So make sure you hit that, like button subscribe to the channel hit bell and all so you get the updates coming into your youtube feeds and mobile notifications lets dive in. So this is the tweet input output, hong kong, new blog announced just moments ago, cardano summit 2021 chain link labs, gives d5 developers building on cardano, secure access to a wealth of real world data through chain links, decentralized, oracle networks. So we have the partnership cadano chain link its a big one, cardano to integrate chain link oracles for real time market data. This is the official blog put out on iohk dot io and a message from the co founder of chain link. Sergi nazarov were excited to leverage our extensive experience and expertise by establishing native support for chain link on the cardano blockchain and supporting its next stage of growth into markets like d5 and beyond. So, of course, this is going to help out cardano ecosystem, bringing on all the news feeds the data feeds for a lot of stuff that is planning to be built out on cadano in the months ahead, as they start to get their their smart contracts. Working with the front end so that it works with the user interfaces, thats been the problem at the moment, which is why we dont see too much being built on cardano just yet give it a couple of months. I think well get there. The other problem with the space well, the other unfortunate problem – is for charlie 3, who was the decentralized oracle solution for caduno thats, where thats what they were building towards on the back of the chain link news, which is an an oracle or cryptocurrency in the oracle Space theyve, obviously partnered with cadano, and now this has dropped.

Charlies price were down about 23. Today, you can see it was just starting to climb back from its lows of about a dollar 20.24 got 2.85 and has now dropped back to pretty much where it was at the bottom. On the 22nd just a few days ago, cardanos also partnered with dish. Millions of dish users will have network connectivity with kodano without the influence of centralized corporations. This is a good thing, so if it becomes successful, it could be, it could turn into the default business model for the telecom space and dish has over 19 million customers bringing in bringing all that back into the ecosystem, or at least connecting that, with the decentralized Ecosystem of cardano, the company is also one of the first public companies to accept crypto payments. Now think about this. If you are an ada holder or a new ada holder, 65 times returns and life changing profits, but look at the time period, 16 months as we get into a bull market, a lot of people looking for massive fast, fast returns, usually within days or weeks. Maybe theyre willing to wait a month or so think about this 16 months for 65 x. Could you do it? What were you doing 16 months ago? Think about that and what its taking to get there plus 16 months ago were in the the depths of a bear market. This is where no one wanted to buy so think about that.

Come the next bear market stay with the market set. Your alerts keep following a select few people, whether its myself or you get rid of me altogether, whatever it is, just stay with the market, because this is life, changing money, say you throw in a grand now you got 65. say you threw in 10 grand now. You got 650 grand. This is just from ada and now youre, getting the staking rewards at around five percent on this as well. So this is the real. The real point here stay with the markets. It might not happen this time from the 2.30 to get a 65x gain for ada. That would be a 150 ada. I highly doubt that well get 150 later in this cycle. If we do fantastic to all of us and ill be wrong, who cares were all were all rich from that point, but this is the thing that we just got to pay attention to as we get into the next stage of the cycles and at the same Time, if you havent already make sure you look, youre staking your ada to get those returns as the markets increasing, because youre still going to get your five percent on the ada and even if the price goes up, youre going to be getting five percent in ada. So youre going to keep getting that extra extra gain as well lets look at the price of cardano, so we have looked at this recently as well as we got the breakout as we were expecting just as expected.

The downtrend came in. I have been waiting for the slow down of the downtrend, so this is the accelerated speed, thats the speed of this orange line, and we finally got a real break. We attempted it here, didnt get it and were expecting something to happen very soon, especially after this base has been trying to form on good volume. All the nice boxes are ticked, for me at least, and now were pro possibly probably will get just a little bit of a slow down as we continue to form a base. The critical points here are, if we get a breakdown of this low. In my opinion, of course, thats why ive got my alert set here, because i saw massive volume on this day and if i bring it down to a shorter term timeframe like a four hour, this turned the market. So as we continue to climb down into the the range of this bar thats going to set me on alert to say if we start to break down from that two dollars and six cents, maybe well see some lower prices into these lows of a dollar. Ninety again, but hopefully like it, happened here on the 22nd like it broke the seventh, it was only just for a few hours and then it bounced back above. The other thing im following here is the bounce, the speed of the bounce, so ive circled in the low and then ran a line up to the high and then im just going to use this and bring it across to this current low.

So if we were running at the exact same speed of that bounce, then we should be at around 2.73, but were not there. So this also tells me that maybe the market isnt ready to take off yet and we might be experiencing something like we saw through june and july, where it just slows down until we get to an absolute crawl before we start our move again. So i just have to have patience if that is whats happening and especially after that bounce we havent just we havent seen that yet its leading me to think that way. So i set my alerts and just be patient. I dont think theres too much to stress about at the moment. A to btc is also looking like its in a pretty good place, its above the major 50 level and its still above its trend line here, and you can see weve bounced off the trend. A few times, weve got a little bounce in here, another bounce here and another bounce here which weve all connected it to. So, even if it took another few weeks and came to the line, a little way under were still holding the uptrend its just going to take some patience. Ada eth, similar sorter trajectory weve, seen the low and then another low on to our trend line, and then another bounce fell underneath but came above it. So again we get a few more weeks, bounce under come above or even if we just touch it and continue on.

I think there is still some time across a to b dc a to either ada in general thats. Just what this is all telling me its just saying we need more time, but were in the stronger section of ada, unlike link so link had the partnership and ill just post it on twitter over here, so check out twitter as well links to this down below Link seems to be the talk of the town. I hear that often its not just one or two channels, theres multiple channels, where i think are copying just one who is a fairly good channel and a lot of people just continue to copy. That, and just say you know, link is undervalued, link is undervalued and everyones. Sort of repeating this thing and im just typing here lets have a look at the charts and just see whats actually going on link seems to be the talk of the town after partnering with cardano, but all the charts chart shows is weakness. Link is setting are sitting at major support versus bitcoin and ethereum. A break of these lows is dangerous for holders more coming in todays video, so that thats, this is the video. This is the video here. So lets look at link. This is not a complete a bearish fud video im. Just going to look at the charts i hold link, i think it has potential. I think i could get better prices based on what im seeing in the charts link is at 11 billion.

Could this be a 110 billion company? Probably? Could it be a 1.1 trillion company get 100x? Why not lets throw it out there, its cryptocurrency anything can hit a trillion eventually right. Thats, not financial advice lets look at link btc first. So the first thing i see here i have it on log. The trend is this orange line from the low in december of 2017. It has held this range all the way up. The issue here is that we put in a high in august of last year, so over 12 months now and now weve put in a lower high, which was rejected dead on the 50 okay. So that is a very telling sign and weve seen weakness since that point. That was in may weakness since may, as were coming up to about four or five months now, weve bounced off the trend just recently and were trying it again this week. So this is on a macro time frame weekly chart up here. If we begin to break down from this trend, that would be the first well its not the first time, but we dont want to be under the trend for too long and break lows on the way down. The trend was set and ive got this connected to this low just here in september 2019. So its quite a long macro trend, and so we can see the market was under it after the fact, and we havent been under it since this low or since ive put in this trend line here.

So if we start to develop underneath it and just get further away from that trend, we could either go a sideways for a long while or b start to trend down and remember. This is chain link versus btc and i think that could happen if bitcoin gets its move on for this current bull market. This bitcoin bull market, which would mean chain links, price, might just stay stagnant or its usd price, stay stagnant or go up, but it would possibly be continue to go down against bitcoin value, which would mean bitcoin would be the better hold in this scenario. Where could i be wrong? Where could i be wrong? I always want to know the point that i would have to change my mind because i dont know exactly whats coming on this, this black side of the chart. No one knows whats coming on this black side were just reading whats on this side to give us a better idea of what might come. So this is the first high at around point: zero: zero, zero. Six, eight six, nine point: zero: zero, zero, seven, the fifty percents at point, zero, zero, zero, seven, four and then the major fifty percent here is at point: zero: zero, zero, eight five so were not too far from those levels. The first is at point: zero, zero, zero, seven, so thats what ill keep my eye on and my alerts are set there should we begin to break down then thats, the level .

00046 and then the previous lows at point: zero: zero, zero, three four. So these would give me an early warning side to sign, to say: maybe chain link is going to get weaker against bitcoin, which would mean bitcoin is getting stronger or chain links just getting weaker overall, if bitcoin was to stay where it is, but i think bitcoins, Probably going up from this point – and this this is just not looking like a good crypto to be buying. Just yet ive told you its something that i do hold. I, like the project, its getting big partnerships weve, seen that today, with with uh cardano, has got a future from what we can see so far, but the smart money is telling us now might not be the time. Itll tell us. It is the time, as we start to break these highs and get through the major 50 percent levels starts to break down, then its possible that some are selling. The same deal goes for link eath. You can see. This has not been a good investment to buy chain link through this entire bull market since august of 2020., its been far far better to be buying ethereum to be basically buying anything else in that top 20. But the peak was in august of 2020 and its been down about 80 percent since those highs, so if i just take it from the top to where we currently are about 83 percent, this is an exact 100 repeat as well and were just basing out theres.

Just been no bounce, you want to see a bounce on these things. Nothing has come so far on chain link. Where could i be wrong? We get a break above point, zero, one that would be a good start and then comes the fifty percent levels so like we just did weve broken down through that the trend line here this was the one that ive put in from the lows in june. Its not the best but its a start, and you can see that we were just breaking down through that april may period and we havent recovered from that point either. So ether is still looking reasonably strong at this point and it doesnt look like its recovering just yet its basing out at a previous low, which is a good thing, but we just havent got the bounce nor the volume coming in. If this was to break down, then im looking at this next zone, which is point zero, zero, four or zero, zero, five thats the top and then the bottom, zero zero. Two point: zero: zero. Two! So, as i said before, where could i be wrong? Where could link get all of the strength back? The first sign is the break of .01 thats. The first beginner sign the first beginner sign early stages, all right and then well continue to look at it from there, but right now, thats what im seeing link usd from that top in august, which which it topped out in against bitcoin it topped out against eth.

It has barely gone anywhere. The good sign is a few days ago. It did bounce off that price of 20.60 and now were sitting at around 24, so thats, a good early sign. You can see theres a low and the lines almost spot on with that old. All time high of 20.70 uh, the the weakness here is that we are now under the bear market 50. So this is the the downtrend from may and its underneath. The 50 got rejected there. It got rejected at the major 50 percent – absolute major one, so thats from the all time low to the all time high, which was 27 and now its just come under its rally: 50 as well, so thats under thats at 25. So for this market to do what it needs to do, i need to see it get above. First up 26 bucks thats just to get us above here and this previous high, but ideally above 27, and begin to consolidate above this level. To give us some hope that this is going forward in a stronger direction and hopefully going to improve against bitcoin and ethereum. As well, otherwise were better off buying bitcoin and eath at this stage. At this stage, there is definitely time to come to be getting some more link but thats going to come down to what i see on link, btc and also link eth. Now, if you want to learn more about trading and investing check out, the investor accelerator link to this is down below a couple here that have popped up on the 49, so check that out, links are down below for this trading.

Investing cryptocurrencies and everything else. To do in this space of investing and financial freedom and, lastly, dont forget to stake your ada with the investor accelerator staking pool theres an instructional video in the description down below thats everything ill see you guys on twitter or instagram again links to that down below. Otherwise, ill catch you at the next video question for today. What are you doing about link in this time of the major partnership? Let me know in the comments down below. Are you buying now? Are you waiting wed love to hear from you guys like shares and subscribes catch you at the next video have a great weekend until then have more fun to get more done.