Do you like that name? You shake your head every time, uh i like young, jeezy, the rapper okay, i did like him. He was great the snowman all right. Well, uh lets talk about a little nft news. We had a little bit of a scandal breaking involving john wall: oh john wall yeah, the famous basketball player known for his dunks and everything uh. He had an nft project. They stole a screenshot from fortnite right here for the background, and then they stole the art from boss. Babies, man, the nft community, like is real strict on that they will scrape your art theyll. Look through your wallets theyll theyll call out anything if they see it. Yeah so it looked like it might have been a cash grab, not that good. But on the other side of the celebrity spectrum we had a snoop dogg reveal himself to be a huge nft whale that was anonymous for a long time yeah. What exactly happened so medici was the name and he said im going to reveal myself im a huge celebrity, and this is gon na – send shock waves. Everyone ridiculed, it said. Oh, this is all fake. This they had nine crypto punks, almost 20 million dollar nft wallet, and then it was it was the dog father the whole time. Oh snoop d do double g, noob, double g being a little sneaky there. His hands are in everything man, hes, hes, always hes.

On the cutting edge, usually he stayed he stayed pretty relevant through. I mean hes pretty old. Now what is he like? 50 50, something yeah hes, pretty irrelevant yeah hes staying relevant. I i love to see it and uh. I dont know this week. We you had a freedom mint, yes, freedom, glitch, actually so short story. You told me about it. You were trying to minute. I said: hey whats, the website, you told me i went to minute. I actually got one, but did you get one? I couldnt get one. It sold out in time i i fomoed in and bought two its uh, its helmed by daniel eath and uh, someone nft llama and pretty bullish on them. They got their hands in the space wasnt. It was. It 5k was that what they were yeah theres only 5 000. – they sold out in minutes yeah. It was minutes, yeah yeah, well, not not sellout, but they meant it out in minutes. Yeah well sold out for zero yeah yeah, so yeah uh, pretty bullish on the glitches so keep an eye out. But lets talk about some projects. Yeah yeah. We have uh a few projects today to go wait. Is there a hot coin going to be on this? One because thats what the people like to see yeah the people do like to see the coins. You do the first ones gon na be a coin, but its not out yet okay, it will be out tuesday on uniswap.

Its called ridoto ticker is rdt. Ridoto is a casino on the blockchain all right. I like casinos. I, like some gambling ill admit. I were in crypto. We like to gamble yeah, and so their big thing is the house always wins, and the people are the house like. So if you participate – and you hold the tokens – you are the house – oh so its almost like fractional ownership of a casino, absolutely so theres earnings, theres, paybacks, theres, all kind of stuff, so theyve and i i talked with the team – and i was like well how Do you integrated nfts? I mean i cant really go over your project if you dont integrate nfts, you know this is the nfc update, show and then people come here and watch to learn more about nfc, so what they do, if you hold their nfts, you get things like double earnings Or free play, or maybe you can be invited to special social events on the platform. Okay, so the tokens like fractional ownership but nfts are like when you go to vegas and youre a whale and they comp things and give you free things: yeah yeah. It feels like a comp pass yeah, absolutely so something thats, really cool is its not only just on your desktop, so theyve already uh implemented an app, so they have theyre gon na have an app on there on their roadmap, where you can play right there on Your phone in the casino, as well as on your desktop so its pretty cool all right, so you can uh play craps.

While you take a were not gon na finish yeah. I didnt plan that thats terrible all right, uh, so whats. It called again rodote. Rododo rojo ticker is rdt, they all theyre theyre a huge fan of the show, but they also are a one of those secret sponsorships to pluto alliance. So they are going to be yeah. They are going to be uh, giving us some tokens were gon na. Do some special things with those tokens so be on the lookout they did sponsor pluto alliance. All right well, do well do so. We got another project, uh its a solana project dropping on the 29th, so youll see this on. The 29th is going to be two or three sold depending on the market conditions. I still havent got any soul. Yet i got i got to get a soul. You got ill, give you one soul, i feel empty in here. I get a wallet, get it while ill, give you one soul. All right, you wont be empty inside, i gotcha. So this is a gi, joe esque nft, okay, its going to be 5000 2d 5000 3d, and you dont know what youre going to meant. Thats, pretty cool so its like its almost like youre gambling and its gamified, you dont, know whats going to happen. They have two different road maps. Okay, the 2d is going to be in comic books and stuff like that, and then the 3d is going to be more towards like meta, verses and upgrading their 3d animations.

Oh, i love that. I love that a lot yeah the metaverse thing is huge. I think every blockchain right now is uh being introduced to metaverses and they have dev teams building those things out. So im really happy to see solana doing the same thing yeah. This could be one of the first like 3d avatar metaverses, so thatd be theyre, huge, exciting its uh like gi joe, but with interchangeable parts. So wait a minute, so you minute you dont, necessarily like it or maybe you do like what you got. But then you get something where, like a loot box, where you get like different like an arm or a different trait and you can trade it out, but how do they do that isnt that expensive heres the thing yeah it would be if it was ethereum. This is a lana and i dont have any you got to get a song. I dont have a soul yeah, so theyre gon na have achievements uh, they call it the barracks and you you might have a challenge where it says you have a 2d guy and a 3d guy matching a left leg. With that you get a loot box open up your loot box boom youre going to get a new arm a gun or something like that, but heres the 2d. So i mean imagine, you know you could swap in a leg swap in an arm or something its going to be nuts, and you do the same thing with the 3d and yeah im.

Pretty pretty excited about that. I think i think whats going to happen. Interchangeable interchangeable, i think whats going to happen, is when you get all matching arms legs. Torso head, those are going to be worth the money yeah yeah. When you build one out its like an epic yeah, then you can put it on a secondary marketplace. Its a huge return on it exactly nice, so looking out for soul, army 29th link in the description boom. Always what else do we got all right? So uh weve weve been over this project once already its a penguin fight club rule number one not supposed to do it not supposed to talk about penguin fight club all right, so the mysterious project uh has been on. This has been on the show already once they reached back out. They were extremely happy that we we drove a little bit of awareness and some some traffic to them, but they said hey. We got a hundred penguins whoa fighting penguins that we want to give to your community, so i have a hundred that were going to be randomly air dropping. But here at an energy update, we love supporting new teams, new projects that are trying to break into the space. So some of this art is so cool man, its like the fighting penguin with a black eye or smoking a cigarette. They just had a fight. You know because thats what i do when i, when i fight some when i fight a penguin, i usually smoke a cigarette afterwards.

Okay, i usually wait for my adrenaline to calm down yeah and then just go, walk away, walk away, yeah yeah, because you got to get away from the scene, yeah yeah. Well, then you better run yeah! You dont want to walk. Maybe ive done that too yeah. So but anyways yall go check it out, link in the description, uh. There are, i think, theres a few left to be minted extremely cheap .04 to mint so go support this project. They support our channel. We expect some good things out of this project. Super excited to uh have them sponsor this segment. Yeah more than half are minted its dwindling. So you might want to hurry on that yeah for sure for sure. Speaking of projects weve talked about before the demons. Theyre back, the demons are back. I know the devils. The demons: what is it with you are drawn to the dark side? What is it with you and demons? Well out of the two of us im, the only one with saul, yeah. Well, youre right, so i got you there. I got you there, so crypto demons, theyre about to launch v2 today, when this is launching it is launching two day v2, so youre able to upgrade your demons into super demons. So how do you upgrade like? What do you need to do to upgrade your deal? Alright, so we got the regular demons, they look like this. You get three of these little guys and then boom.

You get a super demon, and these demons are gon na basically be used in the game in their metaverse and their ecosystem. So theyre gon na do a snapshot for all demon holders of the lilith token theyre going to have their own token lilith the lilith token oh yeah, so you can buy nfts that you can. You know, merge with your demon theyre going to have a game. Parlor games, maybe like kind of a casino, were gon na, see how that goes. So you could stake your nfts and earn lilith yeah. You know uh besides the fact that its such an evil project – i am. I am like super excited because, like this guy, like we weve talked weve, talked to talk to him a lot. He is so like over the top working on the road map building out stuff. The fact that hes got a token that hes going to be air. Dropping to holders is just phenomenal, yeah and a lot of projects. They talk about the game that theyre working on theyre doing this hes already got the 2d animation for the character. Hes already got the enemies. You know look at this bad guy. You got this guy. Coming youre going to have to hit him with a little sore thrust. Hes got all the move set its crouching and crouch walking and wall jumping and spinning sore thrusts, so its actually like almost a real game, its like reminiscent of like mortal kombat, 1.

yeah. But imagine a side scroller like a castlevania. Oh nice yeah. I like that all right. So again it is launching right now and also a little token. You maybe buy some merch. Are you gon na? Are you gon na? Would you wear a demon? I dont know if id wear a demon i go to church on sundays. All right, i might be a bad look. I go to church on sundays, so i cant imagine wearing a demon shirt. You know, but but you know what i might get a hat. I might get a hat and uh and uh put it like in the trunk of my car yeah, so i actually bought a couple more just full disclosure. I bought more. I got im sitting on five youre sitting on three. You might want to hurry up man yeah better, get them all right, get them cool uh. We got a giveaway or uh. Actually we have a contest, real, quick that i want to go over and then give away. We will have a giveaway this week, itll be in the description yall check that out, but the contest that were doing, let me read it uh its going to be for pluto alliance, nice, so weve been seeing some of these art uh contests for different avatar projects. On twitter we figured we want to start one for pluto alliance. We have some pretty cool things for the winners, so let me go over that real, quick, so its as an artist and creatives.

I want to see your pluto alliance interpretation derivatives. Remixes fan art. There will be various prizes for winners, first place 10k in stables, thats, not all, and a black hole. Now we just auctioned off a black hole. How much did it go for it was close to twenty thousand fifteen twenty thousand, its like 19 and a half k plus 10k in stables, thats thats prize number, one, your salary, yeah thats like are you sure, thats what you want to give them? I mean im doing this im doing it were going to do it, but thats, not all so thats thats the first one, so that thats, what i mean you can buy like a small car yeah for what is that 10k plus 19. thats almost 30k right there For the price number, one price number two were giving a 5k unstable, still pretty good and a pluto. This is huge yeah 5k and a pluto and thats like our second tier nft, third 2k in stables and a mars. Now mars is one of the coolest the. If you got a mars, theres theres a little more of them, but if youve got a mars, those are some of the coolest avatars in the whole pluto yeah theyre, going for like what 5k or something yeah its ridiculous. So we have packed the reward chest for this one uh. We want to see uh a lot of good art. You know we know theres, some very talented people out there, also runner up runners up that.

We that well well figure out who they are theyll, be getting random, nfts, airdropped and given to them just for being a runner up. So if you participate well, give you some stuff too um. So let me read this: runners up will qualify for nft airdrops from other projects were happy to support emerging artists and nft projects through the channel were using these nft airdrops, as community rewards to provide exposure to our massive audience and hopefully help their projects on board. Some of our community members in the process submissions are by october, 7th at 6, 00 p.m. Eastern, so daisy, real quick. How could you walk through the submission process for this contest? Yeah? Certainly its easy go on twitter. You can upload it. You can make it nft, but when you upload it put hashtag pluto alliance, art comp there, it is nice, okay, cool. I ive seen some of these art contests. I think gevols just did one that one was nuts golly. Some of that art was phenomenal, so we expect our community to really rally around this contest and pull out some really cool stuff. Theyve made some cool stuff for free, so i can only imagine when were giving them about what thirty thousand dollars, how crazy theyre gon na go. Winners will be selected by a panel of pluto alliance holders and a core team member no limit on entries, but remember. Quality over quantity winners will be selected by pluto alliance kings and core team.

I like that. I, like that, so im excited yeah im. Im thrilled lets see what we can do. Yeah pluto is a planet. Hashtag flew it as a planet. Uh giveaway in the description i think thats, all we got thats all we got.