His name is ano. Hes got a youtube channel, its called kryptanov. You probably already know him, but if you dont make sure to check him out, his technical analysis is absolutely great. I know how are you doing today, my man, thank you, andy for inviting me its its been a pleasure to be here definitely and also yeah, big, shout out to everyone like who have been following us for a while, and also a big shout out to carl For making this possible, thank you, i know very, very much well um. I mean ive been following you now, for i i guess its gon na be over a year right now, and i love your work. Your technical analysis is absolutely great and i would love for her to my for my community people that dont follow. You to. You know, share a little bit of your knowledge to see where the bitcoin price do. You think you know uh it could possibly go. You know a little bit of technical analysis, see what you can actually on the charts. That would be absolutely great, no problem and thats. Why im here, for i want to jump straight like in a weekly first, then i will show you what like, i personally think its happening right now here in the price action: uh huh. Okay, so like, if you look here in the weekly time frame like you, can simply add, bitcoin logarithmic growth curve, because with each and every like market peak what we have notice here in the price action of bitcoin.

This is in a weekly timeframe. Guys, please be careful right, so you can see here with each and every market top the price of bitcoin in a weekly always tend to like get gravitation, at least on the top of this bitcoin logically growth curve right with each and every pullback. You can also see we came at the bottom of the channel and then started this new rally here to the upside. This scenario has unfolded like again and again, but if you look at this price movement very closely right, you can see this rising trend line again. A similar rising trend line, and now, if you look at this price action of bitcoin, you can see, we could be following this rising tree line, one more time, just like here from the 2013 2007 and right now here in 2021, and one thing what i personally Think this price reaction right now is very very interesting is because, if i would add this 50 and 100 exponential moving average here, you can see exactly along with this bitcoin logo into growth curve, Music. The price action of bitcoin, like you, can see when we reach the top of the channel right. We started this price movement here to the downside, but when we broke the support from this rising trend line, we came straight to the 20. Sorry 50 exponential moving average had a really nice bounce of it and then at the second attempt we were not able to find support and then the price started here cranked into the downside and came all the way towards the 200 weekly moving average and exactly where The 200 weekly moving averages its also the bottom of the channel, and after that we started this new rally.

You can see along the way the price always stayed above this 50 and 200 exponential moving average. Here we came at the top of the channel started again. This value to the downside, but if you look at this price action, you can see we broke out of this rising tree line. First, the support which we had here right and also we had a really similar support from this 50 weekly moving average. Just like even pass action, you can see right. We had a bounce, we had a really nice bounce and again a pullback that brought us all. The way towards the bottom of the channel here, similar scenario we broke out of this rising tree line. We came at this 50 exponential moving average. We had a similar bounce and, with second attempt you can see, we failed and then got a pullback also brought us again towards the 200 weekly moving average, along with this bitcoin logarithmic growth curve, the lower line area. You can see here right and now, if you look at this price action, the price of bitcoin is also almost around this 50 exponential moving average, because you can see here with similar price movement, we did got a retracement around this 50 exponential moving average. We found a support just like here right, a bounce and now this is very very interesting, because if you look at the price action here in a hole right now in the midterm, the price does looks like it might be.

Testing this 50 exponential moving average, and also this rising trend line one more time before choosing an actual trend direction, so thats. Why? For me right now where this 50 exponential moving average is at around 38 600 around that price range. This is where i will be monitoring the price movement very, very carefully, and the reason why im actually expecting the price of bitcoin could see a pullback at least like around this 50 expensive moving average, or also this rising chain line that i just showed you here. It actually makes a lot of sense because if you simply remove this price action and look at the rising trend right, you can see this price movement. We are following this rising trend line, but if you look at this very very properly right, you can see here. Impulsive movement corrective move right and this here, what we could be witnessing this could be looked as a a pullback variation right. According to this pullback variation, you can see here. First, is this up train then? Second, is this pullback here to the downside? Let me show you and then this small pause in the nested pullback, so this pattern here right now is caller nested pull back the pattern, of course, when a consideration of flag is enforced and its moving towards a target. So in our case the pause. What we are witnessing could be this one here right, so if this is going to be playing at a like nested bottom uh, sorry, the next reversals here right, then the price could be seeing some sort of a consolidation around this range.

So, before choosing an actual trend direction, so thats, why? For me its very, very important that price of bitcoin here remains above this 50 support weekly moving average, this orange line and also stays above this rising trend line. So if we do break the support from this 50 exponential moving average and also the rising trend line, then we know what happened here. In the past speed compression, we got gravitation towards the 200 weekly moving average and this is not what we want to see happening right now, right yeah, but again, if you want to add another very interesting scenario around like along with this price action right now, what We can simply do. I can show you this one very, very interesting scenario that is also showing us that in the midterm, maybe the price of bitcoin is weakening, but i think the trend, the actual impulsive movement, has not ended yet. So if we look at this very simple way right, it looks like a rounding top all right so and many knows that round top like this is a bearish pattern, but there is also a bullish round top where price tends to follow this rising trend line. Sorry for that, so if i show you a similar example here, you can see this here is a bullish, rounding top where the price followed. This bullish, rising trend line, and in our case you can see very similar. We are following this rising trend line, and we also had this similar round top type of scenario, and this pool back here thats.

Why im saying this actually makes a lot of sense in price action bitcoin, because also, according to the revenue top you can see, the price tends to get gravitated towards the rising trend line, find support there and start this new rally here to the upper direction. So thats, why? If this is going to play out right? So if the price of bitcoin is going to follow this rounding top here to the upside, you can see, we could be creating gravitation at least around this price range that could be around lets. Show you here so that must be around like above 100 000 price range. So if this is to happen and price also tends to come across this price range of 100 000 before this actual market ends, then we can all see with the help of this bitcoin logarithmic growth curve right now. Let me show you here you can see, then maybe the market could be also heading towards the top of the channel before starting this actual train here to the downside. So for all this bully scenario. For now in a midterm, im saying you that we could be seeing some more shakeout right, but for us the most important thing is to stay above this 50 exponential moving average support that is lying around 38 600 price area and also this rising trend line because, As long as we are going to stay there, there are still like bulls fighting for this train line and also there is very very probability that we could see some really nice bounce after reaching this price range around this 38 000 to 37 000, at least that The worst case scenario im saying right, so this is right now in a weekly timeframe.

What i see could be playing out for bitcoin. But if you look at this in a smaller time frame or lets say in a daily timeframe, you can see its a very simple scenario, its known as broadening bottom with each and every price pullback. If you monitor the price movement around this top of the channel right, you can see resistance resistance, resistance with each and every price pullback the same line which previously acted at the resistance, acted as a support. You can see that very clearly and right now, when the price of bitcoin, like yesterday, when we tried to break out of it. You can see sorry day before yesterday we got a rejection exactly after reaching the same trend line, which previously also acted as a resistance. So now for bulls: if you want to defend this territory, we have to jump above this break a drain line and find support above it. So for me personally, if, in a short term, if the bulls are going to take over the market, then we have to come up with this 45 to 46 000 price range, because if we do see this movement here to the upside right price, breaking above this 45 and finding support above it, then this scenario here, according to also in a daily timeframe, could be playing out very, very well right, now, im showing you this very interesting chart here, because with each and every price movement, this 20 exponential moving average the green line And the red line, this is 50 exponential, moving average.

Whenever we have seen this crossover happening here in the price action right and also sorry in the moving averages you can see. When you see you see the 20 experience moving average appearing at the top and 50 exponential moving average appearing at the bottom and at the same time you can see macd in a positive territory. Also, a bullish, macd cross right arrow is a line starting jumping over 50 level and the t3 cci indicator also in a positive territory. We have a confirmation from four different indicators that now the train is ready for this new move here to the upside, but in a downtrend the opposite happens: the 20 sorry, the 50 aspen engine starts appearing at the top and the 20 exponential starts appearing at the Bottom and at the same time, the macd will be in negative territory and also a bearish magnicross. You can see here we started appearing this. We see that we can. We can see this bearish magnetic cross and price. Also starting here enter the negative territory array cell line also started jumping below 50 level and the t3 cci also the negative theory indicated train is weakening and we could see potential downward price movement, and now you can see. This is also a sign that it is showing us that, in a weekly or sorry in a daily, the price of bitcoin is still looking very, very weak, because we are about to see this bearish crossover that happened here in the price action of bitcoin.

In the past right you can see, and after that we saw this price pull back, and now we have to be very careful, because this similar scenario is unfolding again. Every line you can see its below 50 level. Macd is a bearish macd cross and also the t3 cci already in a negative territory indicating the trend he is weakening so thats. Why? If the bulls does manage to defend this price range of 45 to 46 000 right, then we could be maybe jumping above this moving averages. That could be one sign and also around this price range. If you look at this very carefully, you can see here we are still forming this lower high slower loss continuation pattern. So if you want to break of this line, rising trendline, sorry right, you can see we could be actually breaking above this upper line area of this descending channel, finding support over it thats. Why, for us, the important line is this 45 to 46 000. Then we could build actually like uh lets, say this lower high, slow low continuation pattern is going to be invalid if we break of this 45 and find 46 45 to 46 000 and find support of it. So this is right now for me like unless i, as i said like in mid term, it does looks bit shaky for bitcoin right im, actually expecting some some more pullbacks to happen. But if the bulls does defend the territory, then 45 and 46 000 is where it has to be like as acting as a support.

So this is what i see right now, looking at price action, a bigger frame and also in a daily time frame. Andy. So now its up to you now yeah wow, i mean amazing. I i have a very very similar analysis on you know: uh the uh. Thirty eight thousand dollar range, as you were saying um. If we do, then it actually makes sense this price structure, what we are seeing here, yeah exactly, i think, 38 37. You might see a wick or two about down below those levels, but that range needs to hold, because if we break those levels you know we could come as low as 30 to 30 000 exactly, and that makes a lot of sense. Yeah yeah so very, very similar, so i mean thank you very much. I know that was absolutely great. I wasnt expecting you know this kind of analysis from you today. Absolutely amazing um lets hope that this can play out, because i think 38, 37 000 uh support level is, is like the kind of ultimate bottom to see if we are going to continue this. This ball running right, because if we start breaking that that structure and its going to look like that, we are going to enter multi monthly bear markets. I know thank you very much for your time. Youre, sharing your knowledge with uh, my community, its been an absolute pleasure. I hope this was enough or if we could actually reach 1000 like in this video im, going to drop another very, very interesting chart with andy, and that would be like one of the best shots.

What ive shown in my video ever so lets try to reach 1000 likes yeah guys make sure to smash it. The light works, and i know thank you very much and i hope we can do another collaboration very soon in the near future. Definitely definitely thank you for having me once more. Thank you.