As always, i update the spreadsheet the first 26 coins i spoke about in the channel. I thought, would absolutely smash in this ball cycle. You invested 100 bucks into each coin. When uh, i released the videos and still held that by giving profit for 40 grand adding your 2600 investment youre sitting on over 42 and a half thousand, you sit on 42 800. Actually um phantom was a unique course where i said, be the best investment of the year, its obviously leading the way 220 uh 226 x up uh ive held all of these at one point. Another closed positions on dominant all of them in profit, never really grin. Grin was pretty much rubbish in terms of price, not tech, techs, good, um and ive used all those profits and reinvested it into new cryptos. If you want to see the cryptos that i hold check out copy my crypto, this is where ive built a portfolio to maximize gains. During this bull cycle. My top performers have been some of the top performers in the market. My uh overall portfolio outperforms the market week in week out um, if you want to maximize your gains during this bull cycle, build your wealth in anticipation of an inevitable bear market where youll have more money to invest to make you more in the next bet. Bull cycle then check out copy, my crypto all right, guys, um. Yes, the markets have had a little bit of a beating, actually theyve to be fair, theyve actually partially recovered.

I know its were seeing a lot of red and its not looking overly nice right, but um. There was a point where bitcoin tanked down to the 40k territory uh and it has actually recovered a bit. It could still bounce down but well see. So this is actually the news were looking at uh. China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal. This breaking news. Folks, this, oh my god, all cryptos are illegal news. Lets hit every mainstream media source today is old news. Just is it was nine days old, in fact uh. If let me translate this because im not i cant, speak uh chinese im afraid. So this is the article you know shared today. Peoples, bank of china, where they go through the fact that they have identified cryptos is legal. Virtual currencies dont have the same legal status as legal currency virtual currency related businesses are illegal financial activities. If you do so use them, you will be prosecuted um provisions of services by overseas virtual currency exchanges to chinese residents, theres also an illegal financial activity, and that will be investigated in accordance with the law, so thats, basically finance kucoin. Any of you start allowing chinese residents to trade or buy youre breaking the law and you will be pursued um Music, so this is a this is what the peoples bank of china actually put out, but they did it here guys here. So why why? Why are all these stories hitting the media today? What do you guys think so were in futures territory? Its? The last is the friday last friday of the month for futures.

This news hits every mainstream media source on the same day, so its a it is coordinated. Theres no other way, you can look at it its a coordinated effort to push prices down to liquidate people in longs so institutions, so they can start picking up more amounts of bitcoin aetherium, whether maybe cardano platinum, whatever it is theyre picking everything up at a discount And thats it that is it, you know if you actually look at the um at the bbc, article theyve even got rooters here you know, which is the media source. I guess that theyve copied and if you go back to the two comma pauper uh paupers twitter thread where he took your aux about exactly how fud is created in the market. You know he quotes rooters as being one of the sources that ends up being quoted. So this is whats happening its just its just nonsense and surprise: surprise: the market reacted with fear, um and the prices started dropping. So we will see if that continues overnight, but it is nonsense. Um – and this is again a ploy to scare the retail investors out of the market, um Music and you know to some degree its worked because there are a number of cryptos that have had double digit percentage losses, file, coin, ftx, um to name a couple: um. Even even ethereum at one point was down like nine percent, so um yeah flood flood and not and not news.

This has been the case for nine days. Market reacted already to this news, its not its, not news, but its coordinated its been released. All at the same time, to to liquidate people in the futures market to push the prices down, people can pick up cheap, bitcoin, cheap ethereum, thats, thats, whats happening um and its the frustration, its the frustration that people are still reacting to this china news with such Fear um and if youre, a retail investor and youve only been in the market for a month. I understand that fear, but if youve been in for a year and youre still reacting with that, then things things arent good right. You need to start re evaluating mental strength on this stuff, um, so thats. The flood bs stories that weve seen within crypto today, which has massively moved the market um, and you can actually see on the bitcoin chart when it happened. Pretty much like when the news outlets started, um releasing all the same news. It was about midday just boom and literally within a half an hour. It had gone from well 42 and 2k down to 40 900, so yeah, one of those now onto the bullish news onto the adoption story. Twitter, twitter – i mean we knew jack dorsey liked uh crypto. I can see the point of it. So twitter is accelerated again with bitcoin tips, nfts recorded spaces creator fund and more so twitters um Music decided that you can tip your favorite content creators or celebrities, whoever the hell it is um with bitcoin um through the social but through through twitter.

Now thats pretty goddamn cool um, so theyre also incorporating nft authentication. Um theyve also got their creator accelerator. So uh twitter hasnt released details. Specifics like the fun size or expected reach for creative participants, its a clear shot across the bow of a top competitor in social audio clubhouse, whose own creator accelerator offered to connect its participants with brand deals or five thousand dollar per month during their participation in the Program, so twitter is uh basically running the same sort of thing. Um so itll be very interesting to see how that Music that affects twitter actually twitter as a as a company as well um. But the goal is basically to improve adoption increase, adoption of not only the social media platform but theyre now active participants within the crypto space. Even more so theyve also got a new feature um of nfts, which will, according to them bestself creators, so theres a way to theyre theyre. Actually, explaining enough teaser, um so twitter says its um planning to explore support for nft authentication, allowing nft creators to connect their crypto wallets to twitter so that they can track and showcase their own fts. So theyre looking effectively at like a nft showcase, which would be pretty cool like within twitter. That would be quite interesting and its interesting that this comes off the back of like recent new revelations of uh snoop dogg. Having that enormous uh, nft collection and like through twitter, like that anonymous twitter profile that ended up, you know he obviously announced that he is the owner of that um.

This is interesting. That comes quite short like quite recently after that um and jack dorsey did tweet that it was only a amount of time before twitter built support for lightning network layer um. So it looks like he is now ready to do that. Hes also got an experiment called heads up um, which will give users a sense of a conversations vibe before they start wading in so heads up as in heads up um, so they are actually really starting to move more into this crypto space. This mo bodes really really well um for adoption, because there are a ton of people that use twitter, many of whom have never entered the crypto space. So now it is their opportunity to do so, uh where they can actually see um their favorite content. Creators like burning crypto and they can see their favorite content creators learning about crypto and, as a result, their education will increase. You know, even if its from a celebrity and thats thats sort of the beauty of um of this scenario is as much as therell be. You know. Therell inevitably be some celebs that earn ridiculous bitcoin for pistol therell be um a lot of people that are completely clueless about crypto, beginning to learn, beginning to get smaller a small education from some people, but its an opportunity for wider adoption, which bodes really well. But its really really well um, and this was really good to see like im, not the biggest fan of twitter in the world.

You know you know, i think the the communities within it theres theres a lot that to dislike about twitter, but its hugely used a massively wide scale, so that pushes the uh that pushes the adoption in in in some ways and thats. All we want to see. Remember adoption will inevitably result in really positive moves in the market um and that, to some degree, will be countering the china bs that has occurred um and if we actually look a bitcoin news, its everywhere. All this china, china, china, china, china, china, china news, but it isnt news and the fact that its all happened at the exact same point. On the last day of the futures of the month, like the last friday of the month, its terrifying, it is terrifyingly corrupt. In many many ways, um and its institutions, that are the culprits, but you know just think of it like this, you can buy a dip right, because its coordinated effort to dump you know in reality were so close to the bull cycle like were so close to Real really positive moves in this market. You can see this is a coordinated effort to push the price down, and then you can have tons of institutions longing bitcoin and all the news next month will be super positive and the last day of the month or the last friday of the month will be Ridiculously positive and it will just push the price up and theyll l and their lungs will get them.

Some nice returns and its the name of the game. Unfortunately, um but yeah thats, the state of affairs in the crypto market, folks, so big adoption story and big bs story, so uh just another day in crypto anyway, uh thats it for me, i hope youre, all keeping well. If you are new to crypto and the crap like this with the china flood scares, you join copy, my crypt, so i release videos. I let you know about all this crap. I also let you know what im holding the portfolio ive built, that is outperforming the market week in week out and its designed to maximize gains during a bull cycle.