What the internet did to communication and enabling instant communication protocol and a singular open standard for communication for the entire planet. Bitcoin network is doing that for money. Hey welcome back everybody to altcoin daily. My name is austin. Today, i want to share with you the latest news involving cardano, of course, how to get insanely rich with bitcoin and much more if youre interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe to a channel that keeps you informed and lets jump in, starting with our top Story of the day, most people still dont quite understand just how big the bitcoin network will grow over these next few years. This is a continuation from the story we broke yesterday. Major social platform twitter has enabled free instant global payments for their users of bitcoin, with the integration of the strike api. So what the internet did for communication, bitcoin, plus the lightning network, is doing for money. So basically, in so many words bitcoin tipping, and we gave you a tutorial how you can tip people or get tipped in bitcoin in yesterdays video check it out. But this update is so much more than just sending a tip in bitcoin. With this growth of the bitcoin network, this is about to totally disrupt the remittance markets. Western union dead, moneygram all their partners dead, because now any single person globally that can get access to the internet can plug in to the most secure decentralized, cheapest monetary network, thats open to everybody, watch this little piece of history.

This clip of ceo of strike jack mullers, sending a bitcoin remittance payment at a click of a button, changing how remittances work globally forever watch. This yo were here in chicago and weve got david here in starbucks in el salvador. David has his strike account linked to his twitter account and were going to make a free, instant cash final remittance payment over twitter. So im going to go search davids twitter account on my phone im going to find his tips button and im going to send david 10 over twitter for changing the world its going to open my non custodial, lightning moon wallet. Anyone in the world can download and im just going to hit, send and boom. We just made an instant free remittance payment from chicago illinois, usa to san salvador, el salvador over twitter. Why would anyone ever use western union again when you take one of the worlds largest social internet networks and you combine it with the worlds best open monetary network? Twitter accidentally becomes one of the best remitting experiences in the world. This one singular payment standard and this one singular open. Monetary. Global monetary network is dematerializing all existing monetary networks, western union pawn to e4. Your move, yes, love! It give me your thoughts on this down below and by the way hit the like button. If you want to support me support this content, get this information out to as many people as possible, because this is so much easier than the traditional systems we have now and lets keep moving, because i do want to play this clip that really puts it all Into perspective well talk about how to get rich with bitcoin, but it should be noted that, even though the price of bitcoin is down today, the growth were seeing of the lightning network of this layer.

2 scaling solution for bitcoin is a big fundamental, green flag, new channels and nodes on the lightning network are up over 20 percent after this twitter integration. Let me give you the stats new nodes and channels on the lightning network have increased by 23.68 and 22.24 respectively. In just the last day, the surgeon activity follows twitters announcement that it had added support for bitcoin based payment features, including lightning wallets. So this is a non custodial way to scale bitcoin, while keeping the base chain the main chain as censorship resistant as decentralized as possible. According to the current data for the lightning network, theres, a total of 27 000 plus nodes running on lightning out of which almost 16 000 of those nodes contain active payment channels. So its working, the bitcoin network, the network is growing and heres. The secret here is the secret, as the bitcoin monetary network grows, thats really good for bitcoin the asset bitcoin, the digital gold, now theyre, both essentially the same thing but listen to jack mullers on cnbcs power launch yesterday, explain the difference: bitcoin the asset and bitcoin, the Monetary network watch this in a borderless fashion as opposed to having, however many currency, there are 190 some 195 countries in the world. Many of these pardon whos, counting yeah whos counting, but but if, if, if im hearing you right, youre saying that bitcoin or crypto can become a gl and is already a global currency worth the same amount in every place at at the same time.

And so, if i am in in in jakarta, i am getting the same value as if i am in uh toronto, and that can be a very good thing. So im not im not having to go exchange rates and and so on and so forth. Its all the same, that is a a good part of it right, yeah, and you know what i think again. We need to separate and really divide bitcoin the network and the innovation it delivers as compared to the visa network or the transfers network in bitcoin. The asset that can be comparable to gold is one of the best savings technologies of all time lets focus on the network. The network achieves this instant finality globally, so a remittance payment nowadays, a remittance payment on a platform like twitter or on our platform strike. If i want to send u.s dollars to europe, what happens is strike debits the us dollars out of my chase checking account i dont need to own bitcoin. I dont need to know where it is. I just link my chase. Checking account strike debits, the dollars out, auto converts it to bitcoin zips that physical value across the world, where it lands in europe in real time and at no cost, and then it transfers it back into euros. And so we dont make you interface with bitcoin the asset we dont make. You be a believer that bitcoins going to go to the moon were using the underlying network infrastructure to make for a better payment rail than the visas, the western unions.

All all of these monetary networks legacy outdated, expensive ones that exist today. Yes, give me your thoughts on this down below. In my opinion, if you want to get insanely rich with bitcoin in 2021, hoddle accumulate as much as you responsibly can accumulate and huddle its crazy. How early we are for this thing? Moving forward lets talk about some of the top alt coins in the space making news charles hoskinson outlines the future for cardano at a virtual conference announcing that cardano has partnered with a major u.s telco company. If you like, cardano, you like this, and let me paint a picture for you and tell you why, at cardano summit 2021 about a hundred bobbing avatars representing eta fans from across the world, huddled together and watched charles hoskinson explain the future of cardano. Some were riding giant flying turtles and other areas. Stingrays were soaring above it was a chill hangout. It was a very chill hangout and heres. The news in the keynote speech hoskinson announced that dish, network and iohk have entered into a strategic partnership as a reminder. Dish network is an american fortune, 200 company major company, and they run the infrastructure for satellite tv and is sort of the rebel of the telco space. Now theyre partnered, with cardano and iohk will start making products for dish network, and i would guess probably a lot of products using cordano is what i would guess. It is unclear what products iohk will produce, but proof of bandwidth and decentralized identity and loyalty programs are discussed and in a direct quote from chris ergon, who is the co founder and chairman of dish, office of innovation, says blockchains are useless without connectivity together, the technologies Will be exponentially bigger and i would guess this partnership with dish network would make cardano exponentially bigger.

Now i do hear that there were more announcements. I think one from boost mobile as well. At this cardano summit. The announcements are ongoing, so stay subscribed. I will keep you updated, but just to paint you a clear picture. Let me share with you how this news person how this article writer ended this article. I then get distracted from the keynote when a nearby bobble, another person jumps. On top of me, the bobble from nottinghamshire england is incessant and i cant concentrate something about lubricating entry to underbanked consumers in a huff. I retreat into the island where soothing music plays, and i meditate underneath the waterfall. So point is for you as more write. Ups continue to come out announcements from this summit. I will keep you updated and in tomorrows video tomorrow, the next day we will have more cardano announcements coming to you, but that is the video. My name is austin.