Lets look at the memes that clearly demonstrate to those who dont understand the value of this ecosystem, because when all s fails at least we can rely on the memes. Hopefully, what do you think, oh very nice, its a very cool bateman but thats? Nothing! What do you think nice? So an nfc, you aint seen nothing yet white impressive, pretty nice! Its quarter million dollars lets see paul balance, its animated look at that coloring, the tasteful thickness of it – oh my god, oh my goodness, that was ive seen a lot of edits in this particular scene, its iconic, and that was fantastic, a tasteful thickness that was brilliant. Actually, realistically probably happened as well in a boardroom with with with people with good jobs, looking at nfts thats crazy to me, ah bitcoin surged overnight. This means that i was right all along yay, invest all in bitcoin dude. I have no idea when to sell im a im, an absolute zero head holy its crashing holy whats happening. Why i cant say what the whats going on hold on. Oh im broke holy: no, not the house, not the car. No, no! No! Oh man! That was actually very on point, at least in 2018.. Damn any juicers by the way, hey im bob the necromancer and today were doing an unboxing, oh dear, that one got me im crying at this old bill gates interview. We all love bill gates, dont. We is it true that you can leap over a chair from a standing position.

It depends on the size of the chair. Uh ill cheat a little bit no way. Yes, yes man, he really missed his lifes calling should have been in the nba. Look at that hes, not a billionaire for any old reason, buddy and thats. How i jumped over taxes too dictator explaining bitcoin benefits. Why are you guys so anti dictators? Imagine if america was a dictatorship, you could let one percent of the people have all the nations wealth. You could help your rich friends get richer by cutting their taxes and bailing them out when they gamble and lose. You could ignore the needs of the poor for health care and education. Your media would appear free, but would secretly be controlled by one person and his family. You could wire tap phones, you could torture foreign prisoners, you could have rigged elections. You could lie about why you go to war, you could fill your prisons with one particular racial group and no one would complain. You could use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests. Hey. I know this is hard for you. Americans to imagine, but please try not that hard. Actually, maybe it took a little bit far in some places, but i was so on the nose wow holy crap. I want this, as my ringtone can just imagine, um senators or something that the house of representatives watching this is somewhat uncomfortable. I would imagine study finds more people in the uk are investing in crypto than in government stock market.

Individual savings accounts youre kidding me study. Fines, people in the uk are not as dumb as the government thought. I mean i mind, blowing absolutely mind blowing stuff. I decided to scare my roommates i like how his pitch is higher than the girls. Now, what would be the equivalent in crypto, because that really wasnt a crypto meme ive got it showing bankers this new technology known as d5? So is it any wonder, people are afraid of technology technology yeah. I dont think theyd like that either do i need a can opener? Why are you sticky, i cant open my can opener its a cant opener. Nothing needs to be this sticky, very good. Oh here we go whats happening: oh thats, the worst snow ive ever smelled about. Oh the smell doesnt, go away. I have to sell my car, okay, all right all right. I think we get the point. I have to sell my car now yeah i could. I could say, like oh thats, when you know you buy your first bag of s coins and whatever, but im just going to react to some memes, which arent, theoretically, 100 crypto and youre just going to deal with it. I dont hear no complaining if grandma is down in el salvador waiting for her remittances and you want to send it with bitcoin thats, fine whatd. She do. She has to go to the atm to get dollars because thats, the only way you can buy something but thats the whole point of legalizing bitcoin is legal tender right.

She can go to the store and buy her groceries with bitcoin. Hey roldan smoked him. He loses job over this, his lifes over okay. This is really uncomfortable. I get the application in crypto. Obviously one is a seasoned vet. One is a brand new newbie contrasted with her just not giving a damn its a little bit unsettling to me. Im gon na be honest, crypto projects making solutions for problems. No one has does anyone. Remember dentacoin. I genuinely got one or two comments of people very angry at me when i said that that was ridiculous. Is it still around denta coin right? Ace? Hey! Hey! 12 million dollars – 300 000 color me surprised so thats the origin of that video yesterday. That was a little bit unexpected. It got me there did anyone else see that coming i really didnt Laughter crypto can help you be a little bit more like that. Guy and thats actually facts im, not joking, oh thats, just the worst. Oh, this is beautiful, throw it out now that was. I took it out of me. Actually that was really sad: okay, Music, hey! Oh man! I really did change it holy crap. This video got a little bit steamy. Does it work with crypto, no its not at all, really? Maybe it helps a little bit actually hey, hey! I like that one. We should sing that when crypto dips but lyrics to an anthem when you need to heal in the middle of a boss fight, i mean yeah, whoever thought about this in game design.

It reminds me of it reminds me of that cyberpunk meme, its just really dumb. No, no coin is that we dont feel that fake out, where the real pumps at we dont like to do a lot of selling Music Music. The best musician in crypto has been for many years right now, thats, not even contentious that that was fire though, and bitcoin comes along thats. Basically, what happened to me thats? Basically, what happened to you study fines, processing power, wasted mining bitcoin, only thing preventing sentient computers from wiping out humanity. I i told you cryptos are highly speculative assets that claim their fame as currency, possibly but theyre. Not they are not. They are not. I thought i was gon na go somewhere, i mean what can we say? We cant really argue with that, and that is all of the memes today. Are they worthy of saving the crypto currency sphere? I would say: results are inconclusive thanks for watching, though, thanks for watching, though, see you in the next one.