Im sure you do not need me to tell you how screwed up the gpu market has been over the last year or so obviously, over the last few months we have finally started to see some improvement in availability stock and, of course, the all important pricing, not Quite back to normal, but unfortunately, last month or so we have seen things start to trend in the opposite direction. But again we have some potentially great news. Now. You of course probably know that china has been cracking down hard on cryptocurrencies for some time. In fact, they officially banned trading back in 2019, but it was able to continue through the use of foreign exchanges. And now we have official announcement today from the peoples bank of china that all cryptocurrency transactions are illegal and the translated statement reads: virtual currency, related business activities are illegal financial activities and seriously endanger the safety of peoples assets. The message there is clear anyone engaging in those activities in china is a crime and will be prosecuted, and any foreign websites offering such services to chinese citizens will also, of course, be illegal. Now the impact or the potential impact of this is huge as im sure youd agree. China is one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency markets. There has already been an impact on the value of things like bitcoin and ethereum. However, this is an incredibly volatile market were talking about here. Cryptocurrency just goes up down up down whatever it can even be impacted by what elon musk says on twitter like if he decides to push a certain meme coin, that im not going to name, then that will probably go up or down depending on what he said.

Thats, how volatile market were talking that it could be affected by a tweet? You know so. Yes, this potentially could have big ramifications and we could all of a sudden see things start to ease off in the gpu market, or we could just see. People who are seriously invested in cryptocurrency go ah sounds about right for china and just move on so im. Not saying this is all doom and gloom, and we shouldnt celebrate im not saying that im simply pointing out that the market is so volatile, its really hard to say what the long term impact of this is going to be. I just want everyone to keep that in mind and again its not just cryptocurrency thats having an effect on the gpu market, and i know ive said its like a billion times at this point, but you know its a combination of things. Obviously, mines are definitely a factor, but the huge demand for gaming cards is obviously in there and also the added wrinkle of the demand, for you know, work from home stations, people who need like a 30 90 or whatever to do their 3d, rendering at their home Workstation, just for example, you know that kind of demand has also skyrocketed with the amount of people working from home. However, analysts have said previously in a video that we did a few days ago, that we will allegedly see an oversupply of graphics cards in late 2022, which obviously means that the fabs and so on will be producing more cards than people actually want to buy.

Which sounds like heaven compared to now im sure and of course, both amd and nvidia have said that things will return to normal, mid 2020 or start to return to normal, mid 2022, and this is of course, before the next generation cards. So next gen will probably have much better availability than you know. Rda2 and rtx30 did now. I know its not exactly hard to have more availability in this current gen, but still much better availability is at least expected. According to the comments from amd nvidia and several analysts, so honestly guys, we will just have to wait and see the long term impact this is going to have on the crypto market again. This obviously has already had an effect, but its already risen a little bit from that initial dip. So with the market, this volatile its really hard to predict the long term impact this is going to have if any on the gpu market. But it potentially could be exactly the news youve been waiting for, but were gon na move on from the land of unknowns. To something a bit more solid, as we have yet another benchmark for the 12900k up next, so we actually have a couple of benchmarks to discuss on this one, the first of which is a cis of sandra entry, which was discovered by tom episode over on twitter. You can, of course find his tweet linked below now we do see an 8c plus 8c configuration, which obviously is performance and efficient calls.

So the we are seeing 32 calls being shown here by sysoft, but that is of course a misread, because the small or efficient calls do not support hyper threading. So do keep that in mind for this particular one. Now we do see a clock speed of limited 4.8 gigahertz 5.2. Three point gigahertz 4.7 imc, which may refer to the boost clock of each type of call. But moving on to what we do know it was tested on asrock z690 phantom gaming, 4 motherboard in a thunder robot system. Now, to be honest, the score here is really not that great, at least in comparison to the 5950x, which of course is what weve been comparing it to in all these benchmarks. As of late for obvious reasons, as a multimedia score of 14, 14 m picks per second, which is lower than the 2000 that we see for 5950x. But there is a couple of potential reasons for this tom applesack himself, speculates that the small calls were disabled and the other reason is that the cpu could be not fully utilizing its frequency again. It was reported at 4.88 gigahertz, which is lower than expected. So so all that in mind, i think the more interesting benchmark is the r23 cellbench benchmark from hxl. Once again, you can find their tweet linked below. So we see r20 and r23 here, and this obviously is following up from the recent leaks we had in cinebench for a multicore uh score, and this time we are focusing purely on the single core results that have been posted now, as you can see.

Unfortunately, some of the numbers have been blocked out so im just going to assume. The final number is a zero just for simplicitys sake, so we could see a cpu score of 810. Sorry on our 20 just to be clear and then a score of 2050. Just again, assuming on the single core 4r23, so lets make an assumption that this is actually demonstrating the real performance of a 12 900k and again – and this is an official benchmark, blah blah blah blah. You know the drill twenty salt tm anyway, so lets assume that this is demonstrating the real performance. This would actually offer the highest single core performance out of any known, desktop cpu. So if you actually compare this once again to the 5950x, it is roughly 20 percent. Better than zen 3, but obviously we dont know the setup of zen 3 that has been compared to here in terms of you know, memory and so on and so on, and we also do not know the setup of the older leg machine or sorry, the machine That old alec was in when they ran these benchmarks. However, with that in mind, we are still seeing an impressive performance advantage here from old lake over amds n3 and, of course, over rocket lake and comet league of the previous generations of intel. Now my gut feeling is that amd is going to have the lead in multi thread applications but well, probably lose in gaming to older lake.

But of course we should wait for full benchmarks before we make any conclusions now. One other thing from camp intel is some very interesting comments from raja katori, who had an interview published by chinese media and, according to the website, my drivers, which, of course you can find linked below. We are going to be seeing asus, gigabyte and msi all manufacturer gpus, based on the intel arc, alchemist otherwise known as dg2 gpu series. Now we do not know if this means custom solutions or, if theyre just going to do the reference design launch. We do not know in terms of what roger actually said it was quotes. Currently, there are oem factories, including asus, msi, gigabytes and others that will launch intel arc, discrete graphics cards, hoping to develop more business opportunities together in the discrete graphics, technology and graphics card markets. But with that said, lets finish up with our final topic for today, as amd and mediatek may once again be joining forces, as we are allegedly going to see a potential joint venture between the two companies which could extend to the development of soc or system on Chip solutions featuring 5g wi, fi and other high transmission connectivity stuff, and we could see devices featuring high efficiency, mediatek cpu cores in combination with amds rdna, which of course is already being developed from mobile for next gen samsung exynos. Now this is all according to and was originally posted in digitimes behind a paywall, so you can of course find both linked below, but again digitimes is behind a playable payable.

Excuse me. However, there has been a small update to this story, which basically says that the venture that discharge is talking about refers to wireless and wired transmissions technologies that could be used by a new amd notebook platform. So it still, it still could be really interesting to see. Mediatek in combination with rdna thats been developed for next gen samsung and see what actually results from that could be interesting, well see anyway. Thats me done for this video. Thank you so much for watching. As always, your support is hugely appreciated.