My name is aaron smash the like button, because in todays video i want to talk about some of the top crypto protocols and top news stories in the space. We keep you informed on a daily basis. This is why you subscribe. We demystify the cryptocurrency market and thats exactly what were doing today. The top story is this: bitcoin ethereum cryptocurrency drops as china, who is a world leader, a powerhouse china intensifies their cryptocurrency crackdown. The chinese government has again announced more bearish statements on crypto direct quote from the chinese government. Recently, virtual currency trading hype activities have arisen, disrupting economic and financial order, breeding illegal and criminal activities such as gambling, illegal fundraising, fraud, pyramid schemes and money laundering, so china, good china for the people, china, altruistic, bitcoin, bad crypto, nefarious, bitcoin and crypto used for illegal activities. Hurting humanity hurting people, china saying this. Let me know what you think in the comments below, because from what i see, the only thing that china is doing is hurting their own people, taking away freedom, taking away choice and directly manipulating the cryptocurrency market to see double digit losses in the high caps and Even greater losses in the rest of the cryptocurrency market, there are some deals today, my friends, let me know which coins youre buying in the dip or do you think that this china news is bad news, and this is for real, because let me share with you Some perspective, if you havent been in cryptocurrency that long, perhaps youre unaware that china has banned bitcoin and crypto so many times, ive lost count almost every year.

It seems we can go back for seven eight years and see articles of china banning bitcoin and crypto. For eight years, china has been banning bitcoin, which they claim is bad, which they claim is nefarious. 2013 was the first time this happened, where china ruled that banks cannot use the bad currency. Bitcoin 2017 china banned bitcoin again except this time banning bitcoin exchanges. Now 2021. China has actually banned bitcoin two times, one with the mining and infrastructure and now with transactions. They say that bitcoins bad, but it seems to me that china is the one that is hurting its population. Bitcoins distributed and immutable accounting network cannot be held hostage by any countrys lawmakers. Bitcoin is unbreakable its money for everybody, money for enemies and with chinas forced shutdown of 60 plus of bitcoins hash rate. All the miners that used to be in china, china, cracked down on this, and what did we see nothing, no lawsuits, no bankruptcies, no bailouts and, most importantly, no downtime bitcoins network, just shrugged it off and relocated to countries with increased freedoms and increasing freedoms for those Countries, china is doing themselves a disservice and they have been since 2013.. Bitcoin is up over 40 000 since the first china ban zoom out my friends zoom out in fact investing in almost anything that china has banned when it comes to disruptive technologies. That theyre saying are no good. Its always usually been really good to invest in those projects.

Orders of magnitude gains each time. China bans innovative technology, bitcoiners and people have been in the crypto market are unfazed by this. The true bitcoin veterans are no longer phased by negative news, like this weve seen it get attacked for 10 years straight. Every attempt only strengthening why it exists and its no surprise to see china releasing this news after one of the most exciting bitcoin twitter payment updates. Twitter is global, global adoption. This is a slow rollout, but im sure you know twitter rolls out bitcoin tipping worldwide and also theyre going to verify nfts directly in your twitter profile. Twitter users can now send each other bitcoin as tips starting today. So this is quite literally worldwide bitcoin and crypto adoption using bitcoins lightning network sending and receive bitcoin as tips or payments. But how do you do it? How do i get tipped on twitter im going to tell you how you go to edit profile? The top of your twitter, then you go to tips, you turn it on make sure that allow tips is active, and then you connect your bitcoin lightning wallet. A lot of people like strike. I, like strike you type in your username, your strike, username or whatever your bitcoin lightning network wallet is and all of a sudden, its that easy to start accepting tips. Well, what about nfts you mentioned nfts, yes, direct quote from twitter, nft authentication on twitter will come in the form of a badge shown on profile pictures marking the owners nft as authentic.

This is huge. Twitter is furthering cryptocurrency furthering bitcoin by leaps and bounds and when you zoom out and start to truly understand the way the world is trending and whats going on. How can you not be bullish? Take a look at some of these metrics openc nft activity this year on ethereum has been staggering: an explosion of use for the ethereum network for nfts and d5 theres. A lot of things happening on ethereum, quietly, eth locked in d5 approaches new, all time highs. So this is ethereum the asset getting locked up in d5 protocols, quietly approaching new highs. How can you not be bullish and, like i said its, not just a theory, my theorems, the leader, but many ethereum, interoperators and ethereum competitors are doing great. The avalanche ecosystem has seen considerable growth over the past few weeks from under half a billion in total value locked at the beginning of august to over 3 billion. Today. This is a bullish metric if ive ever seen one and coming next week because of avalanches rush program to encourage different protocols to come on to the avalanche network and get interoperable with avalanche. Next week. The imminent arrival of ethereum blue chips, ave and curve will come to avalanche and it will be fascinating to see how this shifting defined landscape continues to evolve so avalanche, doing big things. Cardano. Do we have any cardano fans in the audience, because cardano is doing big things as well? Cardano announces a dapp store for certified defy applications.

The key takeaways are, this: cardano is launching a storefront for certified decentralized apps called the plutus dapp store. The goal of the dapps is to make dapps running on cardano easier for discovery. Iohk is also launching a formal certification program for third party dapps on cardano, its, like the apple app store, except its the cardano app store. This is going to be interesting. This is going to be cool. It sounds like its going to be super user friendly. So well see how retail gets involved with that when it is implemented and theres. Just so many things going on in crypto in general, pointing out social tokens here, xcad continues to announce partnerships with youtubers that have millions and millions of subscribers in many different countries around the world. These creators have millions of subscribers theyre announcing x, cad to their audience. With snoop dogg selling, 1 000 nft passes for private ethereum metaverse party, who doesnt want to party with snoop dogg in the metaverse. Well, the newly revealed nft collector is readying a bash within the sandbox ecosystem. A snoop dogg messing with ethereum messing with sandbox, which is a decentraland competitor, very bullish, very bullish, and if you want to be part of the revolution, you need to get this card. Blockfi is a sponsor of our channel link in the description, altcoin daily cc. You can earn bitcoin on literally every purchase anywhere you go. Youre getting bitcoin back, earn an unlimited 1.

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