The third act in the ongoing lawsuit between the sec and ripple labs. The investigation alone has been going on for two and a half years as the plot thickens here to unpack some recent findings in this ongoing debacle and to clear up some of the complicated legal jargon put it into laymans terms. To me, it seems that the sec is purposely fighting a losing battle, its funny that they keep posturing against other crypto powerhouses such as uniswap and coinbase, to distract the public from the fact that theyre losing this case against ripple. You cant just pick and choose who to go and not to go after, but in the world of political theater. The show must go on lets, get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video, we will discuss the ongoing battle between the sec and ripple apps. What this case means in the future of regulation and the rest of the crypto space and how the outcome of this case will affect the price action of xrp in the very near future. The sec chairman, skeletor, also known as gary ginzler, gave a testimony last week on capitol hill in front of the senate banking committee faced questions regarding crypto oversight to build some contacts.

Ginzor spent 18 years at goldman sachs and taught a class at mit on crypto currencies. People originally hoped that he would be an ally for the crypto industry and could have been responsible for ushering the first bitcoin etf, but after his comments on capitol hill, its clear that he would rather see crypto regulated under the sec. Much like traditional stocks, he made it clear that he wants much more regulatory control over the industry before he entertains any new ideas. Kinsler said that hes in favor of innovation, but there needs to be a regulatory method to monitor the space. Although more regulation could provide security and prevent fraud, but it would in the wild west, he referred to several times in his testimony. He sat behind a placeholder that read the honorable gary kinsler. How honorable is this guy really, when questioned by senator pat toomey from pennsylvania, ginsburg stated that even stable coins that are always the same price may very well be securities stable coins, theres no expectation of profits from putting your money into stable coins. This guy is out of his ever loving mind. Senator toomey immediately pushed back saying that stable coins, obviously dont meet the requirements of the howie test. James k, fallon also tweeted a schedule of upcoming events for the ripple vs sec case, and he believes that the case will be closed sometime shortly after the expert discovery deadline on november 12th. Although some believe it may be settled behind closed doors before that, its important to understand that, as supreme leader, strategist and commander for the xrp army, im able to see through the bs and connect the dots, gollum gensler may be doing speech after speech about how getting Four percent interest means youre a criminal that anything in the sec, cant regulate its probably a scam and repeating a joke about groceries, store cleanups, just keep in mind that anything coming out of the sec is mostly fud, especially when it comes to xrp.

The big banks are already developing xrp to handle their intra bank transactions ripple labs, even tweeted, an old blog post from march of this year, reminding everyone of this in the blog post. They outline how ripple is piloting a cbdc for banks using xrpl im, not saying dont, listen to gary, just dont. Let him influence you hes a word for goldman sachs hes a pawn. He wont step out of line. I found through my sources that goldman sachs just filed a patent to use xrpl is their future payment ledger system. This is a coordinated flood campaign to let the whales and the savvy retail investor accumulate xrp from jed mccaleb at a deep discount, because in the coming weeks, when this whole thing gets settled, it will be a bombshell. Xrp will be shown that it isnt a security, and the price action from the news alone will be immense. The reverberations through the rest of the crypto verse will make everyones bags. Quite full. Xrp is looking to be a dominant force in crypto and more news backing up. That claim shows up all the time just the other day. The extremely conservative kingdom of bhutan, yes, kingdom bhutan, is a monarchy, announced a partnership with a central bank and ripple to create a cbdc for their currency. The goltrum thats a mouthful, the royal monetary authority or rma in bhutan is updating the monetary system in a country known for being closed in a remote and also keeping close tabs on the tourists coming in and out of the mostly rural country.

The rma wants to keep bhutans green legacy intact by adopting the carbon neutral, xrp technology and, at the same time enhance their ability to trade with their neighbors, china and india. Not only will an xrp based nogultrum give bhutan a new way to interact with the world, but will allow them to scale up lending and trade faster than ever. Bhutan may only have a population of less than 800 000 and a gdp less than the market. Cap of kusama – this is a big win for xrp pex. Rp can work at this level and with a challenging financial system such as bhutans, they can do pretty much anything weve already seen. Xrp do well in many other asian countries, so adding this notch in their belt is very good pr or the xrp army over on the flare side of things. Floor network has made some incredible moves. Over the past few days, gala games a gaming token and ecosystem based on flair. Blockchain is partnering, with legendary graphic novelist and storyteller frank miller, to create nfts to celebrate the 30th anniversary of sin city miller did an interview with brave new coin podcast and talked about his time in the entertainment industry. His excitement for the blockchain future case youre not familiar with frank miller, his dark, contrasting art style and equally dark storytelling, put the comic book world on its ear when his remake of marvels, daredevil and dcs batman. As the dark knight came out in the 1980s, this nft drop is sure to be hot check out frank miller, dot io for more information.

Super privacy focused device platform panther protocol is launching on the polygon network this week and flair network will be part of their launch. Panther is an end to end privacy d5, that isnt just a dex, its a whole privacy ecosystem, wallets mining, a dow and so much more panther is all about some zero knowledge assets called z, assets that are untraceable, but one to one collateralize using the panther token Fact, the voter network f assets will be part of the panther protocol. Its very bullish for d vine is something the xrp army should be excited about.