It will be pretty gosh darn crazy in this video im going to lay out the case. Why? I believe that the end of this year is going to see an epic rally for the cryptocurrency market, sending bitcoin beyond a hundred thousand dollars. All the altcoins will go to the moon, my names lark. Every day i make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if thats topic you want to stay update with maybe learn some more about make sure you subscribe to the lark davis channel. Also, if you can just take a quick moment to tap on that thumbs, up button for the youtube algorithm, thatd be super super awesome and if you do want to know how to put out a new video make sure to click that notification bell by the way. Every single week, my team and i produce wealth mastery. This is a cryptocurrency investor report. Basically, next best thing to having me as a personal, cryptocurrency coach, every single issue, youre going to get a deep dive on an altcoin top tier technical analysis, a step by step, decentralized, finance, tutorial, token sales, airdrops interviews, portfolio updates, trending coin analysis and much much more. All of that for less than 10 bucks a week, click on the link down below where you can learn more about becoming a member today. So lets start off with this. Quite simply, history does not repeat but boy, oh boy, it sure does. Rhyme q4 is usually very, very bullish for bitcoin and, of course, what is good for the golden bitcoin goose is usually good for the alt coin gander.

I just wan na make that really clear at the outset of this video im talking about bitcoin, but this really applies the entire cryptocurrency market, bitcoin its the tip of the spear. If we get a two or three hundred percent rally for bitcoin by the end of the year, potentially into q1 2022 well, what do you think is going to happen to your altcoins, the top 100 alt coins are all going to go up crazy times were talking 5 10 20 x for a lot of the top 100. Your lower cap, altcoins, were talking 100x moves here, its going to be crazy if it werent around the end of 2017, when everything went nuts in a very short amount of time, thousands of percent gains. In weeks was a pretty crazy time that kind of euphoric blow off top is what were looking for in the market here now. What we tend to see at the end of the year q4 tends to be a quite good month for the crypto markets. Just in the same way, that september is usually a pretty meh month, which is exactly what weve seen so far for this september, falling relatively in line with previous septembers of not being very great price action. Now a lot of septembers finish in the red and hey, maybe bitcoin, is going to pull off a bit of a rally. So well have a green finish for the month. But its not going to be anything dramatic were not going to be up 20 or 30 percent unlikely anyway, unless bitcoin etf gets approved tomorrow, but more often than not after that lack luster september, we get a very bullish end of the year.

This happened in 2013.. Its happened in 2017, which i think are the most important ones, because those are basically on the four year cycle of where we are right now, in 2021, considering the the four year having cycles and all this stuff so thats, i think our very important bit of Historical precedent that we should be paying attention to next up. This is a chart that i posted back in april. I posted the same chart back in january, but were kind of moving according to plan, despite all the drama, despite that horrific sell off that happened back in june and may, despite all the drama of the last week, everythings actually pretty normal right now within this bitcoin Cycle these 20 30 40 50 drawdowns within a bull market, pretty standard fare. To be honest and look, i think right now were seeing a situation where whats happening with bitcoin. Now is a lot like whats happening with bitcoin back in 2013, where we had this initial massive run up huge correction and then a blow off top at the end of 2013.. The price rallied by over 300 percent from the previous high over here same pretty similar thing anyway happened in the bull run of 2017. We had a massive run up big correction and the year finished with a 300 plus rally. We could see that similar scenario playing out here. We had our big rally up to 65 000 massive correction. We could still see the year ending much higher.

Remember i made this back in april right this back in april, so back then i was saying well likely. What were going to see happen is a massive rally still coming for bitcoin by the end of the year. That was at the time saying well, were looking at 250 rally from 60 000 give or take some percentage points were looking at 180 000 to a 200 000 potential bitcoin blow off top by the end of the year and, if you say thats not possible, remember It happened in 2013, we had a 300 rally. It happened in 2017, we had a three percent rally. Oh the market was different back then lark, smaller, okay, not same well. Yes, it was smaller back then, but now we also have so many more ways for things to get money to get into the market. We have so many banks offering crypto. We have the etfs and all this stuff, its so much easier, theres, so much more money that can come in and pump it up so much faster. In order to have a higher bull run. You need to have more money to be able to come into the market, which is exactly what we have. I mean if you tried buying bitcoin back in 2017 as a pain in the butt and 2013 come on. Man come on man, its a totally different market, but a market with a lot more money in it. By the way, i would like to point out that what weve seen with the markets so far, we have longer cycles, so the first bull market was 54 weeks.

Second, was 75 weeks im predicting that this one is also going to end up being a bit longer than the previous bull markets, so maybe were looking at 85, 95 100 weeks, for example. Now that is going to potentially push us beyond 2021. So i think its really important to point this out lengthening cycles, diminishing returns, so the percentage pumps compared to previous cycles is not going to be as high. That still gets us up to. Eighty thousand thousand dollar bitcoin though, but it doesnt get us up to a million dollar bitcoin by the end of the year, got ta, keep it somewhat. You know within the bounds of reason here right, but with our lengthening cycle theory. Basically, the idea is that well yeah, maybe i mean q4. I think its going to be bullish regardless, but is q4 going to be the blow off top thats, an important question to ask yourself: maybe it isnt, maybe our blow off top rolls over into 2022. Maybe we get our blow off top in late january, mid february, the start of march – something like that. So we could see this cycle playing out a bit longer based on that theory, but this is not changing the fact that q4 is going to bullish its not changing the fact that i do not believe this bull market is even close to being over next. I would like to point out here the last two bull runs.

This is very interesting. The last two bull runs saw massive, sell offs in july, in fact reaching a peak selling point. As you can see the red arrows peak selling point here in july. Peak selling. Point here in july, oh and look whats happened in 2021, a peak selling point in july, hmm interesting. Also. We had lac luster septembers in both of those years. Here we had a pretty meh september. Here we had a pretty meh september. Our current september is also looking not mega hot and then in both of those previous scenarios, the price of bitcoin pumped like crazy in q4, lots of indicators. We could pull out to show this here, but uh you get the idea. Reason number four on chain data remains very, very bullish for bitcoin peak bitcoin supply has already happened. According to my opinion, the charts also show that we are likely in a post peak bitcoin scenario. Most likely. This was the peak right here, early 2020, that was the peak of liquid supply for bitcoin. It was the peak of bitcoin available on exchanges, its only downhill from here. Its only downhill from here bitcoin will become more scarce on exchanges, itll be harder for people to uh, get their hands on that bitcoin. Of course, at a reasonable price there will always be bitcoin on the market. Question is: how much are you going to have to pay for that? Bitcoin were going to see a very interesting scenario here for the moon mathematicians out there we have a declining supply of bitcoin.

We have a situation where demand is increasing. The available money to come into the market is increasing and adoption is increasing all the time, whats all that equal m, o o n, that spells moon thats. What that equals lets move on to the fifth point here, one of the biggest catalysts – and i think we do need a big catalyst here. One of the biggest potential catalysts for bitcoin to go hundreds of percent by the end of the year is, of course, the approval of bitcoin etf. Now, theres, no guarantee that were going to get a bitcoin etf happening. Lots of rumors lots of speculation, lots of great applications from the worlds most respected: financial players, fidelity and invesco, and morgan stanley, and all these guys have put in bitcoin etf applications, secs really doing a disservice to investors and all these companies. But i think we are going to get that bitcoin atf, approved rumors are saying, were gon na see an october approval for a futures backed bitcoin etf, which is not really what we want futures backed bitcoin etfs are garbage because theyre only backed by papers, no real Bitcoin behind those thats, what the sec says they would prefer to protect investors to sec, but maybe a futures backed etf will be a gateway drug for a spot, backed etf, which is what the market really really wants. The market doesnt want futures backed etfs itll. Take it, but they want the spot backed etfs, but even with a futures backed etf, that will probably still pump up the market significantly.

Maybe that leads the way to a spot, backed etf, which will pump the market even more, because that actually, then gobbles up actual bitcoin off of the markets and puts it into these etf products for people to buy and hold on to which is very, very significant. Now, thats, not the only potential catalyst. Other big potential catalysts include the ethereum merge now thats likely to happen q1 2022 kind of aligns. With our lengthening cycle theory. Maybe the ethereum merges the blow off top for the market. Major companies buying bitcoin look what microstrategy did microstrategy basically ignited the bull run. Then tesla came in and pushed us from 40 000 up to sixty five thousand dollars that that fomo, the the narrative and the news around that was very, very important. If we have another major company coming out, say theyre buying bitcoin, i think that reignites corporate treasury fomo and definitely the narrative around corporate treasury fomo, is it gon na be facebook? Is it gon na be apple? Is it gon na be microsoft? Is gon na? Be you know some of the more newer tech trendy companies like uber or netflix, who knows who knows, but there is going to be more companies buying bitcoin. Is it going to happen in q4, no idea, but its a potential wild card catalyst, regulatory clarity in the usa, thats a big topic, this infrastructure bill is going forward and you know, even if the regulatory clarity sucks, which the current wording in the bill does kind Of suck, even if the regulatory clarity sucks its still regulatory clarity, the markets will react.

Favorably to that at least then theyll know okay. Well, here is the the little pen that we get to operate, and we know that we can operate here safely. That would be a good thing for a lot of the market to see that clarity come through and number four would be if ripple wins the lawsuit. Now this would be a pretty big one. Look, whether you love or hate ripple, the lawsuit is a pretty damn. Big deal and if they win the lawsuit against the sec, that sets an incredible precedent, because, right now the sec is basically saying almost everything is a security and almost everything will need to be delisted from u.s exchanges. But if ripple proves that theyre, not a security, that sets an incredible precedent for the rest of these tokens, so that would be a very big potential catalyst as well. I think definitely something that the news that the crypto industry would react favorably to. If we do see it play out like that now what could invalidate a q4 mega millionaire making pump? Well, if we dont get a bitcoin etf thats, not going to be awesome, thats a lack of a major catalyst, i would say maybe the sec really doubles down on what its already saying, that its going to go after exchanges, thats going to go after stable coins. Its going to go after cryptocurrency developers, which they have been talking a lot about, i think, were gon na see a lot of that im gon na see a lot of lawsuits from the scc where those go, how much those shake the market.

The extent to which this happens will determine, i think, the general mood of the market in q4. We could of course, see these macro situations continue to play out, i mean look. Evergrand was able to pay off their interest payments this week, but they havent solved their 300 billion debt problem. Yet, although the chinese central bank has stepped in with 20 billion dollars to shore up the banks and lenders, so its probably going to be fine but theres, always these risks in the global macro sense that could drag the stock markets down if an ever grand contagion Event happens. Well. That would be the exact sort of catalyst to do that. The fed theyve come out and said that tapering will come soon when soon is who knows but thats one of those things that if the market reacts badly, when that happens, i mean they should be expecting. This should be priced into the market at this point, but um, regardless, whenever thats finally announced that may shake up the markets a little bit and bring confidence down final thoughts here, whether i am right or wrong on my q4 pump thesis – and i could be wrong – I could be right well see how it plays out. I hope im going to be right, be fantastic if im wrong well, cest la vie. It doesnt change my macro thesis on cryptocurrency as an investment class im thinking beyond tomorrow next week, next month, next quarter im looking years ahead.

Where are these things going to be? What is the investment potential of these assets on the long term? I think cryptocurrencies are going to be the biggest wealth creation vehicle of the 2020s. Anybody not invested in crypto is missing out on life. Changing gains potentials word of course, of caution, even though weve talked about bitcoin, primarily in this video, and i look at bitcoin as a long term. Wealth asset, ethereum im also taking a very long term view on a few of the other top alt coins im. Also getting sort of those uh bullish, long term vibes on, but i know that a lot of you guys, especially if youre, not a millionaire already or you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw into the market and just throw it into bitcoin and ethereum. Sit back and wait if youre playing around those low cap all coins trying to make it trying to get that 50 100 x gain its a great way to make money in this market. But you have to have an exit plan man. A lot of these. All coins are mega mega speculative. Do not give all of your gains back to the market. When we get this insane parabolic rally, you got ta start laddering out, you got ta start taking profits. You got ta, get your money uh, you know into stable coins or you know, put in a bitcoin or whatever, or maybe put it into stable coins and wait for bitcoin to correct.

You know down from 200 000 to 100 000 and then you buy some more bitcoin but make sure you have an exit plan, because a lot of people got super freaking rich in 2017 for a couple of weeks, and then they lost it all. They handed it all straight back to the market and in many cases they ended up with a lot less money than they put in after six months. So not only did they not take any of those gains, they realized dramatic losses. Dont, let that be you anyway. Just my two satoshis for the day, what do you think about my q4 pump thesis? Do you think that q4 2021 is going to be a massive pump? Maybe, of course, as we said, we get that lengthening cycle theory where we see the pump actually roll into 2022. Maybe our bitcoin blow off top doesnt come to like february or something or are you a lot more bearish? Do you think lark? What are you talking about here? Dude youre, crazy, get off the opium bro were already in a bear market. Things are going to go down, 90 sell now or repent later.