, A series where we explore the ways crypto has changed peoples lives. Check out. Our first one. Today were bringing you three tales in one video. Hit the like button and share this with your friends., Make sure to subscribe and turn on that notification bell to keep up with our interviews, reports and documentaries on all things. Crypto. Now lets meet Timofey from Russia. Brain from Nigeria and Jack from Singapore. Here are their stories.. First of all, I would like to say that Im a complete amateur in cryptocurrencies. For a long time. I was not connected with such area in any way, but I have heard a lot about it. From my classmates from my friends., I studied a lot of humanities, botany, ancient philosophy, film drama film directing.. In 2019, I invested my grandmothers gift in cryptocurrency and it was only 100 from her pension.. This is a gift for my birthday. I bought USDT. Then I bought Bitcoin Ethereum only with the help of my friends, because this area is very hard for me.. I didnt understand it at all. I wasnt going to trade because its difficult., I invest this money in money box. I think.. Of course I didnt tell my grandmother how I spent her gift.. I need you to understand that she doesnt know anything at all about the internet, about cryptocurrencies, of course, and also about directing.. She only thinks that one day I will be on TV like an actor or singer.

Anyway. I love her so much.. Then I forgot about my invest.: I staged a play.. I listened to a lot of lectures. When it came time to shoot a training film. I took out part of her gift, which has already grown a little by that time, and I invested it to my first film, where actually my grandmother was a main producer.. Then we make a movie.. The money was only for food travel and some equipment rent.. The whole team worked for free 14 15 hours, a day.. It was very hard., But then my student film entered Switzerland Worldwide Film Festival and was shown in Moscow at Museum of Modern Art., And as for me, of course, this is a living dream, because I didnt count on anything.. Then I saw that in Soviet Union the film process was controlled by the libertarian government in world cinema, by authoritarian producers and for the first time in history of cinema. In my case we used cryptocurrency and, of course, by my grandmother.. I would like to say huge thanks to Tradelize and Cointelegraph.. It is an honor for me to take feedback from such platforms.. This episode is sponsored by Tradelize, a global ecosystem for crypto trading and investing. Check out their platform using the link in the description.. I started trading stocks when I was like 14 years old.. You know I didnt grow up from rich family and my parents are always you know, arguing about finances and money.

. You know I wanted to help out the family. Thats, how I got into trading at 14.. I remember on CNBC, seeing this crazy chart just going parabolic from like 60 to 1200. And then very quickly after that, I think it was the Mt. Gox fiasco and Bitcoin prices started tanking.. Everyone was worried, saying its a big scam.. But to me you know: if an exchange fails, it doesnt mean anything for the underlying technology.. It doesnt mean anything for decentralized currency.. I took that as a good buying opportunity.. I was much younger and didnt think very deeply about how this thing could affect. So many aspects of the financial system later on., So it just seemed like a fun trading vehicle. In 2017. My now co founder Mark sent me this whitepaper about a decentralized futures exchange. He was like. Can you help us raise money? So I said Sure you guys are really brilliant. Ill, just send it to all my friends and they will all invest right And I can make an easy buck or two like that.. We had a lot of hurdles to go through.. No one really believed in the project from the beginning. Long story short, the first company that you know we tried to do within the crypto space wasnt. It didnt really take off.. We quickly pivoted to our core strength of trading.. Once we did that it was a much easier path because we understood what to do every single step, but it was still very, very difficult to raise money in 2018.

. You know it was a fair market.. Everyone had gotten burned. You know late 2017 mid 2018 on ICOs, so nobody wanted to invest right. So we barely raised enough capital to get Kronos Research started.. You know I was trading because we didnt raise that much money in the beginning.. If I saw a good opportunity, I would jump on it and try to make money and not lose.. So then I was on stage in Sydney, I think or Melbourne one of those two. After flying for like 20 hours or something crazy. You know talking about Kronos and we trade., Then I saw like kind of all the altcoins you know coiling up and about to breakout.. So you know I had to take that trade, even though I was on stage. And luckily I finished my 20 minute talk, so that I had time to do that, while other people were talking.. I try not to trade on my cellphone as much, but because I was traveling a lot in the beginning and its very, very difficult, because you can only see a couple of things happening on a tiny little screen right And Im used to having multiple like six. Seven monitors and now Im sitting there with a tiny screen.. You know your attention is like 10 different directions.. I think it was a few hundred thousand. It wasnt bad, especially our capital base was tiny back then. Mark and I we basically didnt take a salary.

, Or maybe it was like a tiny salary like 3000 a month for the first two years.. I think its OK, that we talk about the nano situation now, but I definitely didnt want to talk about it back then, right Like right after I made the trade or something like that.. I think its one of those things that I just had to do. What needed to be done such that we can achieve the results that we have now. Sadness, joy, trial and success.? What are these but elements of our common human experience, brought together by the network of cryptocurrency? Do you feel inspired Share your stories with me at jacksoncointelegraph.com.? Together, we will tell them to the world.. This is the fundamental virtue of crypto. It is for everyone.