You heard that right this isnt satire, i am buying back axes and im going to show that in todays video for all of you to see that im, 100 legit and serious im coming back to axe infinity, guys. Im going to be going over a multitude of different reasons as to why i decided to do this and how many scholarships im planning to bring on, and also some details on, a scholarship giveaway that i will be conducting very very shortly here. So you guys have a chance of getting a scholarship if you are interested in doing so. So, as you can see right here, i do have four different teams that i will be giving away. They are going to be bird beast plant teams, and this is just to prove to you guys that i did indeed go ahead and find myself some axes to go out and buy and they are pretty good teams. I will say that these teams could probably rank uh 17 to 1800 mmr or higher, depending how good of a player you and are but uh yeah guys. This is it i am actually coming back to axio infinity. Now i understand this is gon na, be a huge shock to many people, so im gon na offer a lot of clarification as to why i made this decision and why my confidence is now back into axiom infinity because of how they handled the most recent changes And problems that they were experiencing within the game now for those of you who follow my channel and are a supporter of the crypto king channel, you will understand that i was very outspoken about my discomfort with how the development team was handy, handling the economy, but They made a change that is very, very good for that economy, and this has brought a lot of confidence back, so this is going to be the number one reason it is.

The breeding fee update a big thing that i talked about very consistently when i was having issues with axio infinity was the minted versus burned numbers and well, with this latest change guys, we can see that the slp cost for breeding is essentially doubled, meaning that theres Going to be a lot more slp burning, which is in turn, going to be very good for the economy, and we can already see the effects of this. If we look at the statistics right here. Well, if we just scroll in right here and we just kind of look around – we can see if we scroll over here – oh whats, this wow burned 109 million to 169 million minted. And if we look a couple days back right here, i mean its a big improvement. A few days ago we were looking at 313 million minted versus 40 million burned and now look at the minted versus burned numbers. They are climbing up and they are coming very close together, and this is a very, very bullish signal for me, meaning that i am more than happy to get back into this game, because the economy is so much more stable than it was before this needed to Happen a long time ago, in my opinion, but the fact that its happening now shows me that the developers are not only willing to listen to the community and their grievances, but theyre also willing to act on it to make sure that theyre keeping the axia economy Alive and with many more short term solutions in place before land team gamepl, i think that they know what theyre doing now, and i can see that now and i have a lot of confidence back into them now.

Another reason for me wanting to make this return was, of course, the increased sales volume which i talked about a little bit before. I saw yesterday that the sales volume went up by nearly three times and today is still steadily holding about a 2x over what it was previously before they made their breeding fee adjustments. Now initially, when i was looking at the marketplace, it was very apparent to me that some very big whales came in and they bought up a large part of the market share in terms of pure axes as well as many other axes that are good for breeding, Which will be profitable for them in the long term? But after today i can see that this has also brought a ton of confidence into the average investor, not necessarily whale investors as well, which makes me incredibly happy and brings me a tremendous amount of confidence into getting back into this game. For if the investor confidence has been rebuilt – and they see that you know – things are a lot better now and theyre continuously buying in at much higher volumes than they were previously well, its a very, very good sign, i think in the very very near future. Here we will be getting higher priced axes that will be worth more so its good to invest now, because your assets will appreciate as well as breeding will be profitable again. So if you want to get into breeding thats really good and scholarships wont be crazy.

Crazy good, but they will still be profitable. I do think that slp will hold a pretty steady price point and it wont drop too much and with the roan index coming fairly soon, we have many things in place that should keep this game looking good for at least the next couple of months. Until we have battle v2 or until we have the good old land gameplay early next year, now, im gon na say this guys. This is this uh breeding fee adjustment that they put through. It is a short term solution to basically guarantee the long term of the axi infinity economy, im under no uh delusion that this change is going to permanently fix the axe economy. The developers dont need to do anything after this to continue getting the game moving forward, but i am very, very happy with it because it shows that they know how to fix the short term problems to guarantee the long term, and this just brings a lot more Confidence for me and thats why im coming back guys. I understand that there will need to be a couple more changes like this in the future, as the slp prices changes and fluctuates, etc. But this is definitely along the right path here and i think that they know what theyre doing now and they will be able to at least stall out until land, gameplay and things will just go moon up again when land gameplay is released.

Now, understanding that right now, im only invested into four teams. The reason why im not going all out and getting like 20 teams right off the bat like i would have before is because i just want to go and slower and grow a little bit slower, because im now invested into other crypto projects as well. That i will also talk about on this channel. I want to have a nice diversified portfolio thats, not all my eggs in one basket, similar to what i had before with axiomfinity. I want to just have you know a bunch of different options in terms of where my money is going and coming from, and you know i think, four scholarships with a steady increase and a very steady increase in terms of you know the amount of managers in My discord, server and all that is gon na, be the right way to go with this. So this is the direction im gon na take. I will have many more than four scholars in the future, but im just starting off with four and im gon na be bringing on new people, probably every like one to two weeks until were hitting maybe even 100. Scholarships well see what that number looks like by the end of the year if you still have any distrust in the developers. I completely understand this is just my personal opinion on the matter now, theyve proven to me at the very least that theyre willing to go ahead and make changes for the better of the community and not just themselves.

I mean the axs changing of the fees. Obviously, benefits them, but the slp changing of the fees benefits the community in the end of the day, so everyones kind of happy with this change, everyone got something that they were looking for and i think overall, this is exactly what we needed. So i think a lot of people are very happy with this, and seeing the minted versus burnt numbers come really really close together. Again is incredibly bullish signal for me, so i am super super excited about the future of axi infinity and im, going to be continuing to cover this game as well as other projects, for you guys all to enjoy. So if you want to be a part of that, dont forget to drop a like a comment and a subscribe to my channel, for there will be plenty more content to come and plenty more giveaways to come as well and speaking of giveaways. I do have a giveaway that ill be doing for these scholarships.