Now. Prices now come from binance because before they came from coin the exchange, but the prices were very far off to binance and coinbase so um, you know for you to make sense if theres no point, if youre not using q coin, most people, i think, are trading On finance or or are buying kodi on binance or on coinbase, so i had quite a few comments, so i think that might be more accurate and more helpful for you. So what are we doing? We are now above 60 cents, um weve, broken about that 50 cent level and where are we heading so we are here on the daily chart and what we can see that on the daily, the rsi is now in overbought territory. Now that indicates that at some point there will be a retracement. I mean it. Doesnt need to be immediately because here in august you can see that for pretty much well, two weeks we were in overbought territory, so all it indicates is that were in a strong uptrend, which is great and we havent come down below 50 in the last. Oh wow, in the last couple of months i would say, and below 50 is bearish and above 50 is bullish generally on the rsi, and that is completely different to some other cryptos um. That also explains, to some degree why we are still seeing that price move to the upside, whereas other cryptos are struggling to a certain degree, and that indicates that you know it is just maybe not the manipulation that some people think i think its a strong crypto.

Theres always manipulation with any market anyway, but this is a long term bullish sign, whereas other cryptos now have dropped into the bearish range in the last few weeks, um but yeah, cody, hasnt and also on the macd. You know we talked about the um, the bullish cross here on the macd a few days ago, so thats all looking good. We had that huge cup and handle here on the daily, the cup and the handle shape here, and then we broke out to the upside. So in terms of target, if we take the height of the cup and add it to the breakout point of the handle, then we get to pretty much up here, 60 and its a bit by different on binance. You know i did it on q coin, there we had a price up slightly above 60 cent here, its around 67 cents, so its just something um as orientation. We are not quite there yet, and it could be something that is coming now. If we add on the daily and thats only on the daily here, if we add on the daily the fibonacci extension levels – and we go from that low here – that we marked in july up to the 50 cent high that we marked end of august, then what Can we see we can see that on the? Let me just do that once more, so we can see that this, in my view, is a valid fibonacci pattern.

You know we had a lot of support here at the 0.5 fibonacci retracement level and the extension levels. The 1.618 shows us also a price of around 73 cents, so that is, you know, quite close to the target of the actual cup and handle in my view, that could play out, and maybe we could, if we break above the 60 level and really have a Daily close above that as well, we could certainly head ahead here, but you know guys be careful. I always want to say that were in like all time, high territory, i have personally the view, never buy at an all time high. It is extremely difficult unless you really know what you do, but there is a lot of volatility coming and it could go up further um, but its always to be very, very careful thats. Just what i want to say here. You know we talked about the koji on this channel where it was 13 cents. I talked about it when it was 30, so now were at 60 and its getting increasingly difficult purely because you know it is. It has gone up so fast and i think long term, its great now, but for the short term it might be a bit difficult and bit overbought, but i cant give you financial advice. I just talk about where it could be heading, so i think, looking at just purely the fibonacci levels – um we could get to the 73 cents and we have not hit the target yet based on the cup and handle.

So there might be a bit of scope to the upside, but there is also a lot of volatility and also what we can see on the daily here. With that huge pump to the upside, we broke again above the bollinger band and, as i said yesterday, when you do that, like here, we did on the 23rd of september. We snapped back in and from here we continued our move to the upside. There might now be a little bit of retracement coming because again were above that level um at the moment, so there might be a little bit of a retracement, maybe down to 58 um, 56 cents or so but thats, just purely because there needs to be some Retracement after a 21 move to the upside lets, go to the more the short term the one hour chart, which is what most of you guys, are interested in as well. You can clearly see that in the last two candles weve been above that um bollinger band on the hourly as well, so we are weve moved above that um middle line here very fast. Then we snap back in you can see that with this lower wick. Here, however, we managed to close that candle still outside of that bollinger band and the upper band and again then we moved up higher and tried to bounce back in. We have failed so far, so i think there might be a little bit of a retracement coming very weak, maybe, but there is and what we can see here in the last few hours that happened after my last update video um.

We formed something like a breakout pattern here, so thats on the hourly very visible. So if you connect all these wicks together, you get a very, very clear breakout from. Why does it not, oh here, a very clear breakout formation, so a symmetrical triangle converging lines. Essentially, the price moves together at some point. It will break out its never clear when it will break out, but the closer the price gets to the apex. The more you know the most the probability it will break out and um it isnt. You know we have here a strong move to the upside clear up trend, and then this is also called as a called a bullish. Penant trend, continuation pattern, from which you generally continue. You move to the upside okay, and that happened. So yeah were now at a crucial level because we marked that high here at 60 cent already on the 23rd of september, wed need to get above that level now to get to maybe around the 70 mark or this i think it was 73 cent. The fibonacci extension level now we can also hear, on the smaller scale, apply the fibonacci extension levels. So if we go from that move here to that high, we can see thats also on a smaller scale, a valid fibonacci, retracement or fibonacci level, because what we did we moved moved to the upside all the way. Then we retraced back down here, which was the um 46 cent import fibonacci level 0.

382 on this chart. Here again, i just swap them around, because i like to use the extension in the same tool, so it just moves from zero to the extension levels but yeah. We had that as support here and from here. What does this fibonacci extension tool? Tell us about targets so again again, here weve got the 1.618 at 70, pretty much 75 cents, so it all matches pretty much. So we could potentially expect a move to that important. 1.618 fibonacci extension level of 75 cents, but expect a bit of volatility. You know were currently at another resistance level here um and i would want to see that break. You know if i was going to buy more but im not buying at these levels. I need to say that um its nice to watch, but i bought down here at 13. When i first talked about kodi, i talked about uh, i bought it between 20 and 30 and below 40.. So i am waiting at the moment because ive got enough cody at the moment, im happy with what i have and im just careful now, because all time high territory is always difficult to trade as well um, but its looking, you know very strong, its just looking Good and again here on the hourly, we are above 50 and thats the level to watch as well, because since the 22nd on the hourly, we have been above the 50 level as well so in bullish on the rsi, and we see something like a bearish divergence.

Now but it depends on you know, are we breaking or not so its a first heads up? At the moment there is a bearish divergence which you know. I just talked about a potential slightly reversal or slight, not reversal, but a slightly retracement coming because um and this matches pretty much with with what the rsi is doing at the moment. But we need to be that high hasnt formed yet so we need to see what that high is doing. Maybe it pushes further up again to pretty much the 85 or 90 level. Even then, we could go straight to 70 cent, maybe um, but at the moment, even though the prices are well on the same level, the rsi is dropping a little bit so indicating a slight bearish divergence, not a true bearish divergence, because its not that the price Is going up its just at the same level and the rsi hasnt formed that high? Yet, but if we now see a retracement and the rsi is dropping as well, then weve got um Music yeah, just that sign that we are losing momentum and on the macd. However, also on the hourly just made a bullish cross pretty much tonight here, uk time at two oclock and that just confirms basically what runs with the price um Music and just confirms that were in this uptrend but yeah currently at resistance level. Be careful be aware of fomo, you know dont just jump in.

I think there is a lot of anticipation before the cardano summit that something more significant could be announced, but it might just be at the moment if the the thing is – and this is what weve seen with the alonzo hard fork. If the price moves up before an event in such a crazy way, there could be a sell off during or after the event yeah. If just be careful, so dont just jump onto the lets, say the fomo bandwagon now um. You know if you, if you have an if you make an educated decision and you think right, i want a long term investment anyway, i dollar cost average in if you dollar cost average in. For me, you know it wouldnt, be such a problem, then to put a little bit of money in now, but um. There are always good times. You know there are always good times when you have a retracement to buy. So when theres, a retracement or a consolidation that we saw here, for example, thats always a better time to buy um, also dollar cost average than up here and also when we moved up here its always a better time. In my view, to find in consolidation, um then yeah at the top here you know its its impossible to time the top anyway, often times um very hard to to time it. So you know it its essentially your decision, of course, so, but im extremely careful, but dollar cost.

Everything is a good way, in my view, to take a little bit of the emotion out thats why ive been dollar cash cost averaging in koti since ive started talking on this channel, which was various months ago – and i do this with many other cryptos as well. So hopefully you liked that update.