To do this, our ancestors had to build things like roads, bridges, aqueducts wagons and trade carts to move supplies from one place to another. Adequate infrastructure is the beating heart of every thriving civilization, its a marvel to think about just how far our civilization has come in even the past 100 years after the prominent rise of the internet and more recently, fintech people are beginning to realize its only a matter Of time until our financial system becomes completely digitalized since the rise of blockchain technology, we are tiptoeing closer and closer to this reality. Every day its one thing to send and receive bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoins between our peers, but to ensure the survival of this ever growing ecosystem. There needs to be a bridge that seamlessly connects them all together. Lucky for us, the bridge has a name wanchain and juan chain is a partner of bitboy. Crypto has been front running the cross chain, interoperability space since 2017.. Coins such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin raw skyscrapers spread throughout the country. One chain is the highway that connects them all together. Lets get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community on all the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto, if you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe. Button in this video were going to discuss wanchains new digital integrations and partnerships, as well as recent developments with one lin phoenix finance.

One swap the new and improved one bridge web and zookeeper one chain. The wide area network chain is the worlds first, premier decentralized, blockchain interoperability solution. In a previous video on wanchain, we discussed that one chains goal was to build truly decentralized, direct bridges, its safe to say, theyve done just that earlier this year they built the first direct bridge from bitcoin to ethereum according to a tweet from one chain. On september 17th, onechains 100 decentralized, non custodial cross chain network already includes nine layer. One networks, bitcoin ethereum eos, bsc xrp, ledger litecoin one chain more recently, theyve improved their town center and added moon river and avalanche to their tech tree. One chain is one of the first projects to launch on moon river goes by the ticker movr moon river is moonbeam sister network on kusama, and its price has been like a rocket ship to the moon, since its release in august quickly shot up to 495 dollars Within a few weeks of its release has since corrected with the rest of the market to 322 dollars. At the time of this riding tamujin louis from says in the future. One chain will also deploy to moonbeam and access moonbeam and polkadots fast paced growing ecosystems. This integration will strengthen the device ecosystem and kusama by enabling developers to build decentralized cross chain applications. Devi activity is growing on many different blockchains, but the lack of integration between these blockchain ecosystems limits the liquidity and traction for many protocols.

That was said by derrick yew founder of moonbeam onechain offers bi directional connectivity options to multiple blockchain ecosystems from moon river. This connectivity provide a rich set of assets to the growing device ecosystem on kusama and, ultimately polka dot for more on moon river. Make sure to check out this video here. Getting its foot into the dot ecosystem is one thing, but also partner up with avalanche in such a small window of time is clearly proof that one chain is developing quickly. Avalanche has been one of the best projects to be involved with, in 2021, its one of the fastest smart contract platforms in the blockchain industry. Add this together with power of cross chain technology, and what do you get the future? No, not that future future of finance stay with me here, according to louie from He said. The next phase of this collaboration is threefold: avalanche will introduce the benefits of one chains, decentralized, cross chain bridges to its ecosystem projects. Number two one chain will create new use cases for cross chain, compatible tokens like one xrp and one ltc on avalanche and one avax on other public blockchains number three avalanche and one chain will co incubate, promising new cross chain d, pipe projects combining the speed and Utility of the avax ecosystem with the cross chain, interoperability of one chain, will open new doors for developers and will benefit all users involved, open a new door and smash the like and subscribe button for us puts you in the bit squad, which is the fastest growing Community in crypto onechain has also addressed the scalability issues by developing a layer 2 to layer 2 bridge as well.

The wan chain team is ecstatic to reveal that a new, innovative, l2 l2 bridging solution has already been developed and is currently entering the final stages of testing. Now lets talk about some of the ecosystem highlights featured in the wanchain empire, with devi growing in popularity as time goes on. Services such as borrowing and lending are must have utilities in the space. What do you get when you put borrowing lending and cross chain interoperability in the same blender? I can take care of that Music. I knew i could get the ipad in a blendtec total blender. I think ill press the i blend button, so Music Music dont breathe. This, ah, that was one tough pad Music one lin v2. Now since august 1lin version 2 is one of the latest platforms to leverage cross chain functionality and pool based liquidity into the same d5 protocol according to curacao from by utilizing onechains, innovative stormin node system. All assets engaged in crosschain activities are fully collateralized free, enjoy full decentralized security. An innovation of onelin version 2 is its pooled liquidity feature. This allows users to contribute any asset to the pool and gain interest. This is much better than traditional contract based lending systems, because users can supply and withdraw assets at any time, rather than relying on a contract where borrowers have to agree to the terms of the lending contract. This adds flexibility without compromising usability or security. One lend v2 also uses a community governance system, allows users to vote on new proposals.

To do this, lin v2 will deploy its own one token. There will be 210 million wand tokens issued over three years. This unconventional approach to divi will lead to a world class experience. Another addition to the wanchain family is phoenix finance, formerly known as finnexis phoenix finance gradually relaunched throughout the course of august on polygon and wanchain, they launched with these two networks to offer a solution to the setbacks of high gas fees and scalability facing ethereum. This new protocol features two core products options and decentralized leverage tokens. It also includes mining and staking mechanisms. Ptc, eth, usdc and usdt can be used as collateral for accessing any of them. Their leverage coins allow users to have access to a leveraged position without fearing the risk of liquidation options are a versatile investment instrument that acts as a hedge against risks. It also enables users to increase or accumulate gains. Phoenix options are traded with an innovative pooled liquidity system and allows for the efficient use of existing funds. One swap is a decentralized exchange with automated market, making its modeled after unit swap and combined with yield. Farming features like on sushi swap one swap is built on the one chain block chain which takes advantage of its cross chain, features to enable multi chain asset trading, its the best of both worlds. One swap supports eos bitcoin wan chain, xrp, litecoin, doge eath, and a growing number of erc20 tokens. One swap is a 100 community driven project built with the passion and dedication of one chain.

Community members, the farming page on one swap provides extra incentives by rewarding liquidity providers with the platform token wasp. There are also upcoming new features such as decentralized dollar cost averaging and programmable cash flows. The one bridge web mentioned earlier that directly bridged bitcoin eth, has also just been fully upgraded. This new release introduces a new, simple, intuitive ui design and streamlined operations. This will also be the first cross chain compatible bridge to work on a cell phone. This feature will be released in the near future. One bridge web is a browser based interface that makes simple decentralized cross chain transactions available to all users. One change cross chain: bridges are maintained by a group of 25 anonymous nodes called the storm man group, which is responsible for performing and verifying cross chain transactions. Decentralized collateral pools support all these bridges, many store man nodes must take one tokens as collateral check it out at If you want to stake your wand with the bit squad, the link to the official bitboy storm and node can be found in the description. This will allow us to earn passive rewards together. The last part of the wanchain ecosystem well discuss today is zookeeper, which is a new project built as a one chain. Dap zookeeper is a new interactive experience that includes gamified yield farming to earn rewards. This project gives nfts a real fun, pragmatic use case. You can go on safari expeditions by sticking your zoo tokens to hunt for gold or silver chests.

You can also use your nfts to battle in the zoo arena. This interactive game includes weekly live battles in game events, wagering and nft, boosting to increase community interaction, choose between two opposing clans attach nft power ups to make your mascot stronger and boost your chances to win. You can also wager on whos going to win and join the zoo lottery by taking part in these events. You can get zoo nfts at the market or find them in gold chests this fun. Interactive game is the first of its kind, and its user base has been growing steadily since its release. Open zoo is an nft marketplace that is coming soon to the zoo ecosystem as well. According to a tweet from sophie parker, nft minting will cost less than one penny check out a step by step guide found here at this link. The one coin itself is a gym. Its market cap is almost 147 million dollars at the time of this riding its available supply is 194 million out of the total supply of 210 million. Considering the big name projects, one chain is partnered with paired with an extremely low market cap and not to mention the practical use case of its own ecosystem, its only a matter of time until the utility of this coin carries it back into the top 100. 2021. All time high of juan chain was 2.32 cents back in april, and its currently priced around 75 cents after having a 20 pullback couldnt be a better time to get in on one.

The hottest trends in the crypto space currently include device nfts yield farming, metaverse and more. But what do i believe is another big niche that could hit. I think, thats cross chain interoperability. Most crypto ecosystems are in their own bubble or silo so to speak, but one chain is the infrastructure that will help council, our ever growing crypto civilization to come together and pave the road to the future thats.