Look if youre going to invest in cryptocurrencies, you better get used to two things: tether, fudd and china, crypto bands, its just part of the game and its not to say that they arent serious, i mean tether, can blow up at any moment. China affects this market, but i compare the two to nuclear warheads like yeah. Nuclear warheads are pretty dangerous, it could end life as we know it at any moment, but we get used to that danger. Nuclear missiles pointed in our direction at all moments of the day, life continues and carries on, and so will this cryptocurrency revolution its gon na take a little more than a chinese crypto ban for the hundredth time to derail this revolution now whats interesting. If we look back to 2017 a period where we know how things ended up september, china did a crypto ban and it took the price of bitcoin from 4 600 down to about 4 100. right now were about 10x from there arent. We, the crypto market in comparison to this juncture of the bull run, has 10x. We went down from about 46 000 down to about 41.. Now it cant be that simple right, like our ending calculations, where we end up it, cant be that easy to calculate, but maybe it is, and that would put us at about 200 000 bitcoin and give or take you know all your other all coins. If you 10x from their previous all time, high well have to see how it works out.

Ive said many times, i think bitcoins hitting at least 150 000. Who knows maybe we have had 10x growth. Only time will tell, but history is on our side, and if this thing plays out much like it has in the past quarter, four is going to be quite explosive. Dm logic did a great video yesterday that i think everyone should watch to mentally prepare for whats about to happen and, as things go parabolic, no one wants to hit that sell button. Of course, the moment you cash out the markets going to rip up higher, get used to it, youre not going to time the top. You know perfectly here, but what you need to think about what he goes over in that video. Look like dont wait for the moon. Take some profits off, you know, invest in your quality of life, as jerry hall would say, but i think more importantly, understand. Yes, the market will probably go up higher from the moment. You take a little profits off the board, but at some point its going to fall off a cliff and really go down in a significant way, most likely i cant say for sure. Maybe we super cycle, all of that, but the point that dm logic brings up in his video think about the last four years, how you have to scrape together every nickel and dime. You can to invest in this space to try to secure your future. When you have that success, if you can pull some money off the board and hold on to it and remember, this market will probably take 12 months to unwind, and then you have all this capital that you can reinvest in the space im.

Not telling you the time it perfect youre not going to sell at the very top. Take some money off the board, put it to the side, and if you do it correct, you should stage it as we go up and you should have some crypto left in the tank to protect yourself in case this thing really runs crazy or we have runaway Adoption it will happen eventually someday you know, xrp is going to be a standard for cross border payments. Bitcoin is going to be held by many companies globally. That day will come. You probably wont see it coming when we approach that moment. Thats fine hold your crypto in tow, make sure youre protected for that, but pull money off the board because likely this thing is going to go through the similar cycles weve seen in the past, and if you have that much investment capital that you can redeploy in This space youre in a totally different position next time around you dont, have to solve all the worlds problems in one crypto, bull run now im a little crazier than most. My targets, where im going to be cashing out are probably a little bit higher. Everyones situation is different with every cryptocurrency i own, im willing to hold for another cycle, ive been doing it with bitcoin ive. Let it compound cycle after cycle the little bit of investment capital i have in bitcoin has grown to be quite significant im going to do the same thing with most of my xrp stash, but i do have you know a bag that i plan to cash out.

If we do get the run, we all deserve. That should happen. Well have to see it play out and im fully willing to hold for the long term. If i dont get those prices, i demand, it may be stubborn. It may be wrong. I dont care its. The way that i have to approach this thing, everyone has to make that call for themselves, but depending on how much money youve invested in this space, if youre sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions again be smart here secure your future, your ability to Buy these dips because theyre gon na come theres, always a bear market on the horizon, just like during the last long and vicious bear market where were like the bull runs coming, the bull runs, coming theres, always going to be another bull run and no matter how High this space goes theres going to be another pullback another bear market, a great opportunity for buying and investing do. What is right for you and your family secure your future to hell with september lets, get it behind us im ready to watch some fireworks im. Absolutely excited, i believe, its all going to come together in really epic fashion. We are almost there. The grand finale is just about upon us, get ready man. I think theyre going to be talking about this one for the next four years. Let me know what you think down below and as always please like please subscribe.