Ladies and gentlemen, crypto kirby here your crypto currency expert back with another edition of the daily live stream. So lets not waste any time and get right down to it. Now hold the phone little jimmy hold the phone because right now i can already tell you folks that, just as this video begins were going to have all of these sycophantic degenerate moon boys. In the comment section kirby dont, you understand, this is just a dip were going right to the moon. Some guy on twitter told me that we we was going to a hundred thousand next week. Well news flash little jimmy news flash little james. We have now been in a sustained bearish downtrend since april of 2021. lets get this crypto all weve seen here is bitcoin failed to create a new, high or high on a macro level. All we have seen here right now is bitcoin, get rejected at this very critical region of old support, which has now in fact flipped into new resistance and has sent us on a rejection path down to my next key critical level of interest. Lets get this crypto. Ladies and gentlemen, the dawn is fired up today and i hope you are ready for a jam packed stream. So lets continue now. Why is this area here in the green, such a key, critical region for the done? Well, let me point it out: you can see we had months of old resistance here at this range right now we are back testing it for the first time after ripping through it.

A back test here from a bullish perspective could certainly be healthy. Keyword could certainly be healthy and if we take a look here at our fibonacci retracement levels, you can see folks that right here, we did in fact drop into the honey hole of don don curbinaccio between the 0.5 and the 0.618 fib levels. Now, if the bulls are able to keep support at this range and we are able to rip back up in a v shape type recovery, this would be very nice here folks, and at that point i really do have to start questioning. Could we possibly be on a path towards retesting, this double top area here, and could this actually just be the retest that bitcoin needed before we actually see another monumental move to the upside, but right now i just dont have enough data to suggest that thats, the Most probable outcome, in my opinion, right now when we look at the indicators, lets just take a look here at the keltner channels indicator. You guys would know if you are subscribed to this channel, that this has been one of my most favorite and most powerful indicators for this entire bitcoin market cycle on the way up at the bottom of the keltner channel, acted as support until it didnt. Once we closed full candle bodies below there, folks that was it boom kissy goodbye, we dropped deep down into the crypto abyss very similar action. Here we found our bottom for the first time we ripped above the keltner channel right notice on the way down.

We never ripped above it here. We finally ripped above and we went on another bull run now heres the problem on the way up. We never drop below the band, never close, full candle bodies below then over here. Folks, you can see we started to see some wicks going below the line and at that point in time here on this channel, the don said folks, this to me is an absolute warning, shot fired and what do you know like clockwork folks, bang the next week We saw candle body close below the bottom keltner channel line, and now we are in a seriously seriously potentially bearish predicament here, as not only did we test the bottom of the range back test up and get rejected at the top. Now weve closed the full candle body below and we really need to see. Is there going to be more bearish cell pressure up towards this middle line in the top line, as this trend progresses lets get this crypto if you are enjoying everything thus far seriously just hit the thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm just give the thumbs up A tap thank you and, if youre brand new welcome to the most must see, bitcoin analysis show on youtube period. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, take the little bell and select all right now, as you cannot afford to miss any more of these important bitcoin updates. Lets continue so from a keltner channels perspective.

I mean this is very worrisome. Of course. I just explained that we still are at this green box range here, basically going all the way down to about ‘ 000 up to about 42 000. I mean this is support in my mind until its proven that its not but the problem is here is as youll see, we are starting to see more pressure across many different indicators. Lets move along now to the alligator weve had a bearish cross here. Folks, the green line going below both the red and the blue, with full candle bodies trading below the bends i mean it, it just is what it is right now at this point. This is not what i wanted to see from a bullish perspective. You could see. We had a bearish twist there uh and just on the opposite right. We had a bullish twist there, a bullish twist here, all the way down to start our bull run. We had a bullish twist right here. I mean literally right at the point where we started to launch, but uh you can see throughout bitcoins past when the alligator has twisted bearishly. I mean this has set you up to to put yourself in a position where you could have either saved a ton of money, or you could have potentially made a ton of money by shorting. Of course, there are no certainties or guarantees in trading past performance. Does not indicate future results im just saying that folks, just like the keltner channel this to me right now is an absolute warning.

Shot. Fire just is what it is, and right now seeing this type of twist with the action trading so heavily to the downside. Just keep this on your radar. This is not what i wanted to see for a trend that could have potentially been on a path climbing to a new all time. High lets get this crypto and now lets. Take a quick look at the dmi, the directional movement index, just a quick update here. Folks, if youre not familiar with this indicator, the orange line is bearish pressure. The blue line is bullish pressure you can see here. We did have a bearish cross here on the one day time frame in the past. We have seen this lead to some pretty catastrophic declines, thats the most recent one right there when we saw this thing absolutely plunged down into the abyss again, it would have saved your rear end if you were either out or shorting there. Of course, you know its all subject to change moving forward. This does not have to act as it has in the past, but this right now appears to still be gaining bearish momentum. Right now, at the time of recording you can see, the blue line continues to plunge the orange line continues to rip and if we turn on the adx here, which is now the red line, thats, basically measuring the strength of the momentum of the move. Okay, so just for an example right when we saw this bearish cross here and then continued bearish momentum to the upside, you can see that the adx shifted here right from its bullish move.

It started to wane, okay, the red line going down, showing that the bullish pressure was was leaving and then the strength of this move here was growing rapidly right and thats what we saw on the way down. So this is a very concerning look here to me. Folks, as we are seeing higher highs created from a bearish perspective, and now we are seeing an uptick here, a little v shape on the adx very similar, in my opinion, to what we saw right here before this absolutely massive decline, and i hope this is realistic. Enough for you all here today, uh this is not fud. This is not fear, uncertainty and doubt this guy. He just doesnt understand bitcoins my cardania kirby, my gardenia little jimmy and your 600 stimmy get out of here. My friend the dons, been in this space for a very long time. Folks, ive been in this space, probably before the majority of you even knew what the word bitcoin was uh thats, just a fact uh, and the thing here is that when i show these type of analytical videos, many people that are new to the space get very Upset uh because they only want to see things that go with the narrative that theyre going to get rich overnight, im a genius for investing in bitcoin uh news. Flash though, if youre in this camp and im. Sorry, if you are the fact of the matter is, is that the whole world knows what bitcoin is now uh.

At times, bitcoin has been at a trillion dollar market cap. Crypto is not some uh hidden asset class anymore. This is not uh im, an early investor were going to the moon uh by the time that banks are investing, institutions are investing, billionaires, are investing. This is no longer an early asset game. Okay, i mean sure in the grand scheme of things, if you look at this from a 20 30 year perspective, sure maybe it is uh, but im telling you, as somebody thats been in the space for a long time, uh with bitcoin up at currently 43 000. This is not some type of early stage investment, at least in my opinion, um and this market is prone to cycles, just like what youre seeing here with the wall street cheat sheet psychology of a market cycle. These are normal occurrences like if bitcoin were to wind up, dropping all the way back down to say 20, 000 or possibly even lower than that it just would be normal, and i just want to show you this here as well. Lets pull up the fibonacci tool again here folks now im pulling this from the bottom of the move, so its the macro swing low to right now the macro swing high. All right – and i want you to pay attention to this number down here – the 1.618 fibonacci extension target all right, so this for us here folks on the regular scale, all right, regular chart scale right now is down at about 13 327.

. Now this may seem abstract and random at first, but i assure you folks that if we zoom in here i mean this range. Basically, all in this area has a ton of macro old resistance and confluence through here it was roughly in the same area as our 2019 top and our multi month resistance period before we saw bitcoin rip to the moon all right. So this really isnt that random of a target and again in the essence of a true market cycle. You know if you fast forwarded 10 years from now, and we were just to go back in time and see that bitcoin went all the way back down to this region and then did something like that where we then ripped to the moon. I mean a move of this nature would just be normal in hindsight it would perfectly fit the wall street cheat sheet psychology of a market cycle, and if we were to see the price action actually bottom at that type of range, i mean we do have the Historic price data there to suggest that that would be normal old macro resistance. Turning into new macro support to build the base for a new bull market im, just saying that now, if we switch it over to the logarithmic scale, these numbers change, because the chart is displayed differently, and what i want you to notice here is that the 1.618 Target is at roughly 19400, which is at our next area of key old resistance, which could also possibly flip into new support.

Lets get this crypto. So, ladies and gentlemen, no matter how you slice it, when you look at the fibonacci levels, pulling from this current swing low to the current swing high, our 1.618 extension target puts us at the 20k old resistance range possible new support and if we switch it back To regular it puts us at 13, 300 old resistance, possibly looking to flip into new support, but right now, from a trading perspective, i mean this whole drop has been really really difficult to play. Folks, i mean you see the intraday volatility here up down up down up down up down. If you go long, youve probably been stopped out. If you go short, even youve probably been stopped out, even if youve been directionally correct with your analysis, its been very difficult to get into a position here without getting stopped out right i mean, even if you went short over here, say the first drop 45 000. I mean the price did go down to below 40 000, but you probably got stopped out on the way up right and then, if you went long at any point during here, you probably got stopped out, and the sick part is is that the price is right. Back up to where it was at least earlier in the day right where we were a week ago, so this type of heinous whipsaw volatility makes for a very difficult trading environment right now, im really just trying to pick my spots folks, i mean my analysis here: Has been directionally correct, one of my last uh trade setup ideas that i had for myself was a very, very tight, stop loss short somewhere up in this vicinity here around 46 000 uh and i got stopped out with the whipsaw volatility and then what do you Know whoopsies the price moves right down, uh a little frustrating here right, its a little frustrating uh.

But the thing is right now were at the make or break point here, as ive discussed throughout the video were either going to possibly find bullish support here and well. Take that as it comes or if we drop below here folks uh sound the alarms, because it may in fact be time to get this crypto the uh, the warning shots are going to be firing off here um. This may be a very, very explosive and exciting time. Here i mean from a bearish perspective. I mean im sorry if, if youre only looking at this from an upwards perspective, but its very possible that things could get spicy to the downside, if we lose some of these key levels and those indicators that i showed you plus a plethora of others which ill Continue to show on this stream if they continue to play out, lets get this crypto folks, if you have been enjoying here seriously, it does a lot for the channel just give it a thumbs up tap the thumbs up button right now, thank you and if youre Brand new welcome to the channel dont miss any more of these important bitcoin updates, make sure you hit the subscribe button, hit the bell and select all right now welcome to the channel, and, of course, if you do want to see all of my real time, trade Setup ideas, entry ideas, exit ideas, potential, take profit ideas; everything like that in absolute real time.

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