. This is 2013.. China bans financial companies from bitcoin transactions, the exact the exact, identical news that we have today and look september 11th, its a bad day to try to ban bitcoin september 11. 2017 bitcoin price falls again on reports that china is shutting down. Local exchanges lets keep it going. As you can see here february 5th 2018. The financial crackdown china moves to completely banning and blocking cryptocurrency trading at home and abroad. Lets keep going with the big joke: okay september 3rd 2018, china clamps down on cryptocurrency speculation, but not blockchain development lets continue. Lets continue. November 22nd. 2019. China, central bank cracks down on cryptocurrency lets, keep going may 21st 2021 crack down on bitcoin mining. China again, china calls for crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading behavior. I dont know about you guys, but if we look at history pretty much every single time china bans bitcoin was a great opportunity to buy. Let me pull up the chart for you im going to show you literally every single time we have gone up, but short term volatility was the thing so the first time they banned it. It actually ended this cycle here and bitcoin dropped 80 percent in the next year. But then, after that it jumped up 11 277 right. Then they banned it towards the top here right around here it went down 25 and then jumped up 541 percent. They banned it. Here and there was no drop, it actually just went up 67 and then proceeded to drop lower.

They banned it here. It went down 57 and then jumped up 321. They banned it here. It went up 31 percent and then the black swan event brought it down to 61. So that has nothing to do with the china ban. But if we look over here, okay, they just recently banned it and it went down 48. So again, if every single time we just zoomed out right, if we looked at this at the weekly right, this is bitcoins price. This is a brave new liquid index. If we look at bitcoins price, since every single band, we are up every single band in the history of all of chinas bitcoin bands. We are up in this. Video were gon na, be talking about the joke of chinas banning cryptocurrency again and spreading fud and im gon na give you guys my thoughts and concerns and exactly how i am myself, how im gon na buy the dip, keep watching Music, Music, thats, basically bitcoin right Now pretty much all these countries adopting it and china wants to ruin the fun for everybody, thats, absolutely crazy. China issues tougher measure to keep cracking down on cryptocurrency trading and the central bank came out with another announcement on friday that all services you exchange fiat currencies and crypto assets between crypto assets themselves, are now treated as illegal activities. China is banning cryptocurrency once again its pissing me off in other news. If you sell your bitcoin because an authoritarian government doesnt like you, you dont, understand bitcoin, i agree 100.

This is literally the exact opposite of whats, going on right now, thats, the bitcoins purpose. Right bitcoin is anti china technology. I dont know if thats true for sure um, but i will tell you it is resilient. After trying to bans bitcoin, i wouldnt even be surprised if chinas bind and dip themselves. Also. This was a very deep message here. Nothing has created more wealth in the past decade than technologies that banned in china uh. This is very true theres, actually, a list of them im gon na go through trying to crack down on bitcoin big opportunity for united states, of course, is bigger opportunity for pretty much any country that adopts bitcoin in an aggressive way and uh back to what uh. He was saying before michael saylor, china bans facebook creates weibo china bans youtube, creates whatever china bans, google, they basically want to create their own versions of it. They want to control it. This is so bullish for cryptocurrency, for obvious reasons. They want to control it. I dont know about you guys, but i value freedom, transparency right, decentralization power to the people. This is what i value. This is what i think is the best way to move forward with innovation with the growth of the human species, uh and china. Clearly, doesnt agree with that, as you can see here, trying to completely bending bitcoin is the best news ive heard in a while. I feel the same way.

I feel the exact same way. Hopefully, you guys feel the same way and hopefully maybe you might have bought the dip. This is not financial advice, but in this video were gon na go over bitcoins price were gon na go over all the recent news. Fud speculation, im gon na show you exactly where im gon na be buying more bitcoin and all the details. If you appreciate this content, do us build a favor subscribe to the channel like the video and share it with a friend? I talk about cryptocurrency entrepreneurship and i make money in cryptocurrency. I want to reiterate that, because i said cryptocurrency is a joke in the beginning, its basically an inside joke at this point and chinas included they ban it, they buy it, they talk positive, they talk negative. Its just crazy, like they cant, even pick what side theyre on at this point, theyre, making a digital currency themselves, it doesnt make sense, it doesnt make sense at all the way they move and actually scare you the fact that people dont know this and people on The outside are just getting into cryptocurrency theyd, really think uh. This is like super negative news, its crazy. This was a very interesting message. Im just going to read it out to you a message to u.s and western policy makers on how to think about chinas approach. To crypto and the blockchain, china opposes the western system of values built on openness, transparency, privacy, free market competition and so forth, two out of five, the internet itself as an expression of these values, and it is one of the reasons why china has fought to control The internet, these values are also deeply at the core of crypto and blockchains.

Ensuring them into new economic governance and infrastructure. Crypto and blockchain is an absolute threat to the systems that are built around total control, centralization of power, elimination of privacy etc, which side of this do we want to be on in the west? A rules based order based on open free market and democratic principles have provided a very strong foundation for economic and governance systems and have the best hope of being extended by embracing open public, blockchains and digital assets. There are two models of reacting in the us. Fomo envy and the belief that we should be more like them, giving their ability to execute verse, stoic, determined outlook that believes in an open internet be on the right side of history, embrace the open internet of value. I agree with this again like i said i am with the power to the people now, in other news, we see, you know china coins taking the biggest fall when it comes to all coins. As you can see here, chinas exchange coins are getting the worst of the crackdown. If we come over here, this is actually the official website. So lets just quickly translate this, so we can see whats actually going on notice on further preventing and disposing of the risk of hype and virtual currency trading. I mean im not gon na read this whole thing, but its pretty obvious that theyre just trying to ban the transactions from you know somebody else. I was talking to said that its not even illegal to hold it.

So at this point, its a joke, like i keep trying to tell you guys in other news, we have the nft platform from gary vee uh hes, creating another nft platform, thats bullish, kentucky files, emergency cease and desist order against crypto lender celsius. Common theme were seeing regulation all over the world again. Another bullish thing for me considering the fact that regulation hints that theyre scared – we see it all over the world twitter rolls out bitcoin tipping for ios users via lightning. This looks good also for nfts in the future, really really crazy and, as you can see here, from the new channels, nodes under lightning network. Over 20 after twitter integration, twitter, one of the biggest social medias on planet earth, has integrated bitcoin. How is this not more bullish? Also, if we come over here, you can see bitcoins pretty much all in the news. Cryptocurrencies all in the news, um non fungible token ethereum. You can see literally in the past 24 hours, its trending central bank cryptocurrency trending bitcoin, china, cryptocurrency trending its literally. I have not seen it like this in recent history. Cryptocurrency coin telegraph, bitcoin, trending, coinbase stock, trending all over the news, people its hype right now. This might be a good time to buy. To be completely honest, we look at bitcoin search term history. You can see it kind of looks similar to something like this over here right before the big run. Um people are not as interested obviously as they were over here at the top, but when we get more adoption we will see this big parabolic spike.

As you see there, uh with people jumping into bitcoin and its usually because of the appreciation of price so again weather the storm, let me give you guys my thoughts. I havent officially bought the dip just yet but im looking at this channel right here. This is bitcoin versus tether on binance, highest volume in the world, so best picture bitcoins price in my personal opinion – and you can see – were kind of like on this downward trend here. So can we continue to go further? Yes, its very likely, but in the long run like i said, every single time china has banned bitcoin ive made a lot of money. I bought pretty much every single time, chinas banned bitcoin. You know i wasnt in crypto in 2013, but all the recent ones. I have bought every single time and im up since then, but i do think that its probably gon na go down a little bit more were in this channel here, so im looking to maybe buy some old coins, not even bitcoin. I use bitcoin as an indicator to buy all coins, but im looking at bitcoin, maybe coming down to 38 again right: 38. 000, maybe 40 000 ill start thinking about buying im, probably gon na buy all coins around this range very specific guys. Im telling you a lot of people dont, get it specific im buying all coins around this range later today ill make a top three all coin video to buy to dip, but yeah, maybe at the end of the weekend, maybe monday, maybe sunday, maybe sunday, uh well Get down to maybe around here! This is all speculation.

We could just shoot up from here, but i already bought the dip pretty aggressively around here. So theres no reason for me to buy up a little bit higher. I just want to wait for it to come down a little bit more uh. We get to the bottom of this channel. Here again, let me be very care im going to probably buy around ‘ 000 bitcoin, 40 000 bitcoin and im gon na buy all coins, because all coins have been doing really well im, looking for undervalued layer, one smart contract, all coins – and you know ive been Talking about ada the stuff that ive been talking about all over my channel im going to buy more, the dip is just another distraction in the grand scheme of things bitcoins going to 100k in the next six months to a year. This only confirms my belief to the fact that they are trying to attack it more and more aggressively with regulation with fud fear, uncertainty and doubt dont get shaken out of your bags. Okay, dont get shaken out of your bags. This is the time this is the time to accumulate more cryptocurrency, like i said over and over again, if you value open transparency, trust power to the people decentralization. This is not the time to bow down to this centralized government that wants to control everything. If you follow chinas footsteps and all these banned technologies, youd be out of a lot of money and a lot of freedom, and this is not my goal, but thats it for this video short sweet to the point.