He did not have to show you this folks, but right here right now we are potentially seeing yet another bearish. Why cough distribution range here inside the bitcoin chart? Could this potentially play out and lead to another heinous decline for the bitcoin price or my friends? Is this nothing more than fear, uncertainty and doubt lets dive in and analyze? What is going on? Ladies and gentlemen, crypto kirby here your crypto currency expert. Back with another edition of the daily live stream, so lets not waste any time and get right down to it. Now. Im sorry little jimmy im, sorry little joe, but its quite possible that the bitcoin price has more downside to go. Lets get this crypto, but in all seriousness here folks, what we have to look at now is this bearish, why cough distribution range? If you remember all the way back here in april of 2021, when the dawn called the absolute top hickory dickory dock, the dun called the absolute top. I know you all remember that if you are subscribed to this channel and the reason that the dawn was able to so accurately predict and call the absolute top was because of the bearish wykoff distribution range. Oh lets get this crypto and right now, folks, its very possible that we are seeing this here once again, im going to overlay the image on your screen right now. Just so, you can see just how almost picture perfectly the bearish, wykoff distribution range played out to a t.

Lets get this crypto now its not this image here, folks its not that price action that id like to focus todays analysis on its here. In the current day, this action, all of the moon boys, were saying a hundred k. Kirby, yes, do not. We hit the bottom and were going to the moon uh these people, folks they act like the dawn hasnt, been here day in and day out for years. They act like the don hasnt known about bitcoin for years news flash little james, the don has been in this space for a very very long time. The dawn has been here day in and day out through the ups and the downs. The don has been up. The mountain, the dawn has been down the mountain and, quite frankly, the dawn has also been everywhere in between and i have wined and dined with kings and queens, and i have slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans, and let me tell you something: stu Nad, the don prefers the wine and queens every single time. So when you come here into the house that don don curbinaccio built – and you tell me things kirby – you just dont understand well, let me tell you something little james, its very possible that right here, right now, in the current day, we are potentially seeing this. Oh so ominous bearish, wyckoff distribution range again lets get this crypto now lets take a deep dive into why this is potentially occurring right here.

Right now now im going to overlay the image here. Once again i mean: do you see anything here folks, because i see it so you should see it and i think the whole entire world should see it, but right now here folks, in the current day we are potentially seeing yet another bearish wyckoff distribution range in The bitcoin chart lets get this crypto folks. This is nothing to take lightly here, in my opinion, as the last bearish wyckoff distribution range that we saw absolutely plunged us deep down into the crypto abyss for over a minus 50 percent decline from top to bottom. Oh lets get this crypto so right now here folks, you see the similarities here. You see how we are potentially setting up a fractal, a very similar pattern to what happened up here now, if you are subscribed to this channel and if youre, not hey right now, just hit that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm smash it tap it. However, youd like to say it click the thumbs up button and, if youre brand new, you need to subscribe right now, so you dont miss any more of these. Okay subscribe tick. The bell and select all right now welcome to the channel, but ive been pointing out. Not only how we could potentially be in a bearish pattern here, but ive been pointing out that we have seen turns on several indicators. The one day williams alligator indicator has flipped bearish.

The keltner channels indicator right now is flashing, absolute warning. Shots fired with us, seeing daily candle body closes below the bottom. Keltner channel line were also now seeing the technical ratings indicator, which mashes together several oscillators and moving averages to give us an all in one type of reading. Look at it, folks, its in the red. Now, going from blue to red, just like weve seen before prior dumps lets get this crypto. This to me is an absolute warning, shot fired and if youre wondering folks, why is the don so hopped up today? Why is the don so fired up? Well folks, i truly believe that we are potentially on the brink of something great here. If all youre looking for is upside kirby, i just i just want to buy bitcoins. I i just want to go to the moon. Well, let me tell you something: little jimmy tell you something little joe theres more to trading than just buying and hodling right im a hodler kirby. I saw somebody on twitter told me that if i just hodl ill go to the moon, well pipe it down there. Neil armstrong pipe it down, but in all seriousness, folks these markets go up and they go down. If you can only make money when it goes up, uh youre playing in a game to lose thats like saying i only have a car that turns right. You need a car that turns left and right.

Stu nod just the same as in a trading market. You need to be able to trade both to the upside and to the downside. If you want any chance of success, in my opinion, lets get this crypto. So right now, if we are in fact to see this play out im going to just overlay this on your screen here once more just so, you understand what im looking at im not going to go into this on some crazy philosophical rant. I know you maybe some of you would like me to dive deeply into each little segment of this, but i think overlaying. The image serves the purpose. Well, just take a nice close, look, inhale exhale little jimmy lets, get this crypto and just understand folks that if this is in fact a play out for me right now, the first target is, of course back down towards our range right here between 31 000 and 29. 000. Now this may not seem like much. This may not seem like its the end of the world. Its just. The fact of the matter is here is that if we cant hold this green box of support basically down at about ‘k, the picture becomes much more grim here. In my opinion, from a trading perspective, all weve done is have an overly exuberant break of resistance and then fail to use the old resistance as support, which is what youd expect in a bearish downtrend right rally up rejected rally up, rejected rally up, rejected rally up Wed have to see but uh in a bearish downtrend folks, with the indicators that i just showed you turning bearish with the bearish wyckoff distribution range, potentially showing its face here again in the current day.

Folks, the whole market environment. To me right now is an absolute boring, shot fired um this to me, right now is certainly looking worrisome from a bullish perspective. Right i mean it just is what it is and in the grand scheme of things here. If we look at this from a market cycle perspective, just take a look here folks at the wall street cheat sheet psychology of a market cycle. Uh. Is this that outlandish to say that we could have possibly been in this massive massive uptrend, which then popped is now in a reaction rally? A complacency range before further downside action. Just take a look at the chart. Take a look at how past market cycles have happened over and over again throughout many different asset classes over time, and you tell me you tell the don, does this feel like its that outlandish or does this just seem like its very very possible that right now We are in that final bull trap before a plunge deep down into the crypto abyss. Lets get this crypto. Ladies and gentlemen, i want you to leave me a comment down below right now. Do you think were in a bull trap? You could say, yes were in a bull trap or no, we are not in a bull trap. Im going to be looking at all of these. I want to basically take a poll with the comments today. Yes, we are in a bull trap or no, we are not in a bull trap.

Let your voice be heard. Lets get this crypto all right, ladies and gentlemen, im going to keep this one short here today, because i i just wanted to put this on your radar ive seen some of you asking about it in the comment section about the wyckoff bearish distribution. Here it is just one more time so its just boom right there on your screen, if youd like to do some more research on your own time. Of course, this does not need to play out. There are no certainties or guarantees in trading. Past performance does not indicate future results; it just is what it is trading and investing is a game of probabilities. Okay and right now. I think its certainly possible that we could be in that final stage here. Let me just pull this up for you. One more time, i think its certainly possible that we could be in phase d or e of the bearish y. Cough distribution range falling right here. Right now, lets get this crypto, so youre probably wondering right now: well don don. What are you doing? How are you trading this range personally? This has been a very, very difficult range to trade. Theres been a ton of whipsaw volatility here, so even if youre directionally correct theres a high probability to use the word again, that youve been stopped out right, whether you thought the price was going up from here right and you went long boom, you got stopped out.

Only to wind up being correct right or if you shorted from here thought the price was going down. You probably got stopped out, although you were correct, weve just seen a plethora of stop loss, hunting and liquidation hunts happening all throughout this range, very, very difficult to trade right now, so for me, im just remaining patient im awaiting my spot to potentially strike. When i see that opportunity arise and, ladies and gentlemen, of course, i will be keeping you personally updated with all of my real time. Entry ideas, strategy, ideas, trade, setup ideas, potential, take profit ideas; everything like that in absolute real time, as the done looks to potentially strike gold again exclusively in vip. So if youre not already in my vip and youre interested in that when the don is looking to potentially strike like a cobra out of the grass and potentially get this crypto, then i will see you in vip right now. After this video today is the day its time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe lets, get this crypto ill, see you in vip right now, after this video lets, go and just a quick reminder, slash update here folks, if you were a vip member Of mine, currently, my telegram account was compromised just a little while ago, so i am right now in the process of getting all of the old vips into the new vip group. If you were a vip contact me at my new telegram, account t dot me slash.

Crypto kirby trading, let me know that you were in the vip. I will verify and confirm that you are in the vip. I will then get you into the new vip group lets get this crypto dont forget to contact me if you need to get back in and for everybody else. I really hope that you enjoyed this analysis here today, wow. I am expecting fireworks here shortly. So folks, whatever happens, whether we just rip to the moon or we crumble into the abyss, please dont get wrecked here have a plan for yourself whether it goes up or down okay, because if you fail to plan, then your plan is to fail. Let me repeat that one more time for the moon boys in the back. If you fail to plan, then your plan is to fail and the don does not plan to fail. In fact, the dawn plans to succeed lets get this crypto. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not already just hit that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm, give it a tap, give it a tap a tapa. Thank you very much and if you are brand new dont miss my next analysis. Update. Okay, make sure you hit that subscribe button, tick the little bell and select all right now. Okay, do it now. Thank you. Welcome to the channel ill, see you in the next one and until next time the don has spoken be safe, be happy, be healthy.

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