they can give you a 0.1 percent more staking rewards if you own an nft, just as an example im not saying this is what theyve done um, but various perks like that. That has real world well, in this case real ecosystem value for you to own. A sheep, nft and shaytoshi has personally said that burning sheep associated with the nft is confirmed. So what this means in the nft community is that, typically, what happens is every time you buy or sell an nft? A percentage of the transaction is given to the owner, but with the case of sheep, that percentage is burned instead. So what were going to have is, as the value of these nfts increase, there is going to be more and more burden, thats going to take place every time, these nft change hands – and this is one of many many ways of burning that shayta and his team Are going to implement and as we implement more and more of these ideas, the circulating supply of sheep will inevitably decrease and starts rising uh the value of sheep over time, and now we have the big headline of today, so the ceo of amc tweeted. I sincerely want to hear opinion via this twitter poll. By year, end 2021 amc will take bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash for online payment. I hear from many on my twitter feed.

We should accept dogecoin too. Do you think amc should explore accepting dogecoin and we can already see the overwhelming response at 68.1? Yes, for sure do it, and this is also going to be incredibly good for sheep as well. So for those of you who dont know, shiba inu is actually very, very close in terms of popularity, dogecoin right now so on coinbase in the watch list. So there are 1.1 million watch list that has sheep and 1.126 million for doge were only 26 000 short from doge, and this was made just over a week ago and um. We already saw that the poll results is an overwhelming yes, so if the amc ceo is going to deliver, i believe sheep is going to be at the likely next candidate and if the ceo is listening to the public, i think the sheep army can certainly persuade And influence the decision to include sheep as a form of payment for amc as well, because after all, we are the number one. We are the biggest cryptocurrency right now in terms of social media presence and especially on twitter, where sheep absolutely dominates. So i encourage you every single one of you to tweet at the amce of ceo to include cheap as one of the payments for amc and theres a lot of good things that will happen for sheep and the whales notice, so this is from yesterday. So yesterday, 5.3 million dollars in 1.

1 million dollars out. This is the whale studs and today 18.37 million dollars in and 1.2 million dollars out. So what, in the last two days, we have seen roughly 21 million dollars funneled into the wallets of the top 1 000 lithium wallet holders to add on to their cheaper positions? And i probably sound like a broken record at this point, because the whales notice and theyre aggressively buying at the dip. So it is a very, very bullish sign that they are doing this and, as a whole, ship is looking incredibly strong and its overtaking some significant projects as well. The future for sheep is absolutely bright right now, given what we will see in the next coming weeks and months and what has happened in the last three weeks. We saw so many listings. We have seen so many prospects and also we are seeing. She basically stand out from everything else, so, while the rest of the crypto market is down, uh, sheep is actually in the green in comparison by relative comparison. So that means that sheep is not performing just like the rest of the pack. Anyway, ive said more than enough, let me know in the comments, if you think that the burn implementation with the sheep nfts is a fantastic idea by shotoshi. If not, what do you think that can be done for sheep? That is all from me as always.