I could technically retire with 250 000 and with this money it could generate me passive income of five to six hundred dollars every single week, 52 weeks a year. Technically, i could not do my nine to five job focus on my family and my side, hustle, because this money will pay for the roof over my head food and all the utilities and kids activities. So let me share my story with you: Music, hello. Welcome back to family invest. My name is dr alex ko, as we all know, by textbook to retire in the day today. For a couple, we need about 2.5 million to 5 million us dollar to retire, to be able to pay for the house for the kids and everything ongoing, and with this 2.5 for 5 million dollars, you could generate income via dividend or buy a house rental between About four to six seven percent, but times have changed and products has been launched and things are really going differently. This time, when i say early retirement means you reach in retirement age before 55 and youre retiring, essentially to free up your nine to five time. So you can do stuff that you like do stuff, that you always want to do your passion work and still you can still generate income. So the two ways of earning passive income are cryptocurrency driven method. So let me share my view. The very first one is to use an app thats called crypto.

com, so crypto.com, if you have 250 000 dollars in stable coins, which is linked to the us dollar or 250 000 worth of polygonatic or polka dot, which pays you 12 and a half percent. So both are twelve twelve and a half percent, and if you put 250 000, you will be making 576 dollars every single week. If you get 300, 000 youll be making 692 dollars every single week, thats more than enough for you to pay for your mortgage, because you might still have a mortgage for your homes, expenses, utilities, electricity, your kids activities and some for the holidays in future – and this Is doable with crypto.com and people are asking how about taxation? Yep taxation is actually helpful because you quit your job. You dont have to pay a higher tax ban rate and, with this returns, youre actually making 30 40 000 every single year, which you should be under the lower tax bracket and with you working six hours a day and start your own site business. That could be your business accounts that could be separate and you can earn dividend or salary via that. If you do want to pay, the higher tax ban then keep in company let the company grow. So there are ways to work around it. The ways to grow. Your wealth but theres really two different coins here, its the stable coins and the crypto coins. Stable coins, like ust, for example, is linked to the us dollar.

Okay, so youre following the inflation rate. If the inflation goes up, your currency will go smaller with the us dollar youre linked to the ust, so it doesnt really drop, but the value will stay as 250 thousand dollars today and inflation youll get smaller, but with crypto. It goes both ways. Youre 250 000. Is only two coins that i can seek here from crypto.com is the polygonmatic and the second one is polkadot. Who pays you 12.5 percent? So if these two coins, if your 250 000 invested today get smaller, you obviously will earn less money. But what if youre polygonalmatic or your poco dot actually grows two times three times in the next five six years, your earnings will actually increase as well, not just staying between five to six hundred dollars, so theres a risk intake with cryptos or no lesser lower risk With stable coins and again i just want to share that they are paid weekly. So every monday, tuesday wednesday, wherever i started this fixed deposit earning, i get paid on a weekly basis. The only thing that you need to be aware of crypto.com is you have to stake some cro, so you have to solve like by the membership level, so theres, two one. You can state 400 cro, which is equivalent to about three hundred dollars three to four hundred dollars and the second one is you get the next membership level up, which is 4 000 cro coins worth and there you are, then you get a different rate so to Get the 12 you have to stick about 4 000 cro worth of coins, but if you go for the low one, then you drop to about 10, which is this chart here shows okay, so the two different charts check it out link below the website, but if Youre enjoying crypto.

com always click on the link below and you get 25 free us dollar. I use it on the daily basis. I am making earnings every single week and second method is really the anchor protocol taro luna coins. That is another interesting one. So if you have ust not usdt, so its a ust is a base on lunar, stable coins again linked to the us dollar and on the anchor protocol. You have to use a wallet called the terra station wallet where you put your money in, but before that you have to buy either luna or anchor or usd from your preferred vendor and with the wallet link to the anchor protocol, you could essentially go to this Page here and earn and make 19 to 20 every single year and they pay you every eight seconds, so you can do essentially. Every week you take a redemption out 250. 000. At 20. Every week you will be bringing 961 us dollar thats even more attractive again with stablecoin of the ust, which is linked to the us dollar, so something you could think about and its passive income you havent got nothing to do, but just to withdraw. Leave 250 000. In there, and all you have to do is withdraw when you need to pay for your bills. It could be monthly, weekly, bi, weekly, obviously then anchor protocol. There are other ways to make even more, with liquid, pooling and other different methods with the anchor but then again, thats, not very passive income, because you have to work around it.

You need to know step by steps about the risk on collateral and many other things. So that should be explained in a separate video for higher risk higher income, but this stable coin, ust alone you buy it, you locate it on earn and thats what you make and thats what you make every eight 10 seconds and you can claim it up. Every time any time you want, but then its based on the cost of fees so think about how you want to withdraw, but its possible 961 dollars every single 250 000 income thats pretty pretty attractive, something that im sleeping at night every single night thinking. Why do you have to wake up to go to your job, when i can actually do this get bill sorter and then focus on what i really like to do, like you know talking to yourself today on youtube, and now i just want to address a few Q, a because ive spoken to a few folks – and these are the very common question that comes up so a couple of q, a which i want to share the very first q and a question – is alex whats the risk, its crypto. What is the rest with crypto.com or anchor protocol? Yeah everything has its risk, i mean you holding a job, has its risk as well, because you could potentially be sacked from your job again because of another financial doom or potentially, you could put your money in the bank and then bank whos bust or you could Hit another financial crisis thats also a risk, so how much difference is risk on the vendor regulated, maybe not as regulated as your stock broker account, but the stock that you buy could fall to zero.

You could buy a high restore so theres an element of risk in every each and one of it, so we should be biased, saying that its a crypto broker crypto.com its a risk. Its an established company anchor is an established company. Its trying to give you products for you to generate income, so you need to be open minded about the risk. Second one i keep coming up. People asking me see alex, i dont have 250k. So, as someone who is above 30 40, you meet a professional who makes 60 80 thousand dollars a year. Youve been working for the last 20 years. You should technically have some money in the bank. Perhaps you might be locked away in your pension that you cannot touch until 55, something you need to control yourself and how to be targeting if youre not there. So perhaps for the next few years, try to target, save and earn cut your cost. Try to save the 250 grand, because this could pave way for your financial freedom, so make a goal and target for it. Question number three: i get again its about crypto alex crypto. I dont trust crypto. I dont know what is it about think about it? Crypto evolve, bitcoin came about during the financial crash during the financial crash, people lost trust in those institutions and the banks, and guess what those people make the most money you lose all your capital and those guys are still there their bonuses and one thing i really Want to address is money, printing, quantitative easing for every financial crisis.

From now on, the feds, the governments, the british government, japanese government – will be printing money. Okay started in the financial crisis, the o7 kovic crisis at 20, its a common team. Now it works. Printing money works and the problem in printing money is your money devalues ask yourself back in 2010, 2012, your salary and now compared to 21 2020? Has it changed honestly? No, the doctors in the uk, the nurses in the uk, the teachers in the uk hasnt got a pay rise, thats any different from when they were back in 2010, but guess what a bottle of milk travel? Our phones, cameras, tvs. Even our cinema ticket prices has gone up every single year, but not our cash, so it shows that our cash is devaluing, and you know, whats the only thing thats holding its value, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, because they are decentralized and they are limited. So these things are going in value. You know back then iphone back about six. Seven years ago, iphone 6. It took about a thousand bitcoins before you could get one about 1000 ethereum and now to buy the same iphone 13. You spend 0.001 bitcoin to get an iphone, so guess who has stayed? Who has stored its value, not the dollars its crypto, and i hope you find this useful today. I hope you find this clarity for you to open up your mind to learn a bit more im, not asking you to retire now, but its giving you an option, its giving everybody an option.

So if youre enjoying crypto.com click on the link below, if youre an engineering anchor, then you need to do a bit more research. But hopefully i can share more videos about the anchor protocol, how to use it the risk and what it should and should not do. But other than that, welcome to my discord. If you want my patreon, i can help you hand, hold you or join me on live spot. There are many ways to access to me, but i really want to help you and your family on this financial flexibility and give you that option to consider. Thank you very much have a good day.