It doesnt mean that this is the end all be all list like this has to be the the portfolio you follow. No and uh. You should actually do your own homework based on all these projects. I talk about right, uh, but these are the ones ive been following and i think they have great potential and i would add them to my portfolio right, so thats thats, the basis of this all right lets move on. So to quote myself. Okay, these four quotes are very, very, very important, very important number one dont chase the gains, let the gains come to you right. I know you guys could relate to this. A lot of you guys see a project pump up, especially the small cast micro caps, mid caps. They pump up and youre wondering if its you know, if you should full mo in if they have something huge, you know coming up. You know most of the time they dont, sometimes they just bump up, sometimes its their turn as their trend. It just rallies up right. The best thing is not to chase those gains. What i mean is dont fomo in if youre missing out. What you want to do is find good promising projects and get into them early or get into them when theyre down or get into them, while theyre just stagnant and that way right. When the gains come and rotate to you, youll be uh. Youll be youll, be happy for that.

So thats number one number two follow the 50 20 25 25 rule and dollar cost average and hold never panic, sell, thats, very important and lastly, be greedy. When others are fearful, i stole that from warren buffett, but you know what i think thats a good one, so these four rules very, very important all right. Next up what else there? Okay lets start with the 50 25 25 rule 50 percent in bitcoin. I think this is pretty obvious: okay bitcoin, you cannot ignore bitcoin too many people come into space. Its like bitcoin is too high. Im not go, concentrate on im. Only gon na go into small caps, because theyre gon na pump up to the moon and thats it and thats how you get wrecked and thats how you you. You really set yourself up for failure and youre, not setting yourself for success for the long haul and for life, changing wealth thats. What you want to set yourself up for so you have to have bitcoin in your portfolio and i recommend 50, and why is that? Bitcoin is king, its definitely the king, its getting all the recognition. Everything ive been talking about the news right with the banks, the institutions, the retail adoption everything all the buying is concentrating on bitcoin. It has that name recognition as the first movers advantage and its the greatest store value ever created by mankind. So those three things make it the king. It also carries the market when bitcoin roars up and pumps up guess what happens.

The whole market comes up. Bitcoin comes down also, the whole market comes down right. Bitcoin is definitely carrying the market, no matter what? Even if the bitcoin dominance comes down, slightly still bitcoin is carrying the market. The market did not decouple away from bitcoin thats. Very, very important to understand. Bitcoin is a safe haven, meaning that it does provide stability, meaning that if the crypto market tanks right bitcoin, is the one that most people put their money into well besides stable coins. But most people switch back to bitcoin because it it usually has less volatility. Its less risky it holds better right, so it does have instability and thats. Why its a safe haven and lets not forget bitcoin still has tremendous upsides tremendous tremendous tremendous upside even at fifty thousand fifty five thousand sixty thousand you know what bitcoin has tremendous upside to fit: five hundred thousand million dollars, plus people dont wan na hear it just Like people didnt want to hear, bitcoin could be at a hundred thousand at three thousand. Well guess what were more than halfway there right ive been saying that when bitcoin tanked to three thousand im like stay strong, it will break 20 000 and it will go higher. People didnt want to hear that, but look at where we are now right, so bitcoin still has a tremendous upside uh. Second part: 25 percent of big caps and big caps is anything thats over 10 billion dollars in market cap and these days theres a lot.

But i would definitely concentrate on these and theres ones that, like more than others right um, but it really depends on what your taste is and what you know which projects you believe in more lets start out with ethereum. Of course, most people have heard of ethereum. You cant ignore ethereum. They have the biggest development base out there of any crypto um, so they definitely have a ton of teams, projects thats looking to build and innovate. So ethereum is an innovator. You know the erc20 standard for nfts came out in ethereum icos ieos. Now i you know ideos i mean anything you can think of any kind of innovation. Thats been happening has come out of ethereum, so theyre definitely the innovator because of their development base. Also, you have ethereum 2.0 to look forward to which will help them scale. And, lastly, you have institutions. Institutions are buying an ethereum. That is why theres an ethereum etf thats. Why theres a great scale, trust, and you hear about companies now buying ethereum for their reserve currency too um binance coin, you cant dispute how big binances ecosystem is its just enormous, with their global reach, with their their different kind of platforms and what they offer enormous Finance smart chain also enormous enormous growing like wildfire, because ethereum is having some scaling issue. Binance smart chain is going nuts going nuts right now, um its also deflationary. You know they have coin burst, that helps drive the price up and, of course, theyre getting into d5 and nfts, so theyre really killing it.

Next up, you have cardano and polkadot, and i put them together because theyre very very similar. Both the leaders, charles and gavin, are co founders of ethereum. They they both are very, very smart people and because of that, they have a very large and loyal base and their ecosystem is growing, especially polka dot right now, but both of these projects are not done. Polka dot still doesnt have all the pair of chains connected up yet, and cardano, of course, is not done so both are work in progress, however, because of the leadership and because of loyalty, the base and the promise, you know theyre doing very, very well right now. Next up is chain link, the biggest and most robust and most reliable oracle out there. I dont believe in any other oracles outside of chain link right now and oracle just helps projects grab data from other projects, its just that simple it doesnt even have to be blockchain projects. It could be projects outside the blockchain world thats. What chain link does basically a whole network of grabbers data, grabbers thats the best way to think about it solana. You know i love their new up and coming blockchain. I love their ecosystem, its growing like mad. In fact, ive been talking a lot about solana. So im not gon na talk too much about them, but they have a very fast blockchain, a very uh big and growing ecosystem and uh alameda research uh is investing heavily into them and all the dapps on top of them.

So that is why they have been killing it. Also v chain ive been supporting vechain. This is one of the projects. Thats thats, carried over from 2017. vechain, is another blockchain that has the the by far the most and biggest partnerships out there, partnerships that are not paper partnership, paper, partnerships that are actually companies utilizing the chain that is very different and the biggest biggest biggest advantage. They have is theyre in with china. Some of these partners are state, run companies thats within china, so they have that in so when china goes full blown crypto v chain will benefit from that greatly greatly uh. Next up, you have theta theta their platform. Their decentralized streaming platform is by far the biggest out there. They have a ton of content, they have a ton of traction and theyre coming out the new main net pretty soon so theta is fantastic and, lastly, i put ripple and dogecoin together, because, despite your feelings about ripple and xrp and dogecoin, i think at this point Is irresponsible not to hold some seeing how high they are up on cmc, how big they are? They have loyal base and there are use cases for both too, so i think its irresponsible not to hold either either one so thats pretty much it for big cap. Now lets get to mid small micro caps, so this list is too extensive, so i just went up to the mid caps and not even fully in the mid caps.

I mean not fully into the small caps uh theres a lot of micro caps. I didnt mention but thats why you guys need to pay attention to my videos. Ive created a lot of videos where im searching for micro caps and talking about projects i like – and i mentioned them in patreon too. So if you guys want some exclusive content check out my patreon group, but heres, the ones thats mid small for the most part and its not just – i have two pages for us number one you have terra terra has a really good base in south korea. They have an existing app and they came. They came out with stable coins and other apps that utilize them like synthetic token creation, uh, d5 lending and others. So tara definitely has a good traction. Pancake swap theyre the largest amm, not just on binance martian theyre. The large amm of the entire space, even bigger than unislop, so i really like pancake swap and if you dont know what amm is. Basically, there are decks with yield farming involved and uh and nfts involved as well cosmos, also very promising blockchain theyre theyre theyre. Basically, an ecosystem of chains and because of ibs um, i think its ibs Music. Hopefully, i didnt get the abbreviation wrong, but that basically its part of their stargate program, where it connects up all the chains. Theres interoperability between the chains and this opens up endless possibilities, especially with d5 and nft crap collaboration cross chain communication, its its enormous, its enormous, so um, i think cosmos has a lot going for it polygon.

I just had a story about them. You know theyre one of the the the the most widely used layer, two for ethereum. They have a ton, a ton of d5 projects and moved over. I believe compound moved over sushi swap moved over and a whole lot of others moved over and thats, because theyre really fast really cheap and they have their own decks. They have a whole lot of things going on with polygon. Then you have chilis, which is um which is nft play. They create tokens for football clubs, but they have their own decks and theyre. You know really um theyre really entwined with even uh binance too. So even some of these, these custom tokens for their clubs are trade on binance, but you could trade on their decks too, but i believe they have a lot of traction. Theyre theyre still expanding, especially to the us, so they can get into american football and other groups. Next we have engine which is a huge gigantic nft marketplace. They also have a universal wallet theyre tied up with a lot of other companies such as samsung and theyre. Coming out their layer 2 and their blockchain yeah, theyre good same thing with decentral land theyre, just one gigantic virtual world. The leaders of that theres a lot of virtual worlds. Now virtual games thats involved with nfts, but decentraland was the very first and they definitely have the network effect all right now. Lastly, lets go to page two right lets start with the graph.

The graph is almost like its almost like chain link in a way, but they help they utilize. They utilize um the same source code, basically to help blockchain projects come up with api so that other project could fetch data from them. So this is very important for for d5 projects, but that source code is universal. I believe facebook also utilizes the same code but thats. What graph does so its very necessary in the space? Next you have harmony. Harmony is also a promising blockchain that uses sharding for uh fast transactions very fast and quick transactions and theyre evolving. They have a few d5 projects, actually blowing up right now, uh, i dont hear really much about nfts, but i know that is coming and its its uh by a great team. So i do like harmony a lot same thing with helium. They have some good leaders. The founder napster, uh, you know, was one of the co founders. They have a lot of traction: theyre mining for uh, their their network mining, utilizing uh antennas is actually really very genius, but theyre theyre about creating a mesh network. Cool coin token, of course, is the main token for kucoin, which a lot of you guys, love and me too, im addicted to kucoin right and uh. They have a ton of ton of coins, theyre open to the us residents and theyre following footsteps of binance theyre theyre pretty much. They have the same features.

Basically, r weave is a decentralized storage plate. I love mostly because um you know they have theyre partnered up with solana, which i really love. So any kind of storage play on solana is utilizing our way, then, are we trying to create a perma web where basically, every single article out there, every single article data email can be permanently stored on our weave thats? What theyre trying to do, then? You have flow, which is nft play created by dapper labs creators of crypto kitties, and they have nba top shots running on top of them. One of the biggest nft plays out there and soon theyre gon na have ufc as well. And lastly, i want to mention venus, which is kind of like the maker dial of binance smart chain theyre, a huge lending play. If you want to take out, buy you basically put down some collateral. You could borrow against your collateral, they give you a stable coin and you could do what you want with that stable coin. That is what venus is, but if you look at their volume, it is massive massive. Almost the same, i i think its its close to maker dial, so they have uh come up quite a bit so that rounds on my list so again do your own homework on all these projects. I think they have a lot of potential, but you may see things otherwise so make sure you do your homework and uh and you decide which ones is right for you.

But ultimately, i think 50 25 25 is the way to go and many people that follow.