Mining, cryptocurrency and theyll use this as seed funding for college. This fascinating duo spoke to ndtv about their crypto story. When were you introduced to the idea of mining and how did it really come about ishaan? You can go first sure so, um at the very beginning, um, i think um late february of 2021 um. I heard about the bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices and spiking in price, and i really wanted to invest in some because um, because its a good investment um, but i uh – i didnt – have enough money to buy it so, instead of buying for it, i decided to just Buy the equipment to earn it instead and now that got me um, making an ethereal mind, ambitious and im very proud of them very proud you should be, and what about you, anya did ishan the big brother bully you into this or what got you so fascinated About the crypto world, we both came up with the idea together whenever we came up with it. I really liked the idea, so i was really interested, so i helped my brother mine and find the equipment i see. Okay, then tell me guys, you know people find crypto mining very intimidating, like i said, people think it is no childs play, but look at you guys talk us through the process. How did you build up the system, i believe to be doing the amount of business youre doing right now? It takes a huge setup.

I feel like um, if you really want to learn how to mine um for cryptocurrency um, just watch a few youtube tutorials. Just read some articles and youll understand it. I actually started understanding by watching youtube, tutorials and reading articles, and it was very easy from the beginning. Um. My name for cryptocurrency is a lot different um. So what my name for cryptocurrency really is. Is you use the graphics cards? Um run a software that just crunches up random numbers. Folks are finding a bitcoin and the graphics cards, they run really intense algorithms and map equations and as a reward for running those macro questions, you get a form of cryptocurrency and it adds it over time and what cryptocurrency really is is its just like another form Of currency like the american dollar um, you can use it to buy stuff and it works the exact same way, all right, thats good, to know fascinating, to hear your take on crypto as well, but anya. Why dont you take the next question and i want to understand what next, for you guys? Are you guys? Ambitious is a crypto space, something that you want to take up professionally here on. We are hoping to use our profits to pay for both of our college fees, and i want to go to cornell university and become a doctor. Are you telling me this is crypto funding your college fee to become a doctor, wow thats thats, just beyond me right now, but guys just to wrap it up now? How much just give our viewers a sense of how much youre earning right now and how much did you actually put in to build a system sure um so um as we started um like i said we were making almost no money and we only made like Three dollars a day, um at the very start, i transformed my only gay computer that i used for playing games into a mining rig and i made only three dollars a day um, but slowly, as i put my mind to it and started caring more and more About the company, i bought more and more rates and um here i am today making over 35 000 a month and im really proud of that.

However, i was equally as proud when i was making just three dollars a day, because i believe that this experience is not for the money making experience but more about the learning experience and thats.