However, im not always there to make them in some cases ill be off working my day job. My traditional nine to five other times i might be researching scripting and filming these youtube videos or ill simply be sitting back and relaxing on the sofa. However, by doing all of those things, im missing out on potential trades and as someone from yorkshire missing out on money is not something that sits well with me. So ive been turning to cryptocurrency trading bots in this video im going to be explaining what cryptocurrency trading bots are, whether they are any good and ill also be giving you a basic rundown of how to use one. However, as always before, we get started just a quick reminder that i am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice and, as always, there is more information about that down in the description and with all that being said, lets talk about cryptocurrency trading bots. So what are crypto trading bots well put simply cryptocurrency trading bots are digital robots that make trades on your behalf with a given set of instructions or rules to abide by a simple example of this could be buy a thousand dollars worth of ethereum. If the price of ethereum hits three thousand dollars or sell ten thousand dollars worth of btc, if the price of btc hits sixty five thousand dollars regardless of the day, regardless of the time whether you are sat at your computer or whether you sat on a beach In costa rica, if your trading bot has those instructions and those rules are met, then that trade will be executed now.

That is, as i mentioned earlier, a really simple example, because robots are frigging geniuses and therefore, in the case of pionects youve, actually got 16 different. Cryptocurrency trading bots to choose from, depending on what youre looking to achieve. These bots include the likes of grid trading, spot futures, arbitrage, rebalancing leverage, margin, reverse leverage, reverse and so much more. However, ive got a secret that is not so secret and thats im a control freak, especially when it comes to my investments i mean sure we all know. I was missing out on potential profit opportunities before, because i couldnt sit my desk all day every day. No matter how hard i tried, however, the thought of handing over my investments to a robot was just as if not more scary, but in the interest of learning together, i decided to invest just under 1 000 usdt into pinex, and i started out with the grid Trading bot now investopedia explains grid trading far better than i could they state that grid trading is when orders are placed above and below a set price, creating a grid of orders at incrementally, increasing and decreasing prices. For example, a forex trader could put a buy order. Every 15 pips above a set price, while also putting a sell order every 15 pips below that price. However, choosing the crypto trading bot was one thing: choosing these prices was a totally different ball game. Luckily, pioneer x allows me to hand these decisions off to a robot too and thats all thanks to their ai strategy, which suggests a set of perimeters for you, which have been calculated by back testing the last seven days when using the ai grid trading bot.

The only decision that you have to make is how much youre going to invest once youve done, that simply click on the create button and the bot will begin trading for you and generating you that all important passive income. So i guess the thing you all want to know is how much have i made and right now, since starting the bot? Just over six days ago, now, ive made just over 28 thats, an average of just over 4.50 a day which, if i managed to maintain for a whole year, would leave me with just over 1 700 in profit, not bad for a one thousand dollar investment and Clicking a couple of buttons: now, if youre, looking at trying out a crypto trading bot for yourself, then pioneer x is a fantastic service. Ill leave. My link down in the description. First of all, the bots on panics are free to use and, as i mentioned earlier, theres currently 16 of them to choose from theres, currently also more than 300 alt coins for you to trade with including the likes of ethereum deutsche coin, xrp solana uni swap cake. Shiba inu, you get the idea, pioneex is available for us, and uk residents and kyc is currently optional. The user interface is so simple that even i can work it out and finally, last but not least, they have a flat trading fee of just 0.05. Again, my pioneer x link will be down in the description to get you guys started and in the meantime, if youve got any questions, leave those down in the comments.

Last but not least, quick side note before i wrap up this video, i am planning on leaving this bot running, so would you like to see an update at the 30 day mark the 60 day mark or even beyond again, let me know down in the comments. If youd like to see that and in the meantime, thank you guys so much for watching this video. Thank you to pinex for sponsoring this awesome video and allowing me to try out new cryptocurrency services, ill see you all in the meantime.